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Learn how ActiveInsight Optimizes B2B Customer Acquisition

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  • Hi,Im Mike Telem, Business Development Manager and co-founder of ActiveInsightAI is self-funded and was founded in 2009.We provide Customer Acquisition Optimization by Turning Insight into Action.
  • The rules of B2B marketing are changing………B2B prospects each have their specific and current digital body language that captures their intent and potentialLets look at a typical B2B prospect :Meet John D, He Googled for digital recording solutions and found, one of our customers. He checked out 2 of NICE’s solutions in that area and read a post in their blog> Now that’s valuable info if I can use it in real-time.BUT that’s not all > This prospect is from Boston, he works at a bank, a large one. He just tweeted reviewing workforce management solutions > !! There is so much valuable information in the digital body language of this still anonymous prospect.Incredibly valuable info if I could use it in real-time.
  • That was just one prospect… companies like Nice, ECI, and Radvision have thousands of prospects like these every day!Each prospect with his own interests, intentions and potential.How can we assure that every relevant prospect gets the right message or piece of content at the right time??We need something that can segment, adapt and engage online prospects in real-time, offer them the right content or direct them to the right places.We need something that can leverage digital body language to provide targeted marketing, qualified lead generation and sales intelligence.If we don’t do this, if we don’t provide the right message to the right prospect at the right time were loosing our prospects to our competitors.Lets look at the traditional marketing funnel (next slide)
  • This is the traditional B2B marketing funnel we all know it.And this is why marketer’s are struggling.Marketers are investing in SEO and PPC to get traffic and then do anything possible to get an email, whether this is really a relevant prospect or notThen they “nurture” this so-called lead by sending emails based on various rules. They generate a so-called lead and then put time and money to try and qualify it.No wonder sales arent happy with the leads they’re getting…Marketer’s are struggling to adapt to the new reality but their fighting with the wrong tools
  • ActiveInsight is different. We adapt to each and every relevant prospect in real-time, in the online channel he came in through.Instead of sending an email with a white paper or case study I'm offering it to relevant prospects while they are in context.ActiveInsight micro-segments, adapts and engages with online prospects throughout the marketing funnel.This is not the real funnel!! This is… more the 95% of your online prospects are anonymous!! No email address, no nothing.But these are high potential prospects and with AI you can detect the relevant ones and engage them or offer them the right content to move them forward in your funnel.SiriusDecisions estimates the volume of B2B leads from the web is currently 58% and will increase to 71% by 2015. That’s 2 thirds of all businessCapturing prospect attention and context
  • ActiveInsight is based on a proprietary Cloud Complex Event Processing engine. The CEP engine is what enables us to process, correlate and react to the extreme throughput of events created by digital body language.ActiveInsight optimizes the critical and expensive process of customer acquisition.Whether it’s a traditional B2B or an upcoming Software-as-a-Service vendor we leverage the prospect’s digital body language to provide Real-time microsegmentation and critical sales intelligence, adaptive content to funnel the prospect forward and qualified lead generation.In Nice Systems we drove up conversion rates providing up to 35% conversions on targeted prospects. Their average conversion rates on targeted audience with the AI campaigns they ran for the first months pilot were 8%. ECI drove new leads from one of their weakest countries within one week. They put in half a meetings time and got leads worth thousands of $ according to their estimates.
  • Active insight customer_overview_q3_2011

    1. 1. Turning Insight into Action<br />Customer Acquisition Optimization<br />Customer Acquisition Optimization <br />
    2. 2. Digital Body Language<br />The rules of B2B marketing are changing…<br />We live in a real-time culture where mobile and social media create new information constantly<br />B2B prospects have more options, more info but their attention span narrows <br />Geo/Org<br />
    3. 3. Many Prospects - Multiple Offerings<br />White papers, Case Studies, Webinars, PR’s …<br />Serving the right message to the right prospect at the right time<br />
    4. 4. The Traditional Marketing Funnel<br />Forms<br />SEO, PPC, Events, Social<br />Marketing Automation<br />New Leads<br />Lead Nurturing<br />Opportunities<br />CRM - Sales <br />Hand-off<br />New <br />Customers<br />
    5. 5. The REAL Marketing Funnel<br />Forms<br />SEO, PPC, Events, Social<br />Top Funnel <br />Anonymous Prospects <br />98%<br />= The 1st Mile<br />Marketing Automation<br /> Micro Segmentation<br /> Adaptive Content<br /> Real-time Engagement<br /> Sales Intelligence<br />New Leads<br />Lead Nurturing<br />Opportunities<br />CRM - Sales <br />Hand-off<br />New <br />Customers<br />
    6. 6. What We Offer<br />Customer Acquisition Optimization<br />Based on proprietary Cloud Complex Event Processing engine<br />Real-time micro-segmentation, adaptive content, qualified lead generation and sales intelligence based on <br />Prospect intent and digital body language<br />Prospect organization, sector, geo<br />Social profile<br />Existing CRM data<br />
    7. 7. Turning Insight into Action<br />Customer Acquisition Optimization <br />Customer Acquisition Optimization<br /><br /><br />