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Talk at Hostex 2011

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  1. 1. “Tweet Me Nicely”A Guide To Social Media In The Hospitality Industry
  2. 2.
  3. 3. Hostex2011@mike_said_what #Hostex
  4. 4. Marketing Is About Perception It Is NotAbout Reality
  5. 5. Try andimagine that The SA Post Office Is a living breathinghuman being
  6. 6. In your mind is The SA Post Office Male or Female?
  7. 7. In your mind how old is The SA Post Office?
  8. 8. In your mind where does The SA Post Office live?
  9. 9. In your mind what does The SA Post Office drive?
  10. 10. In your mind what does The SA Post Office drink?
  11. 11. In your mind where does The SA Post Office Spend itsleisure time?
  12. 12. In your mindwould you be seen out in public with The SA Post Office?
  13. 13. The SA Post Office Male 60-80 or “ancient” Nowhere near you! Toyota Corolla or A Bakkie Klippies & Coke, Castle or TeaAround the braai, fishing, TV or Loftus Absolutely NOT!
  14. 14. Not Even TheBest Marketing In The World Can CreateCustomers Out Of This Air
  15. 15. Even the best Ladies & MARKETING Gentlemen… Introducing efforts, inisolation, cannot Ilan Smith just make new Entertainer customers appear out of Illusionist Extraordinaire! nowhere!
  16. 16. The world of marketing ischanging before our very eyes and there areseven key trends that are driving this!
  17. 17. TREND No 1 Is a trendtowards honesty & transparency in marketing & business.
  18. 18. TREND No 2 Is a trendtowards lessinterruption marketing.
  19. 19. TREND No 3 Is a trend towards showing our customers andnot telling them.
  20. 20. TREND No 4 Is a trendtowards the useand distribution of online video through channels like YouTube.
  21. 21.
  22. 22. TREND No 5 Is a trend towards targeting & marketingsegmentation.
  23. 23. TREND No 6 Is a trendtowards having an integrated marketing strategy.
  24. 24. TREND No 7 Is a trend towardsSOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING.
  25. 25.
  26. 26. Your Website! “More people have seen the top of MountEverest than the 3rd page of aGoogle search!”
  27. 27. Google Keywords!Let’s test the power ofselecting the correct keywords.
  28. 28. Fix Your Website!1. Get Rid Of The FLASH2. Drop The Friggin MUSIC3. Stop Hiding Your CONTACT INFO4. Update Your MENU/INFO5. Avoid PDF DOCUMENTSBonus Tip THINK CUSTOMER
  29. 29. The Corporate Blog… Is a trend towards targeting & marketingsegmentation.
  30. 30. Your LinkedIn Profile… Is a trend towards targeting & marketingsegmentation.
  31. 31. Your Facebook Profile/Page…Is a look “insideyour company” it is the slightly softer side, the human website.
  32. 32. Who better to explain the magic of Facebookthen our now resident illusionist Ilan
  33. 33. Your Twitter Profile… This is the“cocktail party” side of your business. Becareful what you put out there!
  34. 34. Your YouTube Channel… This is the“information” side of yourbusiness, the real insight.
  35. 35. Foursquare…Location basedmarketing. Theopportunity to thank, rewardand entice your customers.
  36. 36. Do It Right Or Don’t Do It At All 1. Establish Clear Goals 2. Listen To Your Market3. Build Channels And Platforms 4. Engage With Your Market 5. Participate In Conversations 6. Don’t Ever SPAM!
  37. 37. Offer Perceived As Trust Products Or An Expert Services Your Brand! Outstanding Familiarity VisibilityMakes You Increases New Demand Credible Referrals Relationships Higher Prices
  38. 38. It’s Question TimeMike Said Ilan SmithStrategist ilansmith.com082 449 7367 082 454 Hostex02 @mike_said_what #Hostex @ilanEntertainer #Hostex