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Sullego Product Overview
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Sullego Product Overview


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Delivering Virtualization 2.0 with scalable, easy-to-install, easy-to-manage solution. Save money and improve performance by combining server and storage virtualization.

Delivering Virtualization 2.0 with scalable, easy-to-install, easy-to-manage solution. Save money and improve performance by combining server and storage virtualization.

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Delivering Virtualization 2.0 Product Overview Q4 – 2008 for Consolidating Storage & Server Virtualization Scalable Rack & Stack Clustered Solution
  • 2.
      • Founded in 2007
        • Headquarters in San Jose, California
        • Offices in Colorado, Texas (Latin America), Australia, and China
      • Proven management team
        • CEO  founder of NetAttach & SNAP; CTO for Adaptec, Xyratex, Mylex
        • CFO  25+ years in storage; SyQuest, VA Linux, NetAttach
        • SVP Sales  35 year veteran: IBM, BMC, Remedy, Siemens
        • VP Mktg  25+ years in storage: SyQuest, Seagate, NetAttach, VA Linux
      • Privately held and self funded by company founders
      • Growing organically with positive cash flow
      • 100% Channel focused marketing strategy
    About Sullego
  • 3.
      • Virtualization 1.0 has become a management headache
      • Maintaining separate, physical systems for storage and servers add cost and complexity…resulting in high TCO
      • Hypervisor, server, and storage are individual purchases
      • Each has acquisition, maintenance, and operating costs
      • Many hidden costs for support, licenses, and 3 rd party tools
      • Cloud computing and Web 2.0 are driving storage needs
      • Running out of space and power…need greener products
    Challenges Faced by I.T. Departments
  • 4. Sullego Solution = “Virtualization 2.0”
      • Consolidating server and storage virtualization into one scalable system results in less headache, higher performance, and lower cost
  • 5. Products ES100 & ES110 ES310 & ES320
    • 1U, Dual or Quad Core CPU
    • Up to 8GB memory
    • Runs up to 16 virtual machines
    • Up to 850Mbits/sec random performance using SATA drives
    • 1 to 6TB of capacity per unit
    • 3U, up to 2x Quad Core CPUs
    • Up to 32GB memory
    • Runs up to 64 virtual machines
    • Up to 1528Mbits/sec random performance using SATA drives
    • 4 to 16TB of capacity per unit
    • Scale performance and storage pool size via parallel clustering
    • All products include replication, snapshots, live migration, backup, anti-virus, IDS/IPS, clustering, and iSCSI support
  • 6.
      • Cloud computing ready…scale via parallel clustering
      • Sullego drives down total cost of ownership (TCO)
      • Virtualizes storage and servers in one turnkey solution
      • 1 + 1 = 3 solution…IT gets more bang for CFO buck
      • Easy-to-install and manage via web interface
      • Results in time savings of IT staff freed up to do other tasks
      • NO recurring license fees
      • NO hidden costs
    Customer Benefits
  • 7.
      • Can begin with storage, then add virtual server capabilities or vice versa
      • Able to run VMware Server and Citrix XenServer simultaneously
      • Works with and enhances VMware while also providing a migration path
      • Supports RAID 1, 5, 6, 10, and 50
      • Compatible with EqualLogic and other iSCSI SANs
      • Can be target of an existing iSCSI SAN
    Flexibility in Deployment
  • 8.
      • High availability and parallel I/O clustering
      • Live migration, remote replication, and disaster recovery
      • Volume and file-level snapshots
      • Command Line Interface (CLI) and web-based UI
      • Supports IPMI for out of band management
      • CIFS, NFS, iSCSI, and FCoE support
      • Auditing and encrypted file system support
      • Redundant, hot-swappable fans and power supplies
      • Anti-virus and IDS/IPS
    Out of Box Features
  • 9.
    • Remote Management
    • Rapid Installation
    • Easy-to-Use
    • Simple Approach
    • Dynamic Scalability
    Easy-to-Manage via Web UI
  • 10. Faster VM Performance (MB/sec) By running VMs on same hardware as storage, Sullego achieves substantial performance gains over V1.0 solutions 2Gbyte File Transfer on SLES10SP2 Linux Guest VMs Intel 2.0GHz Dual-Core CPU, 8GB RAM, 4x 7,200RPM Disks
      • VMware and Citrix XenServer run faster on Sullego appliances than on traditional server hardware
  • 11. Optimized OS for Virtualization RDAL HAL Monitoring - Self-tuning - Consistency checks - Self-healing - Notification RDAL = Rich Data Access Layer LB = Load Balancing OM = Online Migration HAL = Hardware Abstraction Layer FO = Failover RR = Remote Replication VMM = Virtual Machine Monitor Hyper Visor Volume Management Based on massively customized and hardened Linux kernel Converged block & file protocols ensure easy provisioning of storage for VMs, users and high-availability applications Re-usable Storage Objects mean any Logical Volume or Filedisk can be replicated, backed up, exported, etc. Hypervisor can import any storage object for 563% performance increase over VMware ESX iSCSI/iSER FC SAS FCoE AoE VT/VTL VDISK OSD VDVD Space on Demand De-Dupe RAID Encryption Compression Block Cache Storage Object Pool Management Object Pool FC SAS iSCSI FCoE SMART IPMI I2C Security - Authentication - Access Control - Audit - IDS - IPS - Key-management Management - Configuration - Performance - Events VMM LB, FO, OM, RR SMIS Plugin SNMP Plugin 3rd Party Plugin Management API CIFS NFS HTTP FTP BT CAS
  • 12. Sullego Caching RAID vs. Hardware RAID Significant I/O performance gains over traditional hardware RAID Number of nBench Clients Throughput (Mbits/s) 361% Increase
  • 13. On-Disk 64GB Cache } Cache stripe Parity stripe for long-term data OS and boot stripe } x 1.3x } 2x Outer disk tracks are considerably faster than inner ones due to greater linear velocity
      • Proprietary caching algorithms and software RAID enable Sullego to achieve 3-5x faster I/O performance with low cost SATA drives
  • 14. Parallel Clustering for HA & Scalability Creates One Large Virtual Storage Pool Managed via a Single Mgmt Interface
  • 15.
      • Fully integrated with one simple web-based management console
      • 75% less rack space required (1U vs. 4U)
      • Up to 70% savings in power consumption (143W vs. 464W)
    Competitive Comparison * Dell PowerEdge R300, redundant 1TB HDDs, 8GB memory, Redhat Linux, 1 year support (quote from Dell Website 11/2008) ** Dell PowerVault MD3000i with 6TB SATA drives (quote from Dell Website 11/2008) Sullego ES110-6 Citrix XenServer VMware ESX Hypervisor Included $2,600 $3,624 VM Management Included Included in Enterprise version quoted Included in Infrastructure 3 Enterprise bundle quoted Server Hardware Included $2,311* $2,311* 6TB Storage Included $12,902** $12,902** Anti-Virus Included $818  Symantec Endpoint $818  Symantec Endpoint Replication & DR Included $2,495  Double-Take $2,495  Double-Take Total $12,000 $21,126 $22,150 Savings with Sullego  $9,126 = 43% Savings $10,150 = 46% Savings
  • 16.
    • Standard warranty and support
      • 1 year warranty standard on all hardware
      • Software releases and maintenance updates
      • First 60 days include Virtual IT support for a wide range of IT questions
    • Optional “Premium” enterprise support includes
      • Extended hardware warranty with advanced replacement
      • 1 hour response time via phone, email or web with next-day on-site
      • Unlimited Virtual IT support & free software updates for life of contract
    Sullego Warranty & Premium Support
  • 17.
      • Turnkey solution for virtualizing storage AND servers
      • Can begin with storage, then add virtual server capabilities
      • Cluster multiple systems for dynamic scalability
      • Unparalleled scalability, reliability, and manageability
      • Easy to install…up and running in less than 10 minutes
      • 3-5x performance increase over competitive solutions
      • Reduce footprint and power consumption by up to 75%
      • NO hidden costs and NO recurring license fees
  • 18. Thank You
    • Questions?
    • Call or email:
      • Mike Lee
      • VP Sales – Americas Region
      • 619-964-9481
      • [email_address]
    • Or go online to: