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Weight Lifting Does More Than Increase Strength

Weight Lifting Does More Than Increase Strength



More useful information on how to lift weights can be found at http://mikeseroveyonhealth.com/history-weight-lifting/

More useful information on how to lift weights can be found at http://mikeseroveyonhealth.com/history-weight-lifting/



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    Weight Lifting Does More Than Increase Strength Weight Lifting Does More Than Increase Strength Document Transcript

    • ==== ====More information on weight lifting can be found at:http://mikeseroveyonhealth.com/history-weight-lifting/==== ====Weight lifting should be part of any fitness program. It is a great way to increase your strength andis an excellent exercise choice for nearly everyone. Weight lifting can help with strength, weightloss, and general fitness. Weight lifting can be a very safe and effective form of exercise, whenperformed correctly and consistently. It is a valuable form of exercise for most people, from theteen to senor years.Unfortunately, some of the benefits of weight lifting are not widely known. Weight lifting is essentialfor good health. One positive aspect of weight lifting is that bone density will increase withconsistent training and aid in the prevention of osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a bone thinningdisease that can lead to serious fractures. Osteoporosis adversely affects many women aftermenopause and some men in their senior years. Girls and young women should concentrate onbuilding strong bones in order to decrease their risk of osteoporosis later in life. Women undergorapid bone loss after menopause, when levels of estrogen drop significantly. The more bonedensity they have at that time, the more prepared they are to battle osteoporosis.Rather than thinking of using weights to pump up, we must remember that weight lifting isimperative for maintaining good health. Besides improving bone density, using weights to exercisewill increase muscular strength, improve coordination, improve balance, decrease body fat, andcan lead to better overall health. And for those interested in weight loss, you may enjoy knowingthat the more muscles you build, the more calories you will burn.If you have never used weights to exercise, weight lifting is not something that you should start onyour own. Weight lifting can be a very safe form of exercise, but you should seek the help of afitness trainer to help get started. An experienced fitness trainer can assign an exercise routineand teach you how to perform each exercise safely. Beginners should use machine weight liftingin order to become accustomed to the proper motion and learn safely. Those more advanced canbuild strength efficiently with dumbbells and barbells.Once on your own, be sure to perform each exercise with perfect form before increasing theweight. Three great exercises for the upper body are the chest press, shoulder press, and wide-bar pull down. For more variety in your fitness program an exercise routine may include pull-ups,rowing, biceps curls, and triceps extensions. Popular lower body exercises include step-ups,squats, and the leg press. Besides weight training, body-weight exercises such as push-ups andpull-ups are very effective when performed correctly. It is best to perform a variety of exercises,appropriate for your fitness level, to ensure you have a well rounded fitness program. Performingthe same exercise routine over and over will eventually result in a plateau. Your muscles will haveadapted to the routine. At that point you must change the exercise routine otherwise you coulddecrease your chances of reaching your goal.
    • Weight lifting should be part of your complete fitness program. Cardiovascular exercise such aswalking on a treadmill or using an exercise bicycle should also be performed on a regular basis.And of course, flexibility exercises must be included in each workout in order to keep the bestpossible range of motion throughout your body. As previously mentioned, weight lifting, whenperformed correctly and consistently, is essential for a healthy life.Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions youmay have regarding a new exercise program. Keep in mind that you should promptly seekprofessional medical care if you have any concern about your health.By Karen M. Goeller, Fitness and Gymnastics AuthorKaren Goeller has more than 25 years of experience training athletes and an education thatincludes training in emergency medicine, physical therapy, and nutrition. She has heldcertifications that include Fitness Trainer, EMT-D, Nutritional Analysis, and many GymnasticsCertifications among others. Goeller has tremendous experience with training in a variety ofsettings. Karen Goeller is the author of the Swing Set Fitness books, the Gymnastics Drills andConditioning books, and many additional products. She has written more gymnastics books thananyone in the USA. Her books are used by fitness experts, sports coaches, teachers, and athletesworldwide. Karen Goeller has worked for worlds most famous gymnastics coach Bela Karolyi,owned a gymnastics club for ten years, and has been featured in several newspapers and ontelevision many times.For more information on Karen Goeller visit http://www.KarenGoeller.com For more informationon her fitness books visit http://www.SwingWorkouts.com For more information on her gymnasticsbooks visit http://www.GymnasticsBooks.comArticle Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Karen_Goeller==== ====More information on weight lifting can be found at:http://mikeseroveyonhealth.com/history-weight-lifting/==== ====