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Restaurant Action

  1. 1. How to get your Restaurant OUT of the dip and BACK onthe road again… RIGHT NOW!
  2. 2. Mike & The Mechanics Michael Said
  3. 3. #Fancourt @mike_said_what RestaurantAction!
  4. 4. The sorry state of the restaurant industry in South Africa! Are in deep, deep trouble and not getting a whole lot of help (or sympathy) right now!
  5. 5., It Feels Like I Am Drowning!
  6. 6., It Feels Like I Am Drowning! 7 Mistakes All Restaurants Make
  7. 7. That AllRestaurants Make 1 “I am not very good at marketing” 2 Going in without a business plan 3 Doing things the wrong way round 4 Thinking it’s all about you 5 The worst number in the world 6 Ingratitude 7 Following the herd
  8. 8.’s Get This Thing Back On The Road Already! “Start treating it like the business it is.” “If you do not respect the business, neither will your staff, your suppliers, your landlord or your partners!”
  9. 9. #1
  10. 10.’s Get This Thing Back On The Road Already! “Anyone who does not make money selling food, should be locked up!” “Food Cost, the last controllable expense!”
  11. 11. Food Cost FitnessSTEP #2 Lower inventory means: More cash in the bank Higher quality & fresher products Better utilisation Lower food cost Higher profits Stock Take Weekly: Check your invoices daily Do food cost on a Sunday and have numbers by Monday lunch Lock The Back – Watch The Front: Money comes in from the front
  12. 12.’s Get This Thing Back On The Road Already! “It’s about YOUR people” “But what if I go to all that trouble and expense and they decide to leave me?”
  13. 13. 7 Rules Of WorkSTEP #2 Be On Time Don’t Steal Don’t Screw The Crew Don’t Swear Have Respect For All Make Money Have Fun
  14. 14.’s Get This Thing Back On The Road Already! “Owning a business without marketing is like winking at a girl in the dark…” “You know exactly what you are doing BUT nobody else does.”
  15. 15.’s Get This Thing Back On The Road Already! “Killing Time & The NOT-To-Do List” “How to prevent yourself from doing the things you know you shouldn’t be doing!”
  16. 16.’s Get This Thing Back On The Road Already! “Your Moments Of Truth” “There are thousands of TOUCH POINTS within your restaurant every day, are you delivering on all of them?”
  17. 17.’s Get This Thing Back On The Road Already! “Ask For Help!” “The best time to start doing things right was always last year, the second best time is NOW!”
  18. 18. Actions StepsYou Can Start Today! 1 Treat It Like A Business 2 Control Your Expenses 3 Look After Your People 4 Market Market Market & Market 5 The Not To Do List 6 Moments Of Truth 7 Ask For Help!
  19. 19. You Can!
  20. 20. Wishing You Every
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