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  • Shashi Bellamkonda Presentation

    1. 1. SHASHI BELLAMKONDA Social Media Swami Jessie Biele and Jaime McLellan
    2. 2. Shashi’s backgroundSenior Director of Social Media at Network Solutions (akaSocial Media Swami)Adjunct professor at Georgetown University Teaches Understanding New Media Platforms and TechniquesServes as a member of the Marketing Advisory Board ofSCORE and is an Advisory Board Member for the CapitalCommunicator (PR & communications magazine)Recent interview with Washington Business Journal
    3. 3. Sashi Snapshot(Washington Business Journal)
    4. 4. Awards, Recognition and ContributionsBeen recognized twice as one of the Top 100 TechTitans by the WashingtonianTop 100 Small Business Influencer Champion 2011 bySmall Business TrendsSpeaks at major national events like BlogWorld,Digital East and the Affiliate SummitPublished in Washington Business Journal,SmallBizTechnology and TechcocktailContributing author to 2 social media booksMentioned in 10 books
    5. 5. Social Media PresenceFacebook - - @shashibLinkedIn - - - - blogger
    6. 6. Biggest Influencers“I learnt from everyone no matter how big or small their socialgraph was. I walk into a room and do not gravitate towards themost influential people (except to greet good friends), I havemade great friends and professional connections by organicnetworking. You learn from everyone. Definitely appreciate thesupport of my family and friends. Tom Peters’ In Search ofExcellence, Dale Carnegies book How to Make Friends andInfluence People, Jim Collins Good to Great, and Steve CoffeyWho Moved My Cheese are books that influenced me.”
    7. 7. 2012 and Beyond Social MediaWhat direction does he see social media heading inthe next year? “More niche communities maybewithin the framework and platforms alreadyavailable. Ability to manage the flow of contentthrough content curation and gathering tools.”
    8. 8. Google+?Shashi weighs in on Google+:“The internet and social networking is fast moving. I tellmy students at Georgetown that it is quite possible thatmy lesson may be redundant as soon as I finish teachingthem. Having said that, Google+ may not be the mostpopular social network, but the importance of Google tosearch will make Google Plus popular for business andprofessional engagement. I get a lot of reactions andconversations so I am happy but I am not asking anyone tomove from Facebook or any other site.”
    9. 9. PinterestShashi, a Pinterest user, weighs in on Pinterest:“Anything visual is intriguing. I think Pinterest did agreat job making it easy for creating boards andsharing images you find on the web. In my opinionPinterest has to make it easy for photos to move fromcamera/phone to Pinterest to scale even more.Imagine a combination of Instagram (which is now aFacebook property) and Pinterest.”
    10. 10. Onward!Shashi on moving forward: “I am always learning andlooking for new trends and investing a lot of time inlearning. Some day I hope those skills will help mestart my own business.”