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MZP is a Hosted, web-based multi-channel business intelligence and marketing platform.
Fully integrated marketing platform used to house customer and/or prospect data from multiple channels and systems
By bringing all your data together in one place it allows for a customer centric view across all marketing efforts
Provides tools for reporting, analytics, and builds of multi-channel marketing campaigns all in one place

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  • 1) When data is stored in multiple systems or silos there are many unanswered questions- Do you know how many times one customer is being promoted across all channels? How many promotions did they receive before they responded and by which channel did they finally respond? 2) The need for a third party to assist in analysis can slow down the process of making informed decisions for your next campaign. This can result in inefficient use of marketing funds and poor response.3) Lacking the tools needed to help measure campaign success and define ROI so you know your marketing dollars are in the right place results in missed opportunities and possibly poor response4) If you can’t see your customer as one person, the same person, across all your marketing channels, the analysis or end results may be skewed by actions you can’t see. By over contacting you may push customers away and by under contacting you may be missing great opportunities. This could result in less marketing funds, as a program may seem as it’s not working, due to the customer getting a better offer through another channel from your company.
  • Our solution follows the customer engagement cycle. The tools within Marketzone Platinum will allow you to see where your customers are within the cycle and allow for actions to be determined based on product/brand positioning. By targeting new or existing customers based on business intelligence gleaned from your data, you can perform more targeted marketing strategies. By having all your customer data in one place you can manage your customers by measuring their response to you and keep up on their actions more effectively. By managing your customers you are able to analyze and strategize on retaining them by formulating plans of action based on their engagement with you. The analysis goes even further than your customers themselves. The focus on products and/or brands that are marketed and how they are performing in sales generation based on their marketing strategy can also be tracked.
  • MZP is accessed through the internet. It is a fully hosted solution, which means you send us your data and we take care of the hardware and software. This allows your company to spend the most time possible on the things that matter and not the upkeep. Data can be provided from multiple systems and will be brought together in the database after some preprocessing has been done. The option to add Infogroup prospect data to your database is available allowing more dimensions to be analyzed when analyzing your customers. By bringing all your data together from the multiple systems, you are given the opportunity to see your customers for who they are, as one individual or one household, across all your data sources- A true customer centric view!
  • The framework we have laid out optimizes the cycle of your customers with closed loop processing. First the determination is made for what data we will be housing within the database. We then run the data through various Data Processing services, which allows us to perform hygiene and cleanup on the data. The next step is to conduct merge-purge services to determine customer matches between your various data files. The end result of that process allows for the Customer Centric View that is so needed in today’s marketing world. The data is then loaded into the database and ready to be analyzed, segmented and selected. Once you find your targeted groups of customers the data is exported from the database ready to be deployed through the various marketing channels you are utilizing. To close the loop, promotion history, mail files and other data should be loaded back to the database for analysis, so you can determine the end results.
  • We believe that the first component to making this solution work is data hygiene. By cleansing the data before loading, we are able to ensure we can get the best Individual and Household matches we can. After hygiene we merge-purge the files to assign ID’s that stay with the Individual and Household through their data changes.
  • (Top Row left to right)- Venn Diagram and Crosstab visual charts, Profile tool for descriptive profiling results, modeling using the KXEN modeling module(Bottom Left to right)- Cluster report to show how data groups together, campaign manager for campaign selections, Analytical dashboard for access to analytical reports through the web
  • Market Zone Platinum Marketing Database Solution Sales Presentation

    1. 1. MarketZone Platinum Customer Centric Solution Month Day, Year Presented by: Mike Peterson Sales Director Infogroup| Enterprise SolutionsConfidentialNot to be shared with third parties
    2. 2. Issues for today’s Marketers • Data is stored in multiple silos or systems • Analysis is needed and dependency on the IT dept slows down the process • Lack of tool set to define ROI and measure campaign success • Misallocation of marketing funds due to inaccurate data 2
    3. 3. What is a Marketing Database A marketing database: • Is a central repository to manage customer and/or prospect records for analysis • Is used to analyze the records within it to make informed marketing decisions • Can support analytics that can lead to strategies for acquisition and retention and also measurement of campaigns or products to improve product offers 3
    4. 4. Customer Engagement 4
    5. 5. What is MarketZone PlatinumConnect to your Customers • Hosted, web-based multi-channel business intelligence and marketing platform. • Fully integrated marketing platform used to house customer and/or prospect data from multiple channels and systems – By bringing all your data together in one place it allows for a customer centric view across all marketing efforts • Provides tools for reporting, analytics, and builds of multi-channel marketing campaigns all in one place 5
    6. 6. Our approachHow we can help • Infogroup is a solution provider and applies a consultative approach to building marketing database solutions based on the customer engagement cycle and our clients unique business requirements. We leverage this expertise to create solutions based on our Marketing Framework. • We understand that any marketing and analysis database will only be as good as the data that is put into it and we understand that important business decisions are going to be made based on the “Business Intelligence” extracted from the database so we put a tremendous amount of effort into the initial learning and design stage. 6
    7. 7. Our framework Content Processing Access Execution Standardize Analysis Clean Reporting Direct mail Customer Aggregate Selections Suppress Profiling Flag E-Mail Segmentation Merge/Purge Campaigning Enhance Prospect or Exports Telemarketing Reporting 3rd party Closed loop updating Business intelligence 7
    8. 8. Data hygiene • Address Standardization / Zip + 4 ® / CASS ® • DPV ™ / DSF2 ™ - Address Intelligence • OPAC – Infogroup’s Proprietary Address Correction • LACSLink TM- Rural Route Box Updating to street address • NCOALink TM- Address move updating • ICOA - Infogroup Change of Address • Suppression Processing - Privacy Protection • Posi-match - Name and Address Verification • Merge/Purge - House Holding and Identifying Duplicates • *infogroup Marketing is a non-exclusive licensee of the U.S. Postal Service ® for NCOALink™, DSF2TM, and LACSLink ™ processing. The following trademarks are owned by the United States Postal Service®: NCOALink TM, LACSLink TM, DSF2TM, ZIP + 4 ®, USPS ®, US Postal Service ®, United States Postal Service ®, and CASS CertifiedTM. 8
    9. 9. Tools to supportSupport for Marketing Activities • MZP has the tools to perform – Data exploration – Counts and Queries – Data export of the segments found – Prospect and customer profiling – Analytical reporting functions that allow for standard report setup – Regression and Predictive modeling These tools allow you to follow and analyze your customers through their interactions with you! 9
    10. 10. MarketZone’s tools 10
    11. 11. End ResultsInsight into your customers- the world becomes available • By utilizing the tools and functionalities within MZP, users are able to find trends, patterns and relationships. • By unlocking these the user can then act upon the knowledge gleamed in more informed, more targeted marketing campaigns, making sure marketing dollars are efficiently spent. • By analyzing and measuring campaign end results, the insight that is gained can be used to make your next marketing campaign even more relevant and targeted. 11
    12. 12. Marketzone Platinum benefitsOverall benefits • Powerful Multi-Dimensional Data Discovery and Visualization tools • Intuitive Train-Of-Thought Capabilities – Allow you to follow and switch between segments being analyzed • Fully integrated suite of products – Designed for you to get the most out of your investment • Quick to Market- Complete Solution • World Class Account Support 12
    13. 13. Contact Information Mike Peterson Sales Director Infogroup | Enterprise Solutions Office phone 888.435.7670 Cell phone 952.412.9616 Email: 13