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Ridicules work ethic, do you have one?
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Ridicules work ethic, do you have one?


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Ridicules work ethic, find out what it takes to succeed...

Ridicules work ethic, find out what it takes to succeed...

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  • 1. April 4th, 2013 Published by: mikemooreRidicules Work Ethic -Do You Have One? There’s even a ridiculous work ethic in big corporations. JustIs There a Ridiculous Work take a look at the way cars are built today they don’t last halfEthic In Home Business? as long as they used to.Why is There a Ridiculous Work Job’s are Not a Good as in the past… a ridiculous work ethicEthic in Home Business? Some people now a days just seem to do a half ass job. WhichRidiculous Work Ethic = Home of course equals a ridiculous work ethic!Business, Is There a Connection? So who is this masked man if you answered Will Smith you are right and he definitely does not have a ridiculous work ethic. As a matter fact his is quite the opposite. Now This Guy Has a Good Work Ethic! There are not very many people that have the dedication & work ethic of Will Smith!A Ridiculous Work Ethic in today’s world, it almost seems likethere’s a plague of a ridiculous work ethic. When I was growingup you would not dare have a ridiculous work ethic or youwould not get anywhere with any type of work.Who is This Masked Man = ===> Does He Havea Ridiculous Work Ethic?Is there a  Ridiculous Work Ethic We can all learn something from his dedication and workToday? ethic…The work ethic of today! I believe the standards have lowered I mean this GUY is willing to DIE on a treadmill!from what they used to be. The quality and craftsmanship just You Must Watch this video!isn’t there like it used to be their work ethic had a higherstandard. You will love it! 1
  • 2. April 4th, 2013 Published by: mikemoore  M arketing Master,  Dave Wood and Mike MooreCome Build Your Wall With us 1 Brick at a Time… PDF-The Original Post is @ our team! Here Are Just A Few Of Our Prosperity TeamBenefits that help people stick with us! • Daily “Think & Grow Rich” Mindset Calls – Monday- Friday (Morning)… • Daily Internet Marketing Webinars – Monday-Friday (Noon)… • Daily Action Assignments & Accountability • Facebook Group Mastermind… • Training Site (All Recordings & Tutorial Trainings)… Ridiculous Work Ethic = Home Business – • Marketing System & Pages That Do All The Heavy Not if You Want to Succeed! Lifting For You… Good Strong Honest Work Ethic + Follow Simple Steps = Success…Check Out Our Team Bonusesgo from $0-$10,000 a Month withSimple StepsThen join our team here:If enjoyed today’s post please ‘like & share’ this page sosomeone else can benefit from it! To You and YOURSuccess, 2