Chavez Aguayo [Instructions For Session 1 Presentation On Second Life]


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Instructions for Session 1 Presentation on Second Life by Marco Antonio Chavez Aguayo. This session begins at 10:00 am CDT on August 19, 2009. Access to this session is available here:

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Chavez Aguayo [Instructions For Session 1 Presentation On Second Life]

  1. 1. Marco Antonio Chávez Aguayo, Professor, University of Barcelona | Speaker Bio Presentation: Second Life®: The New Technologies as an Incoming Set For Creativity on Innovation Culture and Education Participants will see how virtual worlds, such as Second Life, can be used as a platform to develop cultural projects, artistic virtual productions and promotion of cultural tourism in a real-time basis for a worldwide public connected online. Using Opera Joven as a case study of an organization using the virtual environment to increase their projects, reach a wider range of audiences and grow its team with members from all around the world, each one contributing with their own resources and knowledge. Exploring this example will help you to discover new ways to foster cultural exchange, collaboration, production, education & management for your own business. This session can be accessed remotely by the public for free. To view the session, you must be a registered user of Second Life. Access to the session is available here. HOW TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS SESSION FOR BEGGINNERS Second Life® (SL) is a virtual world with many features and applications. We are going to talk about them in our presentation. Please consider joining us in Second Life with your avatar in real time during the presentation on August 19. However, if you can’t bring a laptop to the session, you will be able to watch the presentation in real time. We will have a PC projecting our meeting in real time for those who are at the Showcase on Wednesday. Join Second Life Before joining SL, please confirm that your PC or laptop meets the minimum requirements to run the program. For details, see If there is not enough information for you, or you are still unclear if you will be able to run SL, try running this test: 2. To join SL, you must to create an account on the SL website: You will be prompted to create a username and then choose one of the last names they offer. Then, you will receive an email confirmation. 3. Once you create your account, download and install the program found at
  2. 2. 4. The first time you run and login into SL, you will get a tutorial on how to move and do simple tasks. Pay special attention on how to communicate, move the avatar, manage the camera and teleport. FOR INTERMEDIATE AND EXPERT USERS 1. If you already passed the tutorial for beginners and you have spent some time in SL, you are now ready to teleport to the region (also called “sim”) where our session will take place. The region and the coordinates are (case sensitive): Opera Joven / 19 / 122 / 22. The session will be mainly at the Auditorium of OPERA JOVEN, but sim is currently open to the public. Feel free to visit the whole region before the presentation and then come back to our meeting location. You can also reach our meeting space by clicking on this link while you are running SL: ocuments%5CSecond%20Life%5CProyecto%20Guadalajara%20Virtual/Auditorio_001.jpg&title =Chicago%20eLearning%20%26%20Technology%20Showcase&msg=Chavez%20Aguayo%27s% 20presentation%20about%20Second%20Life%20applications. When you click the link, SL will open a new Window on your web browser. Click the “Teleport Now” button. The SL application will transport your avatar to our meeting location. 2. Another way to arrive at our meeting site is to click “Map” on the SL application. This action opens a window where you can search for “Opera Joven” (case sensitive). “Opera Joven” will appear on the list. Select it and then go down and write the coordinates after “location” in this order 19 / 122 / 22. Then click “teleport”. 3. If you have any problem reaching the region, don’t hesitate to contact “Brent Renard” or “Moby Randt” in SL. (Use the “Search” > “People” feature). If you are going to attend the session on your own PC or laptop, it is recommended to contact any of them so they know how many avatars will attend. When you arrive on the day of the presentation, go to the Auditorium and take a seat facing the stage. 4. The presentation will take place using the “stream” (not the voice). You’d better turn off the “voice chat” (on preferences), so you don’t disturb the rest of the public. To play the stream, you usually have enough pressing the “play” button after the musical notes. If it doesn’t work or you can’t, maybe your volume is down or you have unchecked on “Preferences > Audio & Video > Play Streaming Music When Available”.