@ffiliate $uper $ummit 2009
November 25th...
Welcome to the Scandinavian Affiliate Super Summit - a unique
networking opportunity for Scandinavian online gambling affi...
        @ffiliate $uper $ummit 2009
        November 25th - 27th 2009, Berns Salonger, Stockholm, Sweden

11:20 Operator CEO panel:                                                     13:40 Cross industry panel – Learn from succ...
15:10 SEO – Are all the secrets out there already?                            19.00 - 03:00 Evening program
Of course not!...
Friday 27th November
                             11.00 – 15.00 Tourism Day - Bingo Las Vegas Casino will be the tourism d...
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SASS Final Agenda


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The final agenda for the SASS

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SASS Final Agenda

  1. 1. www.affiliatesupersummit.com Scandinavian @ffiliate $uper $ummit 2009 November 25th - 27th 2009, Berns Salonger, Stockholm, Sweden SPEAKER PANEL INCLUDE: AFFILIATES GO FOR FREE! REGISTER A SEAT TODAY E-MAIL> reg@i-gamingforum.com > Petter Nylander > Barak Matalon > Per Karlsson CEO CEO Head of Poker > Christer Pettersson, VISIT> www.affiliatesupersummit.com Unibet NeoGames Bossmedia Eniro CALL> +46 8 650 02 70 > Pontus Lindwall > Christof C. Cemper > Elias Kai > Joakim Jardenberg CEO General Manager Search Marketing Manager CEO Betsson Cemper.com Bwin Mindpark > Jonas Ödman > Ola Wiklund > Johan Ronnestam > Karim Wilkins Network Vice President Partner Marketing & Advertising CEO Bodog Wistrand Law Firm entrepreneur RakeTheRake The Scandinavian Affiliate Super Summit presents a major networking opportunity for entry levels to top performing Michael Caselli > Magnus Bråth > Per Widerström > Björn Evers Chairman SEO Specialist CEO CEO iGB Affiliate Pineberry Mangas affiliates from Scandinavia. PokerListings.com CasinoGuide.com Do you want to miss it? Surely not. Christian Elfström, Editing Director, Affiliate Super Summit 2009 > Victor Sahlstedt > Mikkel deMib Svendsen > Nikke Lindqvist Rickard Vikström SEO Expert SEO Specialist SEO Specialist SEO Specialist deMib.com Zebra Garden And many more ... Media Partners: Organisers: i-gamingforum.com
  2. 2. Welcome to the Scandinavian Affiliate Super Summit - a unique networking opportunity for Scandinavian online gambling affiliates! The Scandinavian countries have a history of pioneering in affiliate marketing as well as being the place where online gambling took off. This has provided an environment fostering some of the most successful and skilled affiliates on the market today. Now everyone is turning their attention to the opportunities this region will give to those pioneering the movements of affiliate marketing in the online game industry. This is the first dedicated event for Scandinavian gaming affiliates on their home turf. Do you want to miss it? Surely not. We invite you to Stockholm November 25-27. During the course of the event we offer you a cutting edge conference program as well as 2 parties, city tours and much more. You can expect an outstanding meeting where affiliates meet to do business and to have a great time together. Affiliates go for free but seats are limited – register today! For detailed information, please visit www.affiliatesupersummit.com Organisers: Christian Elfström, Editorial Director, Scandinavian Affiliate Super Summit i-gamingforum.com christian.elfstrom@i-gamingforum.com Thank you to our Sponsors and Partners Silver Partner: Bronze Partner: Exhibitor & Tournament Host: Badge Sponsor: Lanyard Sponsor: Exhibitor: Exhibitor: Exhibitor: Exhibitor: Exhibitor: Cocktail Host: Party Host: Tourism Day Host: Media Partners: Scandinavian @ffiliate $uper $ummit 2009
  3. 3. Scandinavian @ffiliate $uper $ummit 2009 November 25th - 27th 2009, Berns Salonger, Stockholm, Sweden Wednesday 25th November 2009 PRE-EVENT REGISTRATION AND COCKTAIL AT BERNS 17.00 – 19.00 – Beat the queues and sign in early at Berns Hotel Bet24 invites you to the cocktail 19.00 – 21.00 – Cocktail Reception at Berns VIP party at the VIP Balcony Bar. Balcony Bar Thursday 26th November 10:40 SEO Boot Camp: Beyond the beaten track! This session aims at pointing at ideas and opportunities that you might 08:30 Registration & Coffee have overlooked. It´s common knowledge that links still rule as a major factor in helping pages rank well. But where does the path lead 09:30 Chairman´s welcome by Michael Caselli, iGB Affiliate when leaving the beaten track? This panel is among the strongest ever presented on Scandinavian soil and a great opportunity to get new and winning insights! Chairman: Michael Caselli, iGB Affiliate Nikke Lindqvist, Zebra Garden Rickard Vikström Victor Sahlstedt 09:40 INTRODUCTION: Why should you re-assess Magnus Bråth, Pineberry your Online Marketing Strategy? No matter what company and industry – the world´s companies are now making efforts to increase rev- enues driven from their websites. The ability of people anywhere in the world to access information online has opened whole new vistas in terms of how a business can market itself both to their local and global communities. Websites have changed from graphical online brochures to exciting online sales representatives. This introductory presentation aims at grasping what the Scandinavian Affiliate Super Summit is all about: making sure that you have the best tools to make the most out of your online offering. Joakim Jardenberg, Mindpark 10:10 Networking break Scandinavian @ffiliate $uper $ummit 2009
  4. 4. 11:20 Operator CEO panel: 13:40 Cross industry panel – Learn from successes and flaws What does Affiliate marketing mean to the leading operators? in other industries How big a part of the operator´s turnover do affiliates stand for? No Most well known brands now have a traditional affiliate program setup one really knows and of course the figure varies between operators. whatever industry and market they are in. All industries have its specifics However, it´s a fact that affiliate marketing of online gambling products but even more in common. What can we learn from online marketing is the very foundation of the business. In this top level panel CEO´s with other products and industries? Do they use methods that could from some of the most well known operators will discuss how they view successfully be applied on online gaming & gambling? What can you the future of their affiliate programs and how the relationship affiliate – adopt from other industries to your website? Meet peers from other operator can be developed further for future best practice? businesses! • What does affiliate marketing mean to the operators business Christer Pettersson, Eniro models today and how will it change? David Nilsson, Fritidsresor • How will consolidation and financial turmoil affect operators´ Johan Ronnestam standpoint regarding revenue shares and T&C´s for affiliates? • What segments and products have the greatest potential to grow in the near future? Petter Nylander, Unibet Pontus Lindwall, Betsson Barak Matalon, NeoGames Per Widerström, Mangas Gaming Malta 12:00 Lunch 14:10 The Scandinavian Legal situation – The true story about what´s permitted and 13:00 The future of Rakeback what´s not No matter what country your focus is - Scandinavian leg- – The do or die question for poker affiliates? islation is a potential minefield when it comes to gaming Rakeback is a hot topic and widely discussed. In this panel you´ll hear & gambling legislation. There is no end to the need for arguments from both sides of the fence. The panel will focus on the information about recent updates and practices. If you following issues: disregard from all the buzz and assuming done in these • What´s the best way of regulating Rakeback and other player issues – what´s the right and legal way to engage in rewards in order to avoid price and network saturation competition affiliate marketing in Scandinavia? This session provides you with the within the network, at the same time still attract new players from do´s and don´ts for affiliates! other networks and new players? • What´s permitted and what´s not: here´s the true story • How does the networks view the future of the industry? What will • Recent rulings in Scandinavian cases involving gaming & gambling the pressure of margins mean: will the rake from the players get • Country specific issues lower or will the refunds to the players get even bigger? • How do you solve the difficult equation of the networks being Ola Wiklund, Wistrand competitors at the same time as they have to cooperate to attract players from other networks and independent operators? 14:40 Networking break and we kick off the EGO Karim Wilkins, RakeTheRake Affiliate Super Summit Freeroll – Poker Tournament! Jonas Ödman, Bodog Network Per Karlsson, Boss Media Scandinavian @ffiliate $uper $ummit 2009
  5. 5. 15:10 SEO – Are all the secrets out there already? 19.00 - 03:00 Evening program Of course not! Having the latest info on how to work successfully with SEO is absolutely vital for any affiliate with ambitions. But cutting edge information and country specific information is expensive and hard to get. This must-attend session provides you everything you need to know about SEO in your region. We have gathered some of the most promi- nent SEO experts and let you do the questioning! • Which are the latest techniques and strategies? • How does Best Practise look like among super affiliates in your region? • 3 takeaways for immediate action on your site! 19:00 Dinner Christoph Cemper, We have made reservations for those of you who are in the Cemper.com mood to sit down and have a dinner together before the after Mikkel deMib Svendsen, deMib.com party kicks off. (Questions? The registration desk will help you) Elias Kai, Bwin Jason Duke, Strangelogic 15:50 What does it take to make it big? The future of Affiliate marketing in online Gaming & Gambling Even though the online gaming and gambling business is still lucra- tive parts of the industry are reaching saturation and we see signs of consolidation. At the same time some niches holds great potential and new niches opens up. This session will reveal how you as an affiliate can expand and tweak on your site in order to leverage on market facts, 22:15 After party at Café Opera hosted by Affiliate Tips Agents trends & statistics in Scandinavia. Free entrance and VIP section at Stockholm most famous • Facts & figures about online gambling spending Night Club – Keep your wristband on to secure your VIP • What verticals have the best growth potentials? entrance to the After Party! • What´s the next step and what are the trends in running an affiliate? Björn Evers, Entrance to the club after 22.15 Pokerlistings Shaun O´Neill, Opening hours: Wednesday – Sunday 22.00-03.00 NordicBet Group Gavin Kelleher, H2 Gambling Capital 16:30 Chairman´s summary and closing Michael Caselli, iGB Affiliate Scandinavian @ffiliate $uper $ummit 2009
  6. 6. Friday 27th November 11.00 – 15.00 Tourism Day - Bingo Las Vegas Casino will be the tourism day host. Seeing the sights of Stockholm and drinking the delights. The 1963 bus will pick you up at the Berns Hotel at 11.00 and drive you between the stops. • FIRST STOP VASA MUSEUM • STOP 2 OLD TOWN AND THE KING’S CASTLE In the early 17th century, Sweden was busy building an empire around the There are a lot of unique things to see when visiting the old town in Stock- Baltic Sea in northern Europe. A strong navy was essential. During the 1620s holm. The old town is the original Stockholm. The town was set up during Sweden was at war with Poland. In 1625 the Swedish king Gustavus Adolphus the 1300 century. There are about 3000 people living in the old city today. ordered new warships. Among them the Vasa. Most buildings are from the 1700 and 1800 century. The dominant building in the old city is the king’s castle. The old town is the place to be if you want to experience the town’s pulse. The area has Stockholm’s biggest ranges of The Vasa was built at the Stockholm shipyard by Henrik Hybertsson - restaurants, tourist shops, studios and museums. There are many wonderful an experienced Dutch shipbuilder. His experience was much needed paths to walk in the old town. We will walk through the main street and pass as the Vasa was to be the mightiest warship in the world, armed with the King’s castle. Of course we will make a stop for some well known Swedish 64 guns on two gundecks. beer along the way. Welcome to explore the old city of Stockholm. In 1628 the ship was ready. Sunday August 10 was the day of the Vasa’s maiden voyage. The beaches around Stockholm were filled with • Stop 3 ABSOLUT ICEBAR spectators, among them foreign diplomats. The maiden voyage was ABSOLUT ICEBAR offers an experience unlike any other. to be an act of propaganda for the ambitious Swedish king Gustavus Chilled to a constant -5°C/ 23°F, it evokes all your senses. Adolphus. Leading international artists and designers are invited, twice a year, to create experimental interiors and sculptures thereby recreating the entire The Vasa set sail and fired a salute. But only after a few minutes of setting. sailing the ship began to heel over. She righted herself slightly – and The creative art work in every ABSOLUT ICEBAR is built by nothing but crystal clear ice from Torne River in northern Sweden. heeled over again. Water started to gush in through the open gunports. And, to everyones horror and disbelief, the glorious and Everything in the bars is built by pure ice – from the walls, the stools to the mighty warship suddenly sank! Of the 150 people on board, 30-50 artwork. Even the ‘glasses’ in which the vodka drinks are served are made died in the disaster. When Vasa had been salvaged in 1961, of ice, indeed “in the rocks”. The ice from Torne River, which is known for archaeologists found the remains of 25 skeletons. its unique purity, is harvested at the ICEHOTEL in Jukkasjärvi in March every year. After the disaster the captain of the Vasa – Söfring Hansson – was The first ever ABSOLUT ICEBAR opened at ICEHOTEL in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden arrested. The Swedish king Gustavus Adolphus was not in Sweden at in 1994. Since then the ABSOLUT ICEBAR family has grown and it can now be the time. He was waging war in Poland. It took two weeks for him to found in Stockholm, London, in addition to Jukkasjärvi. learn about what had happened. When he did, he wrote angrily that Since the start more than a million people have visited ABSOLUT ICEBAR. the disaster had happened because of ”imprudence and negligence” and that the guilty parties had to be punished. Söfring Hansson and Your 40 minute visit includes warm clothing, gloves, an ice-cool feeling of many others were called to inquiries at the Royal Castle of Stockholm. exhilaration and an Absolut Vodka cocktail of your choice from our drinks menu, served in an ice glass.
  7. 7. Next years events presented by I-GAMING FORUM 2010 I-GAMING FORUM April 13th-14th 2010 BY INVITATION Grand Hôtel, Stockholm, Sweden ONLY FOR SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES REGISTER A SEAT OF INTEREST CONTACT> Kinga Öhman - Project Manager CONTACT> Michael Whittam - Project Manager E-MAIL> reg@i-gamingforum.com E-MAIL> kinga.ohman@i-gamingforum.com E-MAIL> michael.whittam@i-gamingforum.com VISIT> www.i-gamingforum.com CALL> +46 73 035 02 82 CALL> +46 (0)76- 283 85 03 CALL> +46 8 650 02 70 for more information please visit> www.i-gamingforum.com We are back in Stockholm, Sweden in November 2010! Scandinavian @ffiliate $uper $ummit 2010 AFFILIATES GO FOR FREE! REGISTER A SEAT TODAY FOR SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES E-MAIL> reg@i-gamingforum.com CONTACT> Michael Whittam - Project Manager E-MAIL> michael.whittam@i-gamingforum.com VISIT> www.affiliatesupersummit.com CALL> +46 (0)76- 283 85 03 CALL> +46 8 650 02 70 +46 (0)8 - 120 50 556 for more information please visit> www.affiliatesupersummit.com
  8. 8. leaders of online scratch cards www.neogames.com bringing back the fun! bringing back the fun! ging back the fun! bringing back the fun! bringing back the fun! bringing back the fun! bringing back the fun! Come and visit us at our stand info@neogames.com