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Innovation in practice methodology in design projects

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  • Aims of the meeting- Show use cases and initial platform development experiments Show technology review Agree research contract to continue project with 2020
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  • Probes10

    1. 1. Methods and Processes, Cultural Probes Innovation in Practice- Mike Waller June 2010
    2. 2. The Situationists - Psychogeographical Maps (1950s) Gooding, M. (1991). Surrealist games. In A Book of Surrealist Games, M. Gooding, London: Redstone Press. Inspiration behind Cultural Probes
    3. 3. Professor Bill Gaver- Psychologist/Designer
    4. 4. Fiona Raby & Anthony Dunn, Architect/Designer Probes were used in the presence project which was a collaboration of a number of Universities.
    5. 5. The world is a messy complex place, engage with it as it is…
    6. 6. Turning Innovation on itself as a method that becomes a poetic act! The most insightful way of engaging your users in their real contexts is to design your own method of research. Think carefully about the kinds of activities that will challenge your preconceptions of your audience, context, event…. Innovate your innovation process.
    7. 7. Users are complex- The probe uncovers difference
    8. 8. Put effort into your kit- Make it engaging
    9. 9. Pi Studio Probe- Mediating Place Project
    10. 10. These are designed objects… each to explore particular issues
    11. 11. Possible Elements - A Map and Stickers Place stickers on the map where you think are the best places for …..
    12. 12. Local Maps/ Hand Drawn Maps
    13. 13. Possible Elements - A Disposable Camera with a card cover including a list of images.
    14. 14. Possible Elements - A Postcard and Question Question: Do you know any stories about the history of this building or area that you think might be interesting to share? Please tell us a piece of advise or insight….
    15. 15. Where in the diagram could you deploy a probe?
    16. 16. The problem with questionnaires is that they set up particular types of relationships- Like doctor patient- where you prescribe a solution. The Probe can be built in a way that allows the users to give inspirational data, whilst still allowing space to explore your particular cultural context in a tone that fits the project.
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