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  • 1. *Laurus Energy, Inc.Our Vision To build one of the largest and most profitable energy companies in North America
  • 2. * What is the current state of play? * The importation of high cost oil is threatening North America’s economy and is the cause of dependence of volatile oil producing nations * Despite a great deal of rhetoric, no meaningful or economical way to clean the air has been discovered * Huge government subsidies towards renewables and bio technologies has no chance of making even a dent in either of these problems facing North America * The cheap energy we have relied on for decades...traditional coal is being phased out and is not permittable....with no substitute in place. 2
  • 3. *An Abundant Resource North America is the largest energy market in the world and sits on an enormous, indigenous coal resource that the incumbent industry cannot access. * Over 2 trillion tonnes of unmineable coal in North America (6.6 Trillion BOE) * 400 years of total US energy consumption (liquid, gas, nuclear, etc.) * Without this technology the coal has no economic use * Easy and inexpensive to acquire * Reserves are important for energy company valuations 3
  • 4. * Proven Technology – not R&DConceptualization Rocky Mountain 1 Majuba project first Solid Energy firstof UCG by Pilot Plant in USA gas Q1 to present gas projected Q1Siemens First Commercial-Scale Ergo Exergy first gas "Majuba-Syngas used for UCG plant in USSR at Chinchilla in commercial power sales" Australia * 4
  • 5. * Laurus has the technology that will unlock this resource and a fraction of the cost of current prices of oil, gas and “clean” coal. Low Cost Structure vs. Natural$5.00 Gas * Very low cost to produce clean $4.50 syngas - $1.50/mmBtu(CO2 - free) Natural * Assumes leasing$4.00 * CO2 Sales – 1.1M tons/yr @ $13/ton Margin to Nat Gas * Natural gas spot = ~$4.50/mmBtu$3.00 Price * 1-yr forward strip = $5.00/mmBtu Low * $1.50 Syngas well below $30.00 per Carbon Barrel of Oil Equivalent (BOE)$2.00 εUCG Syngas Syngas Cost * No subsidies required! Royalties (Coal & * Robust economics even in low price $1.50 Technology environment$1.00 ) * Project cost payback – around 2 years after first commercial production $- * Scalable – additional demand can be met in under 1 year with even lower cost structure 5
  • 6. * Gas created from by this technology, when burned in power plants or turned into products traditionally made with oil, will create fewer emissions than even natural gas* Extracting the benefits of Power Plant Emissions Comparison abundant coal, minimizing 1.2 1.8 environmental impacts NOx/SOx/Particulates lbs/MWh Net 1.6 1 1.4* Emissions substantially 0.8 1.2 reduced over any existing coal CO2 tons/MWh Net 1 technologies 0.6 0.8 0.4 0.6* Cleaner or comparable to 0.4 natural gas emissions 0.2 0.2 0 0* CO2 removal cheaper, more Conv PF Super PF Conv IGCC UCG-IGCC Nat Gas CC efficient, and ideal for w/CO2 Removal CO2 NOx SOx Particulates Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) (Source: Australian ACARP Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) study, June 6
  • 7. Diesel Clean Jet Fuel Syngas Fuels(H2, CO, CO2) Kerosene Naphtha Synthetic Natural Gas Chemical Power s Fertilizers Films/Coating s Plastics 7