Do You Feel Guilty About Selling?
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Do You Feel Guilty About Selling?

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You should not feel guilty about selling.The only thing you should feel guilty about is selling shoddy products.

You should not feel guilty about selling.The only thing you should feel guilty about is selling shoddy products.

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  • 1. If you feel guilty about selling then don't be! Some people look down their noses at salesmen but what they need to realise is it is all well and good to make a great product but that great product has to be sold! Usually the person who talks about sales people with contempt depend on a salesperson for their paycheque (or paycheck as they say it in America)! A Quick Word on Price. On the internet there are a lot of free resources and there are some very good free resources but you will find the best resources require a price, even if it is small. People tend to trust information that they have paid for over free information. Also if they have paid for it they are more likely to be more committed to using the product. People understand things by comparison.
  • 2. In other words, people will judge the price of a product by comparing it to the price of a similar product. People have their own ideas about price. If people are used to getting a certain product for a certain price they will not take kindly to a big increase. So if you never charge for anything then suddenly start asking for money then people will get upset. Be Open About Selling! From my own experience it is better to be open about the fact you sell things.If you are cagey about the fact you are selling something then people will pick this up also it puts off the time-wasters! If you are certain and confident your customer will be more likely to buy from you and you will feel good too! That's not to say you bombard people with sales talk, communication is two way and if you just talk at a
  • 3. prospect verbally or in writing then you usually will find most people get turned off. Social Media If you are promoting your business using social media make it clear early on that you do sell things so your followers don't feel suprised when you start selling. All your posts on social media shouldn't all be about selling something but it is Ok to have some business posts in there too after all you are not a charity! The Moral Of The Story is: Do not feel guilty about selling if you are providing something of value. You are providing a service so there is no reason why you should not be paid!! Best Wishes Mike
  • 4. Further Reading : THE 10X RULE by Grant Cardone. Check it out on ebay