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World's lightest wheelchairs from

  1. 1. Share Report Abuse Next Blog» Create Blog Sign InFrontline Mobility InformationEmail address... SubmitTuesday, September 6, 2011 Total Pageviews The Worlds Lightest Wheelchairs available at 1,254 The Worlds Lightest Wheelchairs from the Online Wheelchair Store Free Electric Wheelchairs have rapidly evolved in recent years. Just a decade ago, the Wheelchairs worlds lightest wheelchairs were in the range of 10kg (approximately 22lbs). 9/10 People Pay Little Or Nothing. Free Now, it is possible to find ultra-lightweight wheelchairs in the range of 5 kg Electric Wheelchair (approximately 11 Kg) or less including wheels. These new ultra lightweight Info Kit! /W heelchairs … wheelchairs are possible due to advances in materials, technology and Find a Power designs. Wheelchair What is the advantage of an ultra lightweight wheelchair? Weve Helped Thousands of There are three advantages to an ultra lightweight wheelchair: Americans with * Transfers and Travel: An ultra-lightweight wheelchair simplifies traveling. Disabilities Regain Mobility! Getting into a vehicle is much easier if your wheelchair weighs 5kg instead of theSCO O 10kg. Many wheelchair users get into a car alone, reach out and pick up the No Out-of-Pocket wheelchair and pull it in. This complicated maneuver is considerably easier if Costs A 1 minute form can the wheelchair frame is a feather light 2 or 3 kg, rather than a clunky 7 or 10kg. tell you if you qualify * Performance: An ultra-lightweight wheelchair is easier to push. For for a no-cost Power Chair. example, some wheelchair ramps can be steep. Pushing yourself up a ramp /PowerChair … in a wheelchair which weighs 5 kg is much easier than in an old-fashioned Hospital/Medical heavy wheelchair which can weigh anywhere from 5-15 KG more. Supplies * Cool factor: If you have to be in a wheelchair, it is best to be in the coolest, Find Large Inventory lightest, most innovative wheelchair possible. of Products Same Day Shipping. Order Now! Wheelchairs on Sale Free Shipping On All Wheelchairs! Shop What is the best material for an ultra-lightweight Wheelchair? 150+ Models Starting At $97 Which is the best material for an ultra-lightweight wheelchair is an impossible www.W question to answer. Ultra-lightweight wheelchairs are typically made of four types of materials: aluminium, titanium, carbon fiber and other composite materials. Comparing one type of material to the other is made nearly impossible since each type of material has advantages and disadvantages Followers and technology is constantly advancing. For example just ten years ago carbon fiber was known for yellowing and breaking. But with improved technology, the best carbon fibers of today have come a long way from the carbon fiber wheelchairs of a decade ago. Many composite materials are a combination of carbon fiber and plastics or resins and these too have come a long way in recent years. As an example, the aerospace industry is on the cutting edge for creating strong and lightweight materials, for a simple reason. The lighter the aircraft, the better it will perform and the more fuel efficient it will be. Boeing states that its new 787 Dreamliner "is the companys most fuel-efficient airliner and the worlds first major airliner to use composite materials for most of its construction" According to the Boeing website the new design has "an airframe comprising nearly half carbon fiber reinforced plastic and other composites. This approach offers weight savings on average of 20 percent compared to more conventional aluminum designs". While most wheelchair manufacturers will make a wheelchair from either aluminum, titanium or Blog Archive composites, Boeing takes advantage of all of these materials and uses them ▼ 2011 (211) converted by
  2. 2. appropriately to achieve the lightest and safest airplane possible. ▼ September (1)Engineering is more important than material The Worlds LightestFurther, not all aluminum wheelchairs or titanium wheelchairs are equal. There Wheelchairs available at Fron...are so many factors which go into making the frame that an aluminumwheelchair made by one company may easily be lighter than a titanium ► August (67)wheelchair from another company and vice versa. Tubing diameter and wall ► July (118)thickness effect stiffness, strength and weight. One manufacturer could use a ► June (25)thin walled tubing and achieve a lightweight frame which would be verysatisfactory for some users, but which could crack under heavier strain fromother users. The lightest wheelchairs will employ various thickness and About Mediameter tubing in different parts of the frame in order to achieve the bestbalance of weight, strength and stiffness necessary for the best ride. mosbonFor example, titanium has a higher strength to weigh ratio than aluminum. But View my completein 2008 researchers from the Veterans Administration and University of profilePittsburgh published a study of tests on four popular brands of titaniumwheelchairs. The scientists found that the titanium wheelchairs that they testedfailed quicker than aluminum wheelchairs that they had previously tested.These wheelchairs were lightweight, but apparently some of the lightness mayhave been achieved at the sacrifice of frame strength.Therefore, it is mistake to assume that a wheelchair made of a particularmaterial is necessarily going to be lighter, stronger or better than a wheelchairmade of a different type of material. The lightest weight and strongestwheelchair of the future will probably be one which uses a combination ofdifferent types of materials as in the Boeing Dreamliner.Some issues to consider about all types of materialsTitanium: Titanium can be difficult to paint. Special painting techniques may beemployed, but they are often costly. As a result, many titanium wheelchairs area dull grey color. Some like it and others do not.Carbon-Fiber: While improving, there are still complaints about carbon fiberframes breaking. Whether or not the technology is mature enough will mostlikely depend on the type of carbon fiber processes that your manufacturer isusing. Also carbon fiber may yellow when exposed to UV light, unless coatedwith paint or some other material.Aluminum: Welded aluminum frames are generally going to be lighter thanaluminum frames held together with brackets and screws. But many people donot like the looks of welding on wheelchairs and welding renders thewheelchair non-adjustable. If you want to sell your wheelchair, you may have aproblem finding a buyer who is exactly the same size as you.How Does The Wheelchair Fit?One of the key issues in selecting an ultralight wheelchair is how themanufacturer makes it fit your body. There are typically three approaches:* Adjustability Approach: A manufacturer may make a wheelchair with a fewframe lengths and widths then use adjustability to make it fit your particulardimensions and requirements. They will adjust the front seat height, rear seatheight, front caster angle, back rest angle, backrest height, foot rest length tofit your requirements. The problem is that adjustability requires bolts, bracketsand screws and these add weight to the wheelchair. Most ultra, ultra-lightweight wheelchairs will have limited adjustability.* Fixed Frame Dimensions Approach: Some manufacturers may save weightby having little or no adjustability and have simply have a "few sizes fits all"approach. In order to minimize the number of frame sizes that they must keepin stock, they may try to minimize some dimensions. For example, somewheelchairs may be offered in only 1 frame lengths and recommend thateveryone, from very short to very tall fit in a wheelchair frame of the samelength.* Custom Approach: Customization means that the wheelchair is built from thebeginning to the exact dimensions of the buyer. This has the advantage that afully customized wheelchair will fit the owners body perfectly. With noadjustability required, a customized wheelchair has fewer bolts, brackets andscrews and is therefore lighter. The disadvantage of a customized wheelchairis that if the measurements are wrong, the wheelchair must be made again. Ifyou are not comfortable the manufacturer may not be willing to build you a new converted by
  3. 3. wheelchair. The other disadvantage is that if you ever want to sell the wheelchair it can be very difficult to find a buyer who has the exact dimensions and requirements that you have. Wheelchair Weight, Comparing Apples to Oranges Which manufacturer makes the worlds lightest wheelchair? This is probably not as easy to answer as you might think. Many factors will play a role in a wheelchairs weight and finding the data necessary to compare weights is often an impossible task. Many manufacturers will give the weights of their wheelchair frames without wheels, locks, side guards, even upholstery. Other manufacturers will include these or other parts. The same frame might come with several sizes or configurations. If wheels are included, the type of wheels can play a significant role. Rear wheels often add 2kg or more to the weight of the wheelchair. Rarely does a manufacturer give the specifications of the conditions under which it was weighed. Rarely do they tell you the frame size or wheel type or used during the weighing. Therefore, making a comparison of weights of one wheelchair to the next will be very difficult to do and the weights given below should be used as an indication. Do not use these weights to compare one wheelchair to the next, but rather to get an idea of how light a wheelchair can be. The Worlds Lightest Wheelchairs If you are looking for the worlds lightest wheelchair, here are a few to consider. Pantera X is a carbon fiber wheelchair. Pantera claims that the frame weighs 2.1 KG. Proval is an aluminum frame wheelchair. The lightest weight frame weighs in at 3.4kg. Proval achieves this low weight due to its unique oval shaped aluminum tubing. Quickie Helium (Europe) / Q7 (N. America) is made from formed aluminium technology. Its frame weighs 4.2kg. Tilite ZR is a titanium frame wheelchair and weighs 4.2 kg. If you know of a wheelchair with a frame which weighs under 4KG (9lbs) . The best online store to buy a wheelchair. Posted by mosbon at 7:28 AM 0 comments 0 Very Chair by Haworth Exclusive to Sit4Less. Best Price Guarantee. Ergo Seating Solutions. /Very_Chair Test Drive the Q6 Edge Get the Edge from Quantum Rehab Pow erful Motors, Smooth Ride Wheelchairs on Medicare Find Out How You Can Get The Latest Model at LIttle or No Cost To You! wheelchairs-m Electric Wheelchairs Free W heelchair Consultation. Call SCOOTER Store - 866-818-7036! www.electric-W heel-Chairs.comWednesday, August 31, 2011 Bariatric Wheelchairs – What You Should Know converted by
  4. 4. Bariatric Wheelchairs – What You ShouldKnowBariatric is a term that represents the population of people who are exceedingly obese andwho need medical intervention due to their excessive weight. They are generally classified aspatients over and above 250 pounds. In the health care setting, bariatric clients are usuallyaddressed separately from the general populace due to their distinct need for a different setof interventions and specialized medical management.What are Bariatric Wheelchairs?Bariatiric wheelchairs are designed for bariatric patients who need assistance in movingaround. These pieces of equipment provide clients with the ability to take up an independentway of life despite their restrictive condition.Obese patients basically have special needs that are different from normal-sized people.They also require specialized design considerations when it comes to wheelchairs. Asidefrom the excessive weight, these mobility aids need to have appropriate capacity for depth,width and length prerequisites.Wheelchair manufacturers have taken these variables into account. There are in factnumerous types of bariatric wheelchairs in the market today. Each of the styles are modifiedto meet the unique needs of this population group. Modern bariatric wheelchairs also carry avariety of features, which include durable frames built with advanced welding technology,hardwearing wheels with pneumatic tires, padded upholstery for added comfort, and otherextra features.Manual Bariatric WheelchairsLike the regular variety, bariatric wheelchairs also come in manual versions. Thesewheelchairs are ideal for people who still have the capacity to push the wheels and set thechair in motion with minimal or no assistance.Manually propelled bariatric wheelchairs also provide a certain degree of exercise to theirusers. However, other medical conditions – aside from obesity – may get worse because ofthe added strain created by pushing the wheels. For people with other infirmities, electricbariatric wheelchairs may be more appropriate.Electric Bariatric WheelchairsThese wheelchairs are ideal for patients who have cardiovascular disorders or those who lackthe upper body strength required to propel a manual bariatric wheelchair. The ability to movearound easily by means of a joystick mechanism provides wheelchair-bound obese clientswith the chance to perform a number of routine activities.Posted by mosbon at 10:58 AM 0 comments 0Labels: Online Bariatric WheelchairsWheelchair Selection: How to choose a new wheelchairWheelchair Selection: How to choose a new wheelchairWhats the big deal? Wheelchairs look pretty much alike. Right?Wrong! Its just not that simple. A wheelchair is much more than "looks." There are as manydifferences in wheelchairs just as there are differences in cars or microwave ovens or... anyconsumer product.With wheelchairs it can be even more important. Wheelchairs have strong differences in howthey feel, how they fit, how they respond and what they enable us to do.There are lots of differences in the people who use wheelchairs too. People who usewheelchairs vary in: Age: children, young adults and older adults, Gender: boys and girls, men and women Body type: every body type from muscular to just average to very thin or very converted by
  5. 5. Body type: every body type from muscular to just average to very thin or very overweight. Diagnosis or reason for using a wheelchair: some people are too weak or have too little endurance and can actually still still get up and walk in some situations. Others have paralyzed legs and torsos, missing limbs or poor balance and use a wheelchair all the time. Activities they want to do in their wheelchair: some people just what to sit, others want all of lifes activities without exceptions. Places they will use their wheelchair: some people only use a wheelchair at home which is their primary environment. Other people go travel all around the community. Still others push their wheelchairs to the max using them in rugged environments like dodging potholes on city streets, working on a farm or camping in the woods. Preference or just "what they like": the same thing that makes some people like a Ford and others a Chevy.Because people, their abilities and their needs are so different there are many possiblecombinations between people and mobility equipment. Thats part of the challenge... figuringout which kind of wheelchair or seating system is best for each person. For manyconsumers, there is even another person who figures into these decisions. If a spouse orchild or family member will be assisting the person using the wheelchair their needs mayneed to be considered in the wheelchair selection decision too.People who buy or get a wheelchair for the first time are usually overwhelmed by theirchoices. In fact, they are overwhelmed just by the idea of having to use a wheelchair. Someof their concerns are addressed on the New User page. Usually, a wheelchair is not whatpeople have in mind as a way for moving around in life.The information you will find on the next few pages is about the process of getting awheelchair. This page will link to other pages and resources on the Internet. Our goal is togive you as much information about the process of getting a wheelchair as possible so youcan be an informed consumer. We think that informed consumers make better choicesand better decisions. We also think that when consumers know more that it is easier forthem to see themselves as "clients who are purchasing products and services."Clients are people who hire professionals and then ask them to help solve or correctcomplicated problems. This way of thinking can be a very helpful model to keep in mindwhen you are preparing to get a new wheelchair. Wheelchair selection is a complicatedprocess and, especially if you are new at it, you will want expert help. It will be a learningprocess for you but you will learn something every time you get a new wheelchair. It is alsoimportant to realize that regardless of expertise, you have the biggest stake in the endresult. You will be using the wheelchair on a daily basis for the next 5 years or so. Becauseyou have strongest interest in a good outcome we would like to help you know what toexpect when you get advice from the seating and mobility professionals who will work withyou.The professionals in the wheelchair business are: people who evaluate you, your body and your daily living needs, people who recommend equipment that matches with your needs, people who complete the selling, funding and reimbursement transactions (like your insurance company), people who make sure that the delivered equipment is fitted exactly to you, and people who design, test and manufacture the wheelchairs that people want and need in their everyday lives.So if you want to know more about this process keep on reading....Getting a Wheelchair for the first time!If you are like most people, you will be depending on the most knowledgeable person youknow when you go to get that first wheelchair. This might be your sister who is a nurse, or anoccupational or physical therapist, or a friend or spouse, or a salesperson at a durablemedical equipment store. New users of wheelchairs usually get their first wheelchair in one ofthese ways. They get a: A loaner or hand-me-down chair from someone they know, A rental wheelchair from company that contracts with Medicare or their insurance company, A prescription from their doctor which they take to a sales person at a medical supply store, or, if they are fortunate, they go to A wheelchair clinic with experienced wheelchair people like OTs, PTs and Rehabilitation Technology Suppliers.The outcome or the end-result in getting a first wheelchair can have a lot of variation: Sometimes people have a good experience. Sometimes they dont. converted by
  6. 6. Sometimes first-timers dont even know what to expect from the experience. (Its hard to have expectations when everything is so new!) Sometimes professionals know a lot and are really experts. Sometimes professionals know a lot, are really experts and they include YOU in the process.When you are included in the process, then there is a larger chance that the outcome will bea good one. You are included in the process when you are seen as a "client" (someone whois purchasing a service) and the professionals ask you questions about: your goals, your needs both today and in the short term future, your lifestyle, your living environments, how you plan to use your wheelchair, and how you plan to travel as a driver or a passenger in motor vehicles.When you as a client experience this kind of evaluation you have had the best situation ofall.So... If this is the kind of experience you had the first time you got a wheelchair, countyourself lucky! (Dont loose their phone number!) When it is time to replace your equipmentyou will have an excellent resource at your disposal. Spending money for this kind of servicemight seem like an expense to avoid the next time you get a wheelchair but it can actuallybe money very well spent. Mobility products and services are more expensive and morecomplicated today. Insurance companies allow replacement chairs less often so you can bestuck with a poor purchase for a long time. Many insurance companies are starting torecognize the value of a good evaluation and are starting to require it a a condition forpurchase. A good evaluation can be a huge saving in time and aggravation. You can oftenprevent a secondary disability like a shoulder problem, a pelvic position problems or apressure sore when you have a knowledgeable professional working for you.The Wheelchair Evaluation ProcessSince there is so much to learn about getting a wheelchair for the first time, this is a goodplace to talk more in depth about that process. There is a whole vocabulary of new wordsthat you will start to hear. And it might be helpful to understand a head of time about someparts of the "service delivery" process. "Service delivery" is health care jargon that refers tothe way an organization sets up the processes and procedures they will use to get theirservices delivered to you. Any time you get involved with an organization it is helpful to knowa little something about how service delivery works and how to move around in that system.We have created a page, Wheelchair and Seating Evaluations, that discusses the evaluationprocess and in particular: The Wheelchair Prescription The Wheelchair Evaluation Process The Evaluation Team The Consumer as the Focus The Evaluation Summary Letter of Medical Necessity or JustificationBut, first do this!Before you take your wheelchair prescription to an evaluation team it will be important for youto think about o the following important questions. As you come up with answers it may alsobe important to discuss with them with your family. Here they are: 1. Where will I use my wheelchair most? 2. What will I use my wheelchair occasionally? 3. What kinds of activities that I do (or did) everyday are most important to me to get back to doing? 4. How will I get my wheelchair (and myself) from place to place? 5. How much of the day will I be spending in this wheelchair? 6. How will I transfer from the wheelchair to other surfaces? 7. If I will need help with my wheelchair who will that come from and what features about my wheelchair are important to them? 8. How will I get my wheelchair around my neighborhood or yard? What kind of surfaces or slopes are involved?If you have thought about these questions ahead of time, then you will approach theevaluation process a little differently than most new consumers. On the other hand, it isimportant that you have a team that takes the time to listen to you. Good Luck!Here are some additional resources related to choosing a wheelchair that have been found converted by
  7. 7. through searching the WWW. Choosing a Wheelchair: A guide for optimal independence - a book by Gary Karp Life on Wheels website Purchase this book online Independent Reviews - reviews of different wheelchairs by knowledgeable and "real" end users. Informed Consumers Guide to Wheelchair Selection - from ABLEDATA but written in 1994. Slide show "Development of consumer-based criteria for evaluation of assistive devices" - by Batavia and Hammer (a 18 K pdf download file). The Wheelchair Selection Guide: How to Use the ANSI/RESNA Wheelchair Standards to Buy a Wheelchair - a book by Axelson, Minkel, & Chesney - read the exerpts posted on WheelchairNet or purchase the entire book. Wheelchair Selection - from the Spinal Cord Injury Network at UAB. Wheelchair Selection: An ALS patient guide - by Marilyn Trail, OTR, BCN and Peggy Ingels, PT Wheelchair Selection and Training: Teaching and Guiding Practitioners and Consumers - a book review of 5 books on wheelchair selection by Brian Dudgeon, PhD. Wheelchair evaluation check list and Comparison Matrix - a resource located on WheelchairNet. What does it mean if your rehabilitation professional has Certification in Assistive Technology? Posted by mosbon at 7:44 AM 0 comments 0 Labels: online wheelchair store and scooter store scooterstore Home Older Posts Subscribe to: Posts (Atom)PagesHomeSlideshow Popular Posts Online Training For Fire Safety for Wheelchair Users Free Online Training In Fire Safety for Wheelchair Users Ziggi | Apr 02, 2010 | Comments 1 United Spinal Associa... Minot, North Dakota, evacuation to start shortly: MINNEAPOLIS | Wed Jun 22, 2011 11:44am EDT (Reuters) - The evacuation of more than a quarter of Min... Shuttle Workers Face Big Layoffs as NASA Fleet Retires Article : Shuttle Workers Face Big Layoffs as NASA Fleet Retires by Denise Chow, Staff Writer Date: 22 July 20... Dementia tied to 7 "modifiable" risk factors: What are they? July 19, 2011 10:16 AM Print Text Dementia tied to 7 "modifiable" risk factors: What are they? By David W Freeman Topics News , D... 2011-06-24 - New! Invacare Kite power wheelchair 2011-06-24 - New! Invacare Kite power wheelchair New! Invacare Kite Power Wheelchair Great performance, compact design Invacare ® Kite™ i... Wall Street Markets patience wears thin Markets patience wears thin 68 Comments RSS Email Print Wa... converted by
  8. 8. Erectile Function And Libido Improve In Obese Diabetic Men Who Lose Weight Erectile Function And Libido Improve In Obese Diabetic Men Who Lose Weight Editors Choice Academic Journal Main Category: Erectile Dysfun... Housing Crisis Destroys Minority Wealth HOT TOPICS: Happening Now Todays Top Stocks iPhone Apps Soros Netflix Bank Stocks Cost of U.S. Downgrade Wal-Mart Vudu ... An Amateur Lands The Space Shuttle NASA An Amateur Lands The Space Shuttle By Kymberlie R. McGuire Mon., Jul. 25 2011 at 6:01 AM ...Awesome Inc. template. Powered by Blogger. converted by