Squeeze Page Profits


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Learn why it's almost always better to use a squeeze page instead of direct linking.

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Squeeze Page Profits

  1. 1. Squeeze Page ProfitsWhy It’s Almost Always Better To Create A Squeeze Page by Mike Roosa
  2. 2. Income Disclaimer:The techniques I describe in this report contain strategies, methods, and advicethat may or may not produce results for you, regardless of the success I’ve had.These are techniques that I use and that work for me, but I cannot make anyguarantees as to your success if you try these methods. There are several factorsand variables that can affect your income for which I have no control over. Resultswill depend on the model you follow and the conditions of the current marketplaceas well as many circumstances which you have no control over. You assume all riskof money invested and do so at your own discretion.Liability Disclaimer:By reading this document, you assume all risk based on your use of the advicegiven within. You also agree that I cannot be held responsible in any way for thesuccess or failure you achieve as a result of the material you learn in this report. Itis up to you to do your own research before applying any of the techniques taughtin this document.Terms of Use:If you are in possession of this document you have master resale rights. You candistribute this to anyone you wish for free or sell it for a profit in which you cankeep 100% of the sales price. However, you may not edit this report in any fashion.It must be sold or passed on as is. 2
  3. 3. IntroductionIn this report, I’m going to lay out the reasons you should almostalways send traffic to a squeeze page as opposed to directlinking. If you read my free report titled, “Email Submit CashMachine”, you’ll notice that I do direct link to my email submitaffiliate offers. This is almost always less profitable than sendingthe traffic to a squeeze page first. I only used the direct linking asa test case.Not only will I explain why it’s better to use a squeeze page, I’llalso explain how to set up the squeeze page and autoresponderseries to ensure you stay on top of your list and keep themthinking about the product or service you are promoting.Finally, when you put this report to use and take action on thesteps I’m about to layout, you’ll feel finally start to realize thepower of the list.Now, let’s get to the good stuff.What Is A Squeeze Page?A squeeze page is a single page on your website that you directtraffic to for the sole purpose of extracting or squeezing the guestout of their email address.Of course, it’s quicker to just direct link to the offer, but once youhave an email address, you know something has gotten yourvisitor’s attention and they are interested in the offer you have. 3
  4. 4. You can create a squeeze page for any type of offer whatsoever. Iuse squeeze pages for ClickBank products, CPA offers, or anyother offer I’m promoting as an affiliate.The squeeze page is a great tool to capture email addresses soyou can presell the end product.Here’s the beautiful part of a squeeze page, though. Once youhave someone’s email address, you can send them similar offersin the future.You don’t think people will buy from you more than once? Howmany ebooks have you bought? 1? I doubt it. People buy overand over and over.My technique is very simple and straightforward, but it works.I’ve been very successful at getting people to opt in to mydifferent lists and then setting up the autoresponder so thesepeople are basically begging to buy my products.I learned this information on my own through lots of trial anderror. What I’m about to share is not some huge secret oranything like that, but it is what works and you need to payspecial attention because I’m sure there are a couple of things inhear you’ve never heard or seen before.How To Set Up Your Squeeze PageSetting up a squeeze page is not difficult at all and once you do itthe first time, you’ll quickly learn the process.I’m going to give you 2 options on creating your squeeze pageand you can choose the one that is a better fit for you. 4
  5. 5. First, you can go to http://www.squeezepagecity.com anddownload the free squeeze page. Now, this is an html page soyou are going to need to understand html a little and you’ll alsoneed to know ftp so you can upload the squeeze page to yourserver. There is nothing wrong at all with this squeeze page andit works very nicely. In fact, I’ve used it to set up one of my sites.The second option is to get Profits Theme fromhttp://www.thirdbasemedia.com/go/profits-theme.The advantage of the Profits Theme is that it is a very powerfulWordpress theme that also helps to create many other pages youmay need like download pages, sales pages, membership sites,and much more. I use this theme 90% of the time because it isso simple.Whichever option you choose, you’ll need to create the squeezepage. There are two types of squeeze pages that I find work verywell.The first squeeze page is what I call the Barebones SqueezePage. Here is an example of mine:http://www.thirdbasemedia.com/email-submit-cash-machine.Do you see what I mean by barebones? It’s basically a headlineand opt in box. This works well, because it leaves a lot to thevisitor’s imagination. The report is free and it really leaves themwondering what’s in there.The second type of squeeze page is what I call the Forced Opt InSqueeze Page. Here is another example of mine:http://www.producebeats.info/. 5
  6. 6. You may not see it right away, but the video in the top right isnot really a video. Go ahead and click on it and you’ll see whathappens. It forces someone to opt in to my list if they want tosee the video on the offer page. This squeeze page worksunbelievably well (like crazy good) and when you use the ProfitsTheme, it’s just a matter of checking a box.Now there are many other ways you can set up your squeezepage, but these are the 2 types that are working best for meright now.So I know what you’re thinking if you’ve never built a squeezepage or a list before. Why are we going to all this trouble insteadof sending them to the offer? Like I said before we will be able topresell these people on our offer and sell to them in the future.So you must be asking, won’t people just click away and not optin? Yes, of course they will. But do you really think those peoplewere going to pull out their credit card and buy from you if theywon’t even give you their email address?Setting Up The AutoresponderOnce you start building your list, you are going to need to getyour autoresponder sequence set up.My favorite autoresponder is Aweber and you can check them outhere: http://www.thirdbasemedia.com/go/aweber. They havesome of the best support and it’s very cheap to get started withthem. 6
  7. 7. An autoresponder is the email series you send automatically oncesomeone has opted in to your list.Keep in mind, this process I’m about to explain is only forproducts I’m promoting as an affiliate such as the Sonic Producerbeat machine you see above.Once someone opts in to the list, they get an email immediatelythat welcomes them and supplies them with my affiliate link. Forthe next 7 days, they get another email from me recommendingthe product some more.By this time, the person will have either opted out of your list,bought the product, or they’ll still be thinking about it. What doyou think I do? I now promote a very similar product to them.When I do this I do my best to explain the differences and whythey may choose one over the other. In these emails I includeaffiliate links to both products.At this stage I back off a little and begin to email every 2-3 days.At this point, I just want to keep it in their head and keep themseeing my name.It’s really that simple. Other the next so many months, I continueto send them links to products I think they may like.Here’s a little twist on this whole process. If you have a good feelfor the product or really know what you are talking about thenyou can presell by giving some free content in your emails. Giveaway enough to get their interest up but not too much that theydon’t need the product. 7
  8. 8. If you use this process you will make more affiliate sales and youwill make more money than using a direct link.Putting It All TogetherI hope you’ve been able to see the technique I use for makingmore sales and building long term customers with CPA andaffiliate offers.This works well in all niches. Go to ClickBank and you’ll see eachniche has many products to promote. Like I mentioned before,people that buy from you once are more likely to buy from youagain and again.Even if you are promoting CPA offers, you can get people tosubmit multiple offers by emailing them over time. Someone thatsigns up for a college grant program is the same person that willsign up for a online education offer and then a student loan offer.If you put all this together you can be making more money onlinenow and in the future. 8
  9. 9. Resourceshttp://www.6figuresuccess.comhttp://www.thirdbasemedia.comhttp://www.thecustomermagnet.infoMy favorite theme for creating squeeze pages is Profits Theme.Click here to check it out:http://www.thirdbasemedia.com/go/profits-themeMy favorite autoresponder is Aweber. Click here to check it out:http://www.thirdbasemedia.com/go/aweberIf you’d like to contact me, Mike Roosa, with any questions orwould like to let me know what you thought about this report,you can contact me at mike@thirdbasemedia.com. 9