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Sean Parker Presentation


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Sean Parker of Business Hala Abdulla and Jessica FylesGiants of Social Media Presentation Social Media Strategies & Tactics April 14, 2012
  • 2. A “Giant” of Social MediaFounding President Managing Partner Co-Founder Board of Directors 2
  • 3. Parkers Early TimelineBorn in Herndon, VA, graduate of Chantilly High SchoolFather taught Parker to code on an Atari 800 At age 16, arrested by the F.B.I. for hacking into the network of aFortune 500 company Earned more than $80,000/year by his senior year of high schoolfrom various coding and start-up projectsSkipped college to pursue career as entrepreneur 3
  • 4. Napster At 15, Parker met 14 year-old Shawn Fanning over the Internet At 19, co-founded Napster with Fanning, a peer-to-peer free Internetfile-sharing service for music Launched Napster in June 1999 Within one year, the service had tens of millions of users Forced to shut down due to lawsuits by several music industrylabels Considered the fastest growing business of all time Credited with revolutionizing the music industry – people stilldownload music today Considered the foundation for iTunes 4
  • 5. Plaxo Parker launched Plaxo in November 2002 Online address book and social networking service integratedwith Microsoft Outlook Earned 20 million users Parker was fired in 2004 from Plaxo Foundation for different social networking platforms such asLinkedin, Zynga and Facebook 5
  • 6. Facebook Parker saw Thefacebook on the computer of his roommate’s girlfriend, astudent at Stanford. First met Mark Zuckerberg in New York afterexchanging emails In June 2004, met again in Palo Alto, where Parker was unemployed.Zuckerberg invited him to move into Facebook’s newly rented summerhouse. Became President soon thereafter Negotiated for Zuckerberg to retain three of Facebook’s five board seats.This gave Zuckerberg control of the company (lessons learned from Plaxo) Parker is said to have championed Facebook’s clean user interface anddeveloped its photo-sharing function 6
  • 7. SpotifyRealization of the dream Parker and Fanning had with Napster In 2010, Parker invested $15 million in Spotify, aEuropean/Swedish streaming music serviceCurrently serves on Spotify’s board of directors In 2011 Spotify announced its U.S. launch and its partnershipwith Facebook, which allows Facebook users to share theirSpotify playlists on their own profilesSean Parker: Spotify Fulfills Original Napster Vision 7
  • 8. Parkers Latest Status Managing partner at the Founders Fund, Peter Thiels venturecapital fund, since 2006. Looks for and supports the spirit ofinnovation in up-and-coming developers and focuses on investingin early-stage companies Reunited with his Napster co-founder Shawn Fanning on Airtime,a social video site to be launched by the end of 2012Philanthropist – raises funds for multiple causes. Founder ofCauses, one of Facebooks earliest applications 8
  • 9. Comments (4) One to watch for the future of social media. A genius in terms ofprogramming, hacking, and online technology AND the long-termvision of a sharp businessman to spot a great idea and a potentialbreakthroughComplete opposite of Justin Timberlakes portrayal in “The SocialNetwork” Parker is critical of gossip sites and news related to his publicimage and personal life, even though he is the social mediainnovator of sharing everything, from personal favorites toprofessional skills Fired or forced to leave three companies he helped create,believed to be due to his non-traditional approaches. 9
  • 10. Thank You!Questions? 10