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Presentation 31.01.12

Presentation 31.01.12






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  • You should be experts on almost everything in this project.
  • The key is to take information in and keep moving once you have found a match – deal with problems as they come up
  • NOT THIS ONEMightwork but to expensive! 40,000 euros ~ 50k CAD!!!BulkyHeavySteel casingPaying for unnecessary components
  • NOT THIS ONE EITHERDoesn’t workTo much time designing other systemsHumidificationElectrical and mechanical interfaces are not built for plug and playAfter full design it will be bulky
  • THIS IS THE ONE!More specs found at:http://www.directindustry.com/prod/hydrogenics/fuel-cells-for-the-automotive-industry-33492-213175.htmlhttp://www.hydrogenics.com/news/news_alerts/2011/2011_Fuel_Cell_Tram%20and%20Product%20launch.asphttp://www.h2fc-fair.com/hm10/images/pdf/hydrogenics02.pdfhttp://dl.dropbox.com/u/8202538/Picture%201.pngHyPM™Heavy DutyFuel Cell Power ModuleLiquid-cooled advanced MEA PEM stackIntegral Balance of PlantMechanical and electrical interfacesAdvanced onboard controls and diagnosticsComes with low pressure cathode air delivery-46°C sub-zero shutdown capability
  • Pick PM’sTank guys/1 to know everything about metal hydride systems – chemistry guru/1 to know everything about the economics (price etc.) – make phone calls – great experience/1 connections – how are we going to connect to the cellCommunicate with the econ guy for prices or do it yourself – make calls… we need numbers now more than ever!/1 safety/ mechanics of attaching this and where it is going to be positionedElectrical/ Mechanical Interface Guys/1 to analyze the shit out of the connection points/1 to analyze the control module for the cell (electrical)/1what are the mechanics of the inputs – min. percent H2 etc.Model/1 to build a model from cardboard and try to fit it on the snowmobile

Presentation 31.01.12 Presentation 31.01.12 Presentation Transcript

  • Picking the Cell S
  • Reverse Engineering Current SpecsS Current Specs S Motor: 60 HP – Peak:45 kW – 7250 rpm S Range: 29 mpg – 12 US gal tank – 500 kmS Choosing a motor S AC24LS S Peak: 47 kW @312VDC & 35 kW @156VDC
  • Electrical DesignMotor Running Motor Idle
  • Options?S H2 Drive: from H2 LogicS FCvelocity: from BallardS HyPM HD12/XR12: from Heliocentris
  • H2 Drive from H2 Logic
  • FCvelocity from Ballard
  • HyPM HD12/XR12 from Heliocentris
  • What Next?S Tank /5 S Start by looking at the H2Logic tankS Electrical/ Mechanical interface on the cell /3S Model /1 S Where are we putting it and what are the connection logistics