Tapping The Mainline


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Given at SHiFT 08 in Lisbon, Portugal

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Tapping The Mainline

  1. 1. Tapping the Main Line Designing for learned and evolved responses Mike Stenhouse / Trampoline Systems / Donotremove
  2. 2. “ To further confound the problem of understanding motivation, Maslow points out that motives are not always conscious. In the average person, he believes, they are more often unconscious than conscious — showing the influence on his thinking of Freudian psychologists who have long been concerned with the hidden causes of human behavior. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maslow%27s_hierarchy_of_needs
  3. 3. “ Unfortunately, we quickly find out that expectations don’t drive how users interact with our designs. They look elsewhere, to the visual clues and a well- designed flow, to ensure they have the delightful experience we’re hoping for. icanhaz.com/greatexpectations
  4. 4. Map vs Territory
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  9. 9. “ Angry sales rep: I hate how Amazon thinks it knows me. overheardintheoffice.com/archives/007194.html
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  12. 12. “ Account executive: So, who'd you vote for? Creative director: Obama, he's got cool logos. overheardinnewyork.com/archives/015249.html
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  14. 14. Social psychology
  15. 15. Social proof
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  24. 24. “ Here’s the cool thing about Twitter. It’s side by side communication. Here’s a picture of Dan & I (Ed). Say Dan twitters ‘hey, I’ve found this amazing site, go check it out.’ Do I question it? Do I have defenses up? No. I go straight there. icanhaz.com/twittertao
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  27. 27. Similarity
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  31. 31. Rapport
  32. 32. “ A close and harmonious relationship in which the people or groups concerned understand each other's feelings or ideas and communicate well. “Rapport” in the dictionary
  33. 33. “ The more Themail confirmed their expectations—that is, their mental model of what their relationships were like —the more they enjoyed using the tool. alumni.media.mit.edu/~fviegas/projects/themail/study/index.htm
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  35. 35. Reciprocity
  36. 36. Cadbury’s
  37. 37. Pot Noodle
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  39. 39. Permission
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  43. 43. “ Hartmann argued that gratification is gained from the sheer exercise of one's functions, as when a child is delighted by learning to walk or to draw, and Rapaport identified novelty-seeking as a self- rewarding activity. encyclopedia.com/doc/1O87-egopsychology.html
  44. 44. “ The ideal in gameplay, the goal every developer aims for, is an experience that keeps players in a “flow” state — constantly surfing the edges of their abilities without bogging down. [...] The flow comes from constantly discovering innovative ways to solve these open- ended problems. wired.com/gaming/virtualworlds/magazine/15-09/ff_halo
  45. 45. Natural limits
  46. 46. “ The assistant professor of cognitive science at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute has demonstrated that the shapes of letters in 100 writing systems reflect common ones seen in nature: Take the letter “A”—it looks like a mountain, he says. And “Y” might remind one of a tree with branches. He also showed that across different languages most characters take three strokes to write out. That’s because, he says, three is the highest quantity a person’s brain can perceive without resorting to counting. sciam.com/article.cfm?id=understanding-how-our-bra
  47. 47. “ There is a span of absolute judgement that can distinguish about seven categories and that there is a span of attention that will encompass about six objects at a glance. musanim.com/miller1956/
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  49. 49. “ It seems that by adding more dimensions and requiring crude, binary, yes-no judgements on each attribute we can extend the span of absolute judgement from seven to at least 150. musanim.com/miller1956/
  50. 50. “ Dunbar’s surveys of village and tribe sizes also appeared to approximate this predicted value, including 150 as the estimated size of a neolithic farming village; 150 as the splitting point of Hutterite settlements; 200 as the upper bound on the number of academics in a discipline’s sub- specialization; 150 as the basic unit size of professional armies in Roman antiquity and in modern times since the 16th century; and notions of appropriate company size. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dunbar's_number
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  52. 52. Pattern matching
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  61. 61. Stories
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