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Click Africa Slides


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Presentation by Mike Said of and Nick Nicolau of Global Wrapps at Click Africa Conference 2012

Presentation by Mike Said of and Nick Nicolau of Global Wrapps at Click Africa Conference 2012

Published in: Education, Technology, Business

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  • 1. SOMETHING JUST HAPPENED! WHERE SHOULD I POST IT? Do you want Is it business Is it a personal anyone to related? matter? actually see it? Y N Y N Y Are you in a Would you be in Would you be in bar, restaurant trouble if your trouble if your or airport? boss found out? spouse found out? Y N Y Are you N N addicted to likes? Is it very boring? Y N YGoogle + Foursquare Don’t Post It LinkedIn Facebook Twitter
  • 2. Mike Said Nick @wrappalicious#brandstrategy #globalwrapps#clickafrica #clickafrica
  • 3. No graphs Simply a brutal account ofNo statistics what has worked for US andNo mind numbing numbers what hasn’t and how you canNo academic theory avoid some of those mistakes.
  • 4. In marketing PERCEPTION ismore important thanREALITY. It does not matterhow good you are only howgood people THINK you are!
  • 5. It’s hard workIt requires dedicationIt is not THE SILVER BULLETIt levels the playing fields
  • 6. The Four R’s Of Mobile The Four R’s Of MobileRegular RelevantRemarkable RealAnd of course there is a 5thRespectful
  • 7. Why bother at all…Location adds relevance andpersonalization to advertisingand especially mobileadvertising!
  • 8. Which results in considerablyhigher click through and thatmy fellow skeptics is theWHY of mobile marketing.
  • 9. Now let’s take a look at HOWMobile Location BasedMarketing (MLBM) should beworking…
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  • 22. So why isn’t it working…YET?Foursquare don’t get itMerchants don’t get itUsers don’t get it
  • 23. So why throw time, effortand money at something thatnobody gets or useseffectively?
  • 24. That’s easy… ‘cause onceupon a time nobody gotGoogle, or Facebook, orTwitter, or Mobile, or theAutomobile
  • 25. We have the WHY, we havethe HOW and we need theWHAT?So WHAT works and WHATdoesn’t?
  • 26. A websiteFacebookTwitterYouTubeFourSquare
  • 27. For the foreseeable future, Ultimately, mobile is atheres little danger that powerful complement tomobile will "cannibalize" other marketing, not aother media. substitute.
  • 28. Mike Said Nick @wrappalicious#brandstrategy