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Twitter 101 for Business


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Use Twitter for more than fun. Learn how to generate leads and sales for your business by effectively using Twitter as a social media marketing channel.

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  • 1. Renegade Business Solutions TWITTER 101
  • 2. What is Twitter?  Micro-blogging Platform  140 character limit in each tweet  Originally started as a “What are you doing” social media platform (think just Facebook’s status updates), but now it’s much more  Started in 2006  Over 20 million users  Messages on Twitter are called “Tweets”
  • 3. Why should you tweet?  If you want to go grow your business using social media is becoming increasingly important.  Can develop your personal brand  Expanded lead generation  Position you as a leader in your industry  Offers innovative way to drive new traffic to your website, blog or newsletter, engage with a new audience, share opinions, tools, resources, knowledge, find new suppliers, connect with new people, and demonstrate your knowledge.
  • 4. Personal Branding  Make connections with people in your field  Show that you know your stuff  Point you to articles and blog posts you wouldn’t have found otherwise  Gives you an online presence (i.e. if a prospective employee googles you)
  • 5. In 140 characters
  • 6. Twitter Users  Median Age: 31  19% of online adults 18-24  20% of online adults 25-34  Slightly more diverse & more urban than general population
  • 7. Tweet For Fun
  • 8. For Breaking News  Great for breaking news & providing unique content  US Airways crash QuickTime™ and a  Mumbai attacks decompressor are needed to see this picture.  Inauguration Day  Presidential Debates
  • 9. For Charity
  • 10. For Networking
  • 11. Twitter Business Uses
  • 12. Customer Service
  • 13. Giveaways
  • 14. Deals & Specials
  • 15. Reach Customers Anywhere  PC, laptop, mobile phones  SMS, Browser, GPRS, IM, Desktop client Reach People At:  Office  Restaurant  Gym  Home
  • 16. How do I get started?  Go to  Sign up for an account  Create a bio, upload your company logo, and select a unique background  Start tweeting  After you have some tweets up, start following people
  • 17. Sign Up
  • 18. Fill out your profile
  • 19. Find and Follow People
  • 20. Manage Use Twitter management systems like: •TweetDeck (most popular) •Seesmic •HootSuite (recommended)
  • 21. Twitter Etiquette Social networks are often described as being at an offline party because the and the same rules of personal engagement apply
  • 22. Twitter Etiquette • Don’t just talk all about your company, yourself or try to sell products or services Rules of • Find the people who interest Engagement you • Try to add value to the conversation • Follow up with your new friends • Never spam (send out constant unsolicited tweets
  • 23. Speak The Language - Basic Twitter Terms  DM - direct message  RT - retweet  #topic - hashtag used for threads  @username - reply to another user  - a website that shortens the URL so you can fit it in your tweet
  • 24. Replies  @ denotes a tweet sent to another Twitter user.  When you reply an @ symbol and Twitter account name are interested into the Twit @SpaServices @sjane See you in 5 minutes
  • 25. Check for Replies from strangers  Customers and general followers will tweet you and expect a reply similar to leaving a phone message
  • 26. Retweet  To repost something that's already in the Twitter stream to give credit to the original poster.  Useful for providing valuable/interesting information to followers RT @Dell Computers on sale through Christmas.
  • 27. Retweets  Retweets are a very important part of Twitter and can grow follower loyalty  When you see an interesting tweet from someone you are following, forward the tweet to your followers.  Keep the name of the original tweeter, so that your followers can decide to follow that person if they find the tweet interesting  Example: ◦ citygovworks tweets “Road closing today at 1st & Main” ◦ SpaServices wants you to know appt extended 15 mins due to RT @citygovworks: Road closing today at 1st & Main ◦ Your customers appreciate the information even if they don’t have an appointment because now they can avoid the traffic area
  • 28. Direct Message  DM is a private message that you can only send to those who follow you. D jdoe Tell @SpaServices will be 15 minutes late because of road closing
  • 29. Hashtag  # makes a term into a keyword that is searchable  @SpaServices we’ll have a booth at trade show giving free massages
  • 30. Twitter Lists  It’s Twitter version of a “groups” feature  Allows you to organize the people you’re following on Twitter (ex. Family, Soccer Team, Employees, etc.)  Used to aggregate 2 or more users into groups so that you can get an overview of what they’re up to  Lists brings together streams of the latest tweets from a specified set of users  You can find new people by searching lists
  • 32. How to Use Twitter Effectively  Focus on quality, not quantity  Promote your blog posts, ideas  Interact (most important)  Ask Questions  Retweet other people’s interesting tweets  Share links to articles & blog posts  Don’t spam people or use auto DM feature  Don’t share too much personal info (avoid stating what you had for breakfast, etc.)
  • 33. How do I know who to follow?  Search Twitter for names or brands  Use directories to find users with similar interests & hobbies (ie. CNN, hockey, social media, etc.)  50 people to follow to help with your job search  You can follow me @ MikeRayMarketer
  • 34. Tips: Groups  If you’re following more than 50 people (and you should!), you’ll get information overload – too many tweets  Separate groups of people into different Lists or categories – and read them in different windows  Use Hootsuite or TweetDeck desktop client  For example, here are three groups:  Group AllTweets: for everything. You can just skim this group  Group IndiaReadCarefully: Indian tweeters to read carefully – read all tweets in this window  Group WorldReadCarefully: World tweeters to read carefully – read all tweets in this window if I’m not busy
  • 35. Tips: Search  Twitter allows you to search for any keywords  Will show you all tweets in the world with that keyword  Very useful to follow some technology or trend or news event  Example:  “Dell” ◦ Any tweet in the world about Dell  “#bcp5” ◦ Barcamp Pune 5  “#mashable” ◦ Mashable updates
  • 36. Tips: Use search, you’ll be glad  Example: Keep a Hootsuite window open with search on “Taste of DC”  Useful to find out about events during Taste of DC ◦ (e.g. “Anyone going to the Taste concert on Saturday?”)  Useful to find interesting visitors to Taste of DC ◦ (e.g. “Boarding flight on way to Taste of DC ”. Now I can find out who this person is and is s/he interesting to me.)  Useful to find Taste of DC- related websites ◦ (e.g. check out @tasteofdc, @dctaste)  Useful to find experts or officials ◦ (e.g. “Giving a talk on Taste of DC at City Hall this weekend”. Now you’ve found a local contact to get direct information from.)  Use this technique to search for items related to your business
  • 37. Tips: Auto-post from blog  You can find plugins for your blog that can automatically update your twitter account when you post a new blog article.  Convert your twitter followers to blog subscribers and vice versa  Example: “Posted to my blog: Why you should be on twitter and how to go about it”
  • 38. How Do I Brand & Promote My Business?  Grab branded Twitter name NOW  Even if not ready to use it, scoop it up  Generate website or blog traffic  Showcase your website link in profile  Tweet to promote new blog posts (yours and others of interest)  Feature “specials” for Twitter followers  Don’t over-promote, but do share links and information related to your business
  • 39. Thank You for your time. For more information about how to use Twitter and other Internet Marketing techniques for Business, contact us at: or 202-640-1750