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3 Best Ways To Profit From Your Email Marketing List

3 Best Ways To Profit From Your Email Marketing List



More useful information on how to profit from email can be found at http://myprofit-email-club.

More useful information on how to profit from email can be found at http://myprofit-email-club.



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    3 Best Ways To Profit From Your Email Marketing List 3 Best Ways To Profit From Your Email Marketing List Document Transcript

    • ==== ====More information on profitting from email can be found at:http://myprofit-email-club==== ====The ultimate goal of any business is to survive and thrive for the long term, and that meansmaking as much profit as possible. There are three main ways to increase your business profits:1. Increase the amount of traffic that visits your website.2. Increase the conversions of website visitors into buyers.3. Increase the level of sales you make from each customer.To increase the chances of #3, many Internet marketers will employ "upsells" and "cross-sells" tohelp increase the profits they receive from each customer. What exactly are upsells and cross-sells?Upsells are where you provide a complimentary offer to your customer immediately after he/shehas purchased your main item. This complimentary offer could be a more advanced or expensiveversion of the product he/she purchased.You should price it at a very reasonable price - by combining an excellent product at a lower-than-expected price and immediately after he/she has ordered your original product offer, the chancesof getting an upsell from your customers are pretty high. Many Internet marketers can get around50% or so of their customers to purchase upsell offers.For example, if you sell a software product that allows a user to remotely see and access his/hermain computers files from any computer that has an Internet connection for $47, selling an upsellof the additional feature of allowing him/her to move and/or copy any of his/her files from his/hermain computers files using any computer with an Internet connection for $27 per year will likelylead to many people taking advantage of that upsell, being that many people who travel and workaway from home will find that additional copying/moving feature to be very valuable to them,especially if they forget to bring along an important file from their main computer with them.Instead of making $47 per customer, you make $47 plus $27/year in residual income from thosewho buy the upsell offer, which is an increase of $27/year per customer.A cross-sell is where you provide an additional product that would go together well with theproduct he/she just purchased. Again, you should price this product at a very reasonable price;doing this will allow you to get many cross-sells, and thereby, will further increase the profit youmake from each customer.For example, if you sell an ebook on dog grooming for $17 and you offer a cross-sell of an ebook
    • with the best places to buy dog-grooming supplies at the lowest prices for an additional $7, thechances are good that your customers will view that as a bargain and will take you up on yourcross-sell offer.Many dog owners will be very happy to buy your cross-sell offer because, while they want to learnabout properly grooming their dog, they also want to learn exactly where are the best places to getthe best dog grooming materials at the lowest prices. Instead of making $17 per customer, yourenow making $24 per every customer who buys your cross-sell offer, or an increase of $7 percustomer.Its imperative when youre employing upselling and cross-selling in your marketing strategies todo this AFTER you have completed the sale of your original offer.If you attempt to upsell or cross-sell before the visitor has finished the purchase of your originaloffer, he/she could get confused by the additional offer or get turned off by the additional offer anddecide to not finish the purchase of your original offer, which means that youll earn no profit fromthat visitor.Therefore, dont gamble away the original sale; only provide the upsell or cross-sell AFTER youvefinished the original sale, so if he/she decides not to purchase your upsell or cross-sell offer, youstill have gained the profit from the original sale that was completed by that customer.Another way to make profit from your customers is via downsells. Downsells are where you offer acheaper or "lighter" version of the original product offer, minus a feature or two, to those whopassed on purchasing your original product offer.Such an example could be providing a digital-only version of a book you are selling in your originalproduct offer or removing bonuses from your main product offer in return for a lower price. Youusually offer this downsell via a pop-up or pop-under window as the visitor is leaving your site.By doing this, you can gain some profit from those customers who would have given you no profitdue to their passing of your original offer.The first example in this article mentioned residual income, and residual income is a great way foryou to gain additional value from your customers, as youll earn repeated income over the periodof time a customer stays a member or uses the service that has a residual fee.This is very common among membership sites; those people who want continued access to thesite and its features will pay a monthly or yearly fee to remain a member; as a result, youll getpaid monthly or yearly for that person to remain a member, but youll only have to get him/her topresent his payment information once at the time of sale, with payments being automatic afterthat.Another vital way for you to increase your profits is to support your products with a strong moneyback guarantee.While shopping online is becoming more the norm for many people in the world today, there arestill many people who fear making purchases online because they cannot see the person who is
    • selling to them, nor can they talk to the person about the product offers they are interested inbuying like they can at a retail store. This causes them to not make online purchases.However, if you provide a strong money back guarantee, offering 100% or even more of theirmoney back if they are not satisfied with the product or service, its likely that many people who donot like shopping online will overcome their fear or dislike and will purchase your offer, especially ifyou provide legitimate contact information (such as an email address and/or a phone number)and/or a responsive help desk to assist with any problems or refund requests. This will reassurethe buyer that he/she can always get his/her money back if he/she is not thrilled with the productoffer, thereby convincing him/her that he/she should purchase your product offer.The key to having a successful business is to gain as many customers and get as much profit fromthose customers as you can.Utilizing upsells, downsells, and cross-sells can help you increase the amount of profit that youreceive from your customers.Gaining residual income from customers can also increase the profits you receive from them, asyou get paid the same amount of income every month.You can convince people who dread making purchases online to purchase your product offersonline by offering a strong money back guarantee that guarantees them that they can get theirmoney back with no problems or headaches if they do not like your product offer.By incorporating these strategies into your marketing plans, you can greatly raise the amount ofprofit you get from each customer, and as a result, your companys total revenues.You can find out more on the tactics involved in increasing the profit per each sales via up selling,down selling, cross selling and reselling in Module 9 of "The 7 Figure Code" found inhttp://7FigureCode2.com. Go there now and learn.David HusnianYou can get more great information on "What Strategies Can You Use to Gain As Much ProfitFrom Your Customers As Possible" by heading to http://7FigureCode2.comArticle Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=David_Husnian
    • ==== ====More information on profitting from email can be found at:http://myprofit-email-club==== ====