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Shenzhen Team   Startups Tuesday   2   Whats A Startup
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Shenzhen Team Startups Tuesday 2 Whats A Startup


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What is a startup? How do they start, funding, idea, incorporation. This is a basic overview

What is a startup? How do they start, funding, idea, incorporation. This is a basic overview

Published in: Business, Economy & Finance

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  • 1. How to... “ Start a Startup” Startups Shenzhen.... Bringing Together Shenzhen's Startup Community! 09/08/11 Shenzhen Team - 深圳帮
  • 2. Today's Agenda 09/08/11 Shenzhen Team - 深圳帮 Round table What is a startup? Basic formations, where to incorporate Funding – bootstrapping, angel, VC Partners – Finding, and dealing with Announcements (startup weekend, beach, directory, volunteers, coworking) Open Networking
  • 3. Whats a “startup” The phrase "startup company" is often associated with Often means - high growth, technology oriented companies. High risk/reward profile and scalability. Can potentially grow rapidly with limited investment of capital, labor or land. 09/08/11 Shenzhen Team - 深圳帮 Wikipedia -
  • 4. Basic Formations Don't rush into forming a company. Make it first! Can be a simple contract to start. Where are YOUR CUSTOMERS!!! Bank account Basically meant to protect your personal liability. 09/08/11 Shenzhen Team - 深圳帮
  • 5. Funding How much do you need? For WHAT? Bootstrapping Angel VC (Venture Capitalist) Debt 09/08/11 Shenzhen Team - 深圳帮
  • 6. Partners EQ (emotional intelligence) Common goals, vision Same “exit strategy” 09/08/11 Shenzhen Team - 深圳帮
  • 7. Real World Examples? Startups Prototypes Funding Partners 09/08/11 Shenzhen Team - 深圳帮
  • 8. Submit to Directory! 09/08/11 Shenzhen Team - 深圳帮
    • Email [email_address]
        • Logo
        • Quick “about us”
        • Website URL
  • 9. 1 st Startup Work Weekend
    • How about Fri Sept 2- to Sun 4?
    • Build a startup in a weekend!
    • Taking Applications
    • Come on a friday night
    • Make a team of 3-4 people
    • Work over the weekend.
    • Pitches Sunday night to a panel of judges
    09/08/11 Shenzhen Team - 深圳帮
  • 10. Beach Party, Startup Style - Nearby Shenzhen Beach - Sat morning to Sunday afternoon, (Overnight Saturday) - Invite friends from HK, Shanghai, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, etc - Fun, Bonding, Networking 09/08/11 Shenzhen Team - 深圳帮
  • 11. Volunteer Help! 09/08/11 Shenzhen Team - 深圳帮
    • Promoting events on various channels
    • Event organizing – pitch nights, startup weekend
    • Judges, mentors
    • Finding sponors, speakers
    • Maintaining website, directory
    • Will have meeting for those who want to be involved
  • 12. Szteam coworking progress 09/08/11 Shenzhen Team - 深圳帮
    • Thanks to SZteam for providing the space.
    • Can work in SZteam daytime before the meeting
  • 13. Follow Us! 09/08/11 Shenzhen Team - 深圳帮
    • Currently , soon
    • Google Groups
    • Weibo - @shenzhenteam
    • Twitter @shenzhenteam
    • Linkedin:
    • Ushi:
    • QQ group -