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Going beyond google 2 philadelphia loss conference



Some attorneys have argued that scouring social networking sites in search of a reason not to hire someone, or evidence of insurance fraud, is an invasion of privacy. But insurance companies and their ...

Some attorneys have argued that scouring social networking sites in search of a reason not to hire someone, or evidence of insurance fraud, is an invasion of privacy. But insurance companies and their attorneys argue that internet searches for public social networking profiles are similar to the informal video surveillance investigations of property-casualty claimants that are common in the industry.



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    Going beyond google 2 philadelphia loss conference Going beyond google 2 philadelphia loss conference Presentation Transcript

    • By Michael Petrie Going Beyond Google 2.0:Using the internet to investigate your Work Comp, Auto and P&C claims …Michael Petrie, WCCC; Founder of “V.I.A.” and “DIGG-iT”; Director of Web Research and Development, Litigation Solutions, LLC
    • Social NetworksThe term “social network” was coined in themid 1950s by sociologist J.A. BarnesFacilitates and promotes interactions betweenpeople with similar interests and/orprofessional interestsDepends on users being able to find and “link”to each otherThis is done by creating “profiles” and postingtext, images, videos and other information
    • Social Network Technologies• Social network websites• E-Commerce Sites (Craigslist/Ebay)• Blogging• Microblogging - Twitter• Location Based Social Networking Sites• Photo/Video Sharing
    • Quick history of Social Networks• Started in the late 70’s and ran through the early 90’s• BBS system, AOL, Compuserve• Six Degrees - 1997• Friendster – 2002 (circle of friends)• LinkedIn -2003• Facebook – 2004• Twitter - 2006
    • According to EbizMBA the Top 4 Social Networking Sites estimated monthly visitors…Unique visitors are determined by the number of unique IP addresses on incoming requests that a site receives, but this can never be 100% accurate. Depending on configuration issues and type of ISP service, in some cases, one IP address can represent many users; 750,000,000 Monthly Visitors 250,000,000 Monthly Visitors 110,000,000 Monthly Visitors 70,500,000 Monthly Visitors
    • 1. Facebook2. Twitter3. Linkedin4. MySpace5. Google +6. Deviant Art7. LiveJOURNAL8. Tagged9. Orkut10. Café Mom Top 10 Most Popular Social Networking Sites (February 2012)
    • 1. Facebook 11. Bebo2. Twitter 12. Mylife3. Myspace 13. Friendster4. LinkedIn 14. MyHeritage5. Ning 15. Multiply6. Tagged 16. orkut7. Classmates 17. badoo8. hi5 18. gaia oline9. myYearbook 19. blackPlanet10. Meetup 20. SkyRockMost popular social networks by hits (US) March 2012
    • 1. Photobucket2. SlickPic3. Flickr4. Webshots5. Dotphoto6. Fotfi7. Smug Mug8. Picturetrail9. 23 plus10. Kodak Easyshare Top 10 Photo Sharing Web Sites
    • Demographics1. More than 843 million monthly users.2. 483 million daily users.3. 5,590 users per second!!! 700 billion minutes a month4. The average visit time on Facebook.com is 20 minutes.5. 9,660,000,000 minutes used per day!!!6. Facebook.com’s audience skews slightly more female t than the online population as a whole: 43% male: 57% female.7. The average Facebook user has 130 friends and is connected to 90 pieces of content( pages, events and groups)8. 50% of users log on each day9. There are now about 2.5 billion photo uploads to facebook each month10. MEDIAN USER’S AGE IS 33 YEARS OLD, UP FROM 26 YEARS OLD IN MAY 200811. FASTEST GROWTH IS IN THE 35+ YEARS OLD DEMOGRAPHIC
    • • A fully filled-out Facebook profile can contain over 40 pieces of recognizable personal information, including (name, address, date of birth, photos of subjects, current and prior employment history, activities and interests, home and cell phone numbers, other email addresses, friends and family, other social networking sites, education history, personal likes and dislikes, as well as other related information.
    • Demographics• Twitter has more than 1Billion tweets per month averaging 40 Million tweets per day. That is an average of 463 tweets per second EVERYDAY! (5556 Tweets)• 43% of Twitter’s users range in age from 18- 34; 27% range in age from 35-44• Nearly 180 million unique visitors each day• The sites growth is beyond exponential: 1400% increase in Tweets in 2009• Twitter is on pace to process 10 billion tweets this year• The library of congress has stored every single Tweet since 2006.
    • Demographic s• 260 million profiles, with more than 130 million active monthly users• Majority of profiles are public• By default, all profiles of members under the age of 16 are set to private• Median age of MS users is 26
    • Demographics• Professional networking site formed on May 5, 2003• Over 65 million members globally from over 150 industries, including executives from almost every Fortune 500 company• 42,000 new members join every day• LinkedIn members average age is 39-41
    • Top 10 online dating sites
    • Location Based Social Networking sitesDoes your case involve placing a party in ageographical location? Their cell phone may havethe evidence you are looking for!
    • FoursquareLaunched in 2009 with limited availability inonly 100 worldwide metro areas. In January2010, Foursquare changed its location modelto allow check-ins from any locationworldwide. As of March 2010, the service had500,000 users; August 2010, nearly 3 millionusers; March 2011, over 8 million users.Foursquare explained:http://foursquare.com/#demoVideo
    • Foursquare examples
    • Additional location based social networks
    • TextImagesMetadata
    • What you need to get started…• High speed internet connection• Access to every website• Good working browser (Firefox, Chrome or IE)• Google Alerts• Video capture & converter software• RSS Reader (i.e., Google Reader)• Alternate email addresses• Social network profile(s)• Browser/Internet virus protection• Search engine bookmarks• Screen shot /capture software• Time
    • What were finding…• Multiple social • Online dating info network groups • Financial• Roommates, live-in information, such as partners, and friends bankruptcies• Marriage records Criminal records• Birth records • Court records (UCC• Divorce records filings, suits, judgmen• Assets (multiple ts, liens) property • Sex offender ownership, planes, an records imals, watercraft, au • Child abuse records tomobiles • Personal references• Death records • E-commerce sites• Address (present and • Photos former) • Email addresses• Places of work • Political affiliations• Drug associations • Planned vacations• Videos
    • Google quick referencehttp://www.googleguide.com/
    • Comprehensive Search engines• Search engines are algorithmic information retrieval systems that allow searching of massive web-based databases.
    • Specific search sites• www.archive.org – digital library of older sites; AKA – the wayback machine• www.news.google.com/archivesearch• www.thepaperboy.com• www.wunderground.com – weather history• www.whois.com – domain identifier• www.godaddy.com – domain identifier• www.scroogle.com - DOA• www.hidemyass.com *• proxify - Proxify is a web-based anonymous proxy service which allows ... - proxify.com• Online Anonymous Proxy - Online anonymous proxy server. Online proxy ... - zend2.com *• Proxy 4 Free - Proxy 4 Free is a free proxy list and proxy checker• http://studentclearinghouse.com• http://bit.ly/ - URL shortner• www.bump.com – CA startup
    • Specific search sites• www.criminalsearches.com• www.blackbookinfo.com• www.publicrecordsources.com• www.verifyprolicense.com• www.courts.phila.gov/
    • Craigslist help…? Trywww.searchtempest.comAlso try crazedlist.org;allofcraigslist.com
    • • Ebay help…? Found a seller that’s under investigation, now what?
    • Metadata• Metadata - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metadata• is more data about data.
    • • Monthlyof locational privacy Loss transit swipe-cards• Electronic tolling devices (FastTrak, EZpass, congestion pricing)• Services telling you when your friends are nearby• Searches on your PDA for services and businesses near your current location• Free Wi-Fi with ads for businesses near the network access point youre using• Electronic swipe cards for doors• Parking meters you can call to add money to, and which send you a text message when your time is running out”• Digital photos (EXIF data)• Social Media• Smartphones
    • • “Geotagging - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geotagging.• Geotagging can help users find a wide variety of location-specific information. For instance, one can find images taken near a given location by entering latitude and longitude coordinates into a suitable image search engine. Geotagging-enabled information services can also potentially be used to find location-based news, websites, or other resources.[2] Geotagging can tell users the location of the content of a given picture or other media or the point of view, and conversely on some media platforms show media relevant to a given location.”• http://regex.info/exif.cgi - Jeffrey’s EXIF viewer Geo spatial metadata (Geotagging)
    • How to disable your geotagging on your Smartphone• http://icanstalku.com/how.php
    • More info about EXIF (exchangeable information) can be found here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Exchangeable_image_file_formatExchangeable image file format (Exif) is a standard that specifiesthe formats for images, sound, and ancillary tags used by digital cameras(including smartphones), scanners and other systemshandling image and sound files recorded by digital cameras. The specification uses the following existing file formats with the addition of specific metadata tags.
    • Research, collection & documentation• Research and Documentation and collection Forms • - Date and time of research • - Criteria used • - Results • - Type of data collected • - Method of collection • - Date and time of collection
    • So I have all this public info, now what?• Preserve the data• Copy links• Print screen vs. capture programs• Screen hunter 5.1• Adobe• www.camstudio.org• www.free-screen-capture.com• Print screen is still free• Youtube or other video source, download and rip
    • Proper management begins with knowing what not to say or write• Care must be taken when creating ESI in any form, but especially with social media. - Unfortunately, while most peopleunderstand this idea, they donot govern their mouths or fingersaccordingly. - Every form of ESI you create couldend up in court. - You can take steps to minimize thefrequency of embarrassingmiscues. - Adopt best practices when creatingverbal or written ESI.
    • How to avoid creating incriminating ESI• Treat social media communications as formal, business communications.• Use proper etiquette with all communications.• Avoid red flag words. - It’s possible to find incriminating ESIby searching for commonly used words andphrases. - Those conducting searches don’t needto know details about a case, justunfortunate words used all too frequently.
    • • Stupid • Shocked• Huge mistake • Speechless• Big mistake • Too late• Dumb • Uncomfortable• Can’t believe • Not comfortable• Cannon believe • I don’t think we• Serious trouble should• Big trouble • Very sensitive• Unsalvageable • Highly sensitive• Just between you • Very confidential and me • Do not share this• Just between us • Don’t share this
    • Auto claim examples
    • Youtube and Meta CaféYoutube Visualizer
    • Auto claim example
    • Homeowner example
    • Twitter safety
    • • Be specific when you search• Be strategic, ask for email addresses upon intake• Think outside of the box (include searching for subject’s hobbies)• Seek email addresses from the subject & relatives of the subject• Use variations of names when searching• Caution – connecting virtual dots may bring you to offensive (adult themed) websites• Remember the web is an investigative tool NOT an investigation• Document your findings• Leave no virtual stone unturned
    • Questions? Please call me directly @ 267-975-6880 or via email @mike.petrie@litsol.com or via Twitter at#michael_petrie ; or for any additionalinformation.