Nedbank Seminar Vision To Realisation


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Mike Said delivers From Vision To Realization at Nedbank Small Business Seminar October November 2011

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Nedbank Seminar Vision To Realisation

  1. 1. DreamBelieve Dare Do
  2. 2. Opportunityknocks often…Most of us simplywon’t open the doorbecause it is oftendressed in grubbyoveralls and looks alot like hard work!
  3. 3. #NedbankSBS
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  7. 7. If you always do what youalways did, you always getwhat you always got!
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  12. 12. Define your intentCreate your messageDiscover what works
  13. 13. Define Your Intent Three frogs are sitting onCreate your one had an a rock, when message idea to jump off… How many frogsworksDiscover what are left on the rock?
  14. 14. Define Your Intent Step #1 – Verbalise yourCreate and your intent and vision your message commit it to writingDiscover what works
  15. 15. Workbook Exercise # 1My Vision Is…To create a marketing and strategy agency that will beboth effective and affordable to small and medium sizebusiness yet professional enough to appeal to largecorporations tooTo Grow my current operation by 30% over the next twoyearsTo start enjoying my work again!
  16. 16. Create Your Message Being able to express yourCreate to others & at times vision your message even to yourself is extremelywhat worksDiscover important in getting the support & encouragement you will need to
  17. 17. Create Your Message Step #2 – Write yourCreate your message “instant impact message” now!Discover what works
  18. 18. Workbook Exercise # 2To…Small & Medium Businesses & StartupsSeeking…Marketing, Branding & Strategic AssistanceI Offer…An affordable Professional Service
  19. 19. Discover What Works Get out of your head,Create your message unplug yourself from the computer, and speak with others who haveworksDiscover what succeeded to discover what really works.
  20. 20. Discover What Works Step #3 – Buy yourself aCreateayour message file or notebook and start filling it with your thoughts,what worksDiscover clippings, pics, ideas, suggestions… anything!
  21. 21. Workbook Exercise # 3Collect Collect Collect!
  22. 22. Dont bring your need to themarketplace, bring your skill. If youneed money, go to the bank, but not the marketplace. ~ Jim Rohn
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  24. 24. Protect Your Idea Stop StrugglingThe Reality Check
  25. 25. Protect Your Ideas You dont have to registerCreate your message your vision to obtain copyright and trademark protection. Protective lawsDiscover what works work under the first-use rule--whoever uses an item first owns it.
  26. 26. Protect Your Ideas Step #4 – Start a paperCreate your message trail by using the templates provided in your workbookwhat worksDiscover to track and monitor all ideas and meetings
  27. 27. Workbook Exercise # 4Date:1 September 2011Met With:Thayn Niemand, Francis WrightDiscussed:Plans and process for the new business vision
  28. 28. Stop Struggling Instead learn to Inspire!Create you speak When your message positively about your business, it inspires othersDiscover what works to help you succeed rather than question your abilities.
  29. 29. Stop Struggling Step #5 – By using theCreate your message worksheet provided you can write a one page sales pitch thatwhat worksDiscover motivates and inspires
  30. 30. Workbook Exercise # 5Who am I. (identify yourself )What I do. (my service or product offering)Who are my customers. (targeted prospects)What are my products/services. (description ofproduct)Reasons to buy my products/services. (brief yetsubtle selling message)The value the customer will derive. (the follow-uptagline may be added)
  31. 31. The Reality Check To succeed, dont dismissCreate yourReaffirm your any threats. message commitment, and create a strategy to moveworksDiscover what forward by conducting a reality check.
  32. 32. The Reality Check Step #6 – Learn to writeCreate your message an honest assessment of the current situation and to formulate action stepsDiscover what works that will take you through this
  33. 33. Workbook Exercise # 6Date:1 September 2011Challenge:Insufficient capital to take vision to marketAction:Set up meeting with Nedbank Small Business to discuss
  34. 34. Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tacticswithout strategy is the noise before defeat. – Sun Tzu
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  36. 36. Test Your Vision Personal CostsYour Marketing Plan
  37. 37. Test Your Vision Passion sometimes cloudsCreate your message judgment. Thinking that you know what is best for your customers is one ofDiscover what works the most common mistakes in formulating an idea.
  38. 38. Test Your Vision Step #7 – Learn to askCreate your message questions and conduct inexpensive research both on and offline worksDiscover what
  39. 39. NOTES: Workbook Exercise Number 7Who?______________________________________________________________________________________________What?______________________________________________________________________________________________Where?______________________________________________________________________________________________When?______________________________________________________________________________________________How?______________________________________________________________________________________________
  40. 40. Workbook Exercise # 7Conducting Online Surveyswww.surveygizmo.comAnd speaking of sur veys…
  41. 41. Complete our online survey and receive a 50% discount off my new e-book “Action Now”b it . l y/ sb s eminar
  42. 42. Understanding Costs Nothing kills a greatCreate faster than vision your message discovering there is simply “no money”.Discover what works
  43. 43. Understanding Costs Step #8 – Start shoppingCreate your message around for the best prices now! Use the request for quotationwhat worksDiscover forms provided.
  44. 44. Workbook Exercise # 8An RFQ should at least contain the following:Contact persons (for commercial and technical questions)Part numbers and descriptionQuantities to be bought (yearly and per order)Drawings and other specificationsQuality demandsDelivery addressDelivery terms (such as INCO terms)Payment termsBinding period of the quoteOther terms (purchase agreement/contract)Deadline for quotationsLevel of requested price transparencyYou can download a free template
  45. 45. Your Marketing Plan A marketing plan needCreate your message not take three weeks and an entire forest to create. By using a simple sevenDiscover what works step process, you will have a basic marketing plan.
  46. 46. Your Marketing Plan Step #9 – Write your basicCreate Step Marketing Seven your message Plan TODAY!Discover what works
  47. 47. Workbook Exercise # 9Seven Step Marketing PlanStep 1 - Understand Your Market and CompetitionStep 2 - Understand Your CustomerStep 3 - Pick a NicheStep 4 - Develop Your Marketing MessageStep 5 - Determine Your Marketing Medium(s)Step 6 - Set Sales and Marketing GoalsStep 7 - Develop Your Marketing Budget
  48. 48. Four steps to achievement: Planpurposefully. Prepare prayerfully. Proceed positively. Pursue persistently. - William A. Ward
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  50. 50. The Money ThingOrganize The Future Stay Motivated
  51. 51. The Money Thing It’s time to startCreate yourhow you will establishing message be making Rands and Sense outwhat worksDiscover of your business and marketing plan.
  52. 52. The Money Thing Step #10 – Four Steps toCreate your message correct pricing.Discover what works
  53. 53. Workbook Exercise # 10Mark-up PricingVendor PricingCompetitive PricingPsychological Pricing
  54. 54. Organise The Future At this early stage you willCreate yourBIG be thinking message PICTURE and need to reign thatwhat worksDiscover in and start to concentrate on the day to day activities needed for success.
  55. 55. Organise The Future Step #11 – Start toCreate your messagefor develop process sheets every aspect of your business and vision.Discover what works
  56. 56. Workbook Exercise # 11What Is ProcessWhy Set Up ProcessesHow To Set Up ProcessesHow To Monitor Processes
  57. 57. Stay Motivated Most start-up plans askCreate begin with a you to your message business plan. Instead, weve hadwhat worksDiscover you take real- world action to create a vision that works.
  58. 58. Stay Motivated Step #12 – Now it’s time toCreate your message write the Vision Action Plan.Discover what works
  59. 59. Workbook Exercise # 12Step 1Title your plan "Business Action Plan for ABC Company" and list the date ofplan initiation at the top. Enter a summary of your visionStep 2Define each of your main business goals in a list format.Step 3Enter each specific action required to accomplish that goal. List even theminute.Step 4Place a start date and end date next to each action step on your planStep 5List the expenditure required for each action point on your plan.
  60. 60. Success in Small Business is notdetermined by the “chosen few” but by the few who have chosen!
  61. 61. It’sQ&ATime
  62. 62. Complete our online survey and receive a 50% discount off my new e-book “Action Now”b it . l y/ sb s eminar
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