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Your Story Matters!


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Mike Wittenstein, experience designer, offered this presentation to job seekers at Atlanta's First United Methodist Church on how to use Story to land a better job faster. The presentation was …

Mike Wittenstein, experience designer, offered this presentation to job seekers at Atlanta's First United Methodist Church on how to use Story to land a better job faster. The presentation was delivered on October 15th, 2009.

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  • 1. Atlanta 10.15.2009
  • 2. Your Story Matters! How to Identify, Control, and Amplify Your Story Thanks...
  • 3. Storyminers
  • 4. We help leaders earn their most important stories... designing experiences their customers rave about 45  Minutes
  • 5. We Have 45 Minutes • Let’s get started! les. Ne w Ru e. am N ew G tial is E ssen Story and , Co ntrol, y r Identify Your Sto ify Ampl ps ic al Ste Pract Change
  • 6. Fear
  • 7. What  you  know
  • 8. Buying is Changing Who What you know
  • 9. Buying is Changing You Who you know
  • 10. Buying is Changing Mike Knows! 770.425.9830 Brand  Manager Who knows you
  • 11. You Referral Agent Admin Professional You You You Brand Manager Social Media You You As of right now, you are a brand. You Not  Easy
  • 12. Personal Branding is Not Easy Worth  it
  • 13. But, it is Rewarding When You Do It Right What  is  Personal  Branding?
  • 14. What is “Personal Branding”?
  • 15. What is “Personal Branding”? General  Appearance LinkedIn Clothes Facebook Facial  Expressions Resume Smile ReputaIon Voice Gossip Experience Story Skin  Tone Leadership Charisma Helpfulness Genuineness Spitefulness ReacIons Ego Aroma/Odor AthleIc    Ability
  • 16. What is “Personal Branding”? Experience Story
  • 17. What is “Personal Branding”? Experience Story IdenyIfy
  • 18. How to Identify Your Story Listen Different
  • 19. Start With What’s Different And Better TesImonials
  • 20. Ask for Testimonials • Listen for themes • Capture turns of phrase • Learn to see yourself as others do Interview
  • 21. Get a Friendly Interview • Record a friendly interview – Ask amazing questions – Lead up to your focus – Build on your strengths – Turn the tables • Now, you ask the questions ;-) Focus
  • 22. How to Identify Your Story Focus Not  this
  • 23. RFB
  • 24. Declare Your Reason for Being Who? What Outcome? How? RFB
  • 25. Declare Your Reason for Being Who? I exist to help leaders What Outcome? earn their most important stories How? by designing experiences their customers rave about. See
  • 26. How to Share Your Story See PerspecIve
  • 27. Show
  • 28. How to Share Your Story Tell Tools
  • 29. Make the Tools 200 9 De ar Pro du The ce r or pro world Jou rna b h co lems as c list, mp . h etiti Tomo ange on . rrow d a Beg ’’s w nd it foc inning inn ers ’’s n o u an s on with m will t goin d th in foc gb e c crea y exp us on ack. D usto sing eri the u Atta me rev ence op ring ti tha ched r’’s e enu xpe es. t IBM a po rtun mes t ha a itie o ve re ex rien I do ce as this their s a f cha ad a nd n I’’m ap mple to me throu ““e-Vis ad ge, m p ted s ap you repa ——a of th et g the h bra nary io t a ost fo ’’ red nd ed he exp re see to thri ra ch n an ding ,”” I ha ad cus o erie kin spe ved mati gin ——m ve of the n nc g a . c re e c , and k wit sult gn ee ea learn nin ir Bes an de h sI ds g a ed to t Re he mo you a ha of ga lp y nstr t yo ve the djus re rds ou a ac ma ting lentle , with te h ur co hie rke pro ss you ow m nven ved for t. du ly r sto y ie cts ry o expe nce, clie rp ri h nts iec ence elp y ——c om Mik e. an ou pa e I lo d in fine nie Co Witte ok n n forw sights -tune s mik sultin stein ard aro the e@ g C to u a mik hie fE you nd th ngle ew r in e itte xperi qu custo nste e iry. me in.c nce O r om ffic er Teach
  • 30. How to Share Your Story Teach RFB
  • 31. Tools That Teach After re Befo Barry Jenkins’ Story
  • 32. Create Your Own Sales Team • 10 tell 10 Show  what  you  DO
  • 33. How to Own Your Story Be Consistent Own  Your  Story
  • 34. Social Media
  • 35. Social Media
  • 36. Social Media Control
  • 37. You Can’t Really Control What Others Say About You... BriTany  Spears,  Lindsay  Lohan,  Paris  Hilton
  • 38. You can only control what you do. What  can  you  do?
  • 39. Own Your Story QAlias
  • 40. #1  Posi(on  on  ALL  Major  Search  Engines
  • 41. #1  Posi(on  on  ALL  Major  Search  Engines
  • 42. How To Monitor Yourself/Your Story Consistent  everywhere
  • 43. Own Your Story ping
  • 44. Check  self
  • 45. Own Your Story
  • 46. Type  Any  Name...
  • 47. Review
  • 48. Review Everything  on  one  slide
  • 49. What  you  know Who  you  know Who  knows  you Listen Focus See Tell Teach Be  about  Something! Find  Your  Story. Be  Your  Brand. Tools Be  Your  Own  Brand  Manager. Not  so  hard
  • 50. Be  portable  (fish)
  • 51. Thanks!
  • 52. @MikeWittenstein on Twitter Q&A Thanks!
  • 53. WWW.MIKEWITTENSTEIN.COM Leave a card. Your Story Matters! How To Find, Control, and Amplify Your Story Get a handout. MIKE WITTENSTEIN Mike Wittenstein Speaks To and Consults with Organizations that Want to Create Memorable, Profitable Customer Experiences. To control your story, make lots of tools (web site, blog, bio, PowerPoint, business card, videos, etc.) so that At the September 15th meeting, you learned that wherever you appear on-line, the how people buy talent is changing; that your own same clues are discovered about you. Own your presence on-line. Use story becomes the essence of your brand and that in conjunction with you are its brand manager. the usual tools,,, and It’s not what you know or who you Don’t forget to’s about who knows you! check yourself out at to see how you’re doing. The core of your brand is your story. It’s what To amplify your story, create some makes you unique, memorable, and worth great tools your referral network can use to promote you. In professional meeting (to those who don’t know you yet). services, it’s always better to be introduced than to introduce yourself. To find your story, ask for testimonials Use your Reason for Being daily. Get a and get some friendly interviews. Listen video clip of you at your best then for the words others use to describe you share it widely. then start to use them yourself. The This is what it takes hardest and most important part of to make your brand nailing your story is to write it from your brand portable— audience’s perspective. and keep your future secure! Write a Reason for Being statement that identifies who you serve, what outcome you produce, and Want to Learn More About Delivering how you do it. It should be totally unambiguous. Great Customer Experiences? Call Mike to discuss your needs and his programs and consulting. Info and Bookings (866) 770-9830 | Mobile (404) 229-5809 | Thanks  +  Q&A
  • 54. Remember... No matter how much you try or how much you spend, your brand can’t be any better than what your clients experience.