Weibo Agent Beta - Focus Group in Dalian, China


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Weibo Agent Beta - Focus Group in Dalian, China

  1. 1. CHINESE SOCIAL MEDIAIntroduction, Overview Training + FocusGroupWeiboAgent startupDalian, China
  2. 2. Introduction• We teach you (+ feed you), you give us feedback • Why you are here• About Chinaccelerator• About Weibo Agent
  3. 3. Ice Breaker• Your Name• Your Business• Where you are from• Fun fact
  4. 4. Weibo, Chinese Twitter / Facebook• Microblogging mix of Twitter / Facebook• 4 weibos in China • Sina • Tencent, 163, sohu
  5. 5. Twitter Facebook Sina WeiboNew People Can Read Y N YEasy to Use N Y YComments In-Line N Y YOpen API Y N 50%Ecommerce (E/C) N Y YfriendlySEO Benefit Y N YB2B Relations Y N Y
  6. 6. Not just personal, but business!• Founder / CEO / Spokesman (1 person tweets)• Department shares the account (recommend• Each worker has their own twitter / facebook account (@Startup_Mary @Startup_John)
  7. 7. Great for Events + Promotions
  8. 8. Who Manages Your Weibo account?• You• Your staff• Both• Agency?• How do you communicate with your team
  9. 9. Uses for Weibo Marketing• Sales• Investor Relations• Business Development / Find Partnerships• Reputation• Public relationship• Branding• Influence• Others (any examples?)
  10. 10. What ways can you think to Weibo?
  11. 11. Login to! Db4f19f6a1mm@shadstone.comZ8rYoAq5
  12. 12. What do you think of the beta?• Would you like to see a daily/weekly/monthly report?• What data would you like to see in a report? And why?
  13. 13. What features do you like the most• Account Checklist• Account Performance• Traffic• Most popular posts• Promotion effectiveness and monitoring• Influencer/CRM• Others
  14. 14. Would you like to hear advice?• from us (weibo agent interface)?• From specialist on the internet• From university students• Open forum discussion?• Public or private?
  15. 15. What advice do you need the most?• What content to post, and knowing what is most effective• Who to follow• How to interact with people• How to monitor the interaction with certain people• How to promote yourself/your business on weibo• How to carry out successful campaigns• What data to monitor and how to improve accordingly• How to manage weibo marketing in general• How to manage between multiple users (yourself and your assistant/manager)
  16. 16. How would you like to see the advice?• comments/tips written on the wall from real people• structured action plan with a report coming after the implementation• Both the above
  17. 17. Would You like us to implement?• (We will assign a weibo assistant for you)• They would login your account
  18. 18. Management• Do you know what targets to set to realize your expectations?• How do you communicate with your assistant? How does your assistant report to you? Are you happy with the reporting system? Do you know what KPIs to ask for?• How would you rank the implementation with a score (1 to 10)? What do you think the problem is?• How would you rank the marketing management system with a score (1 to 10) What do you think the problem is?
  19. 19. Pricing – Pay? How Much?• How much would you pay for a report tool like weibo agent?• How much would you pay for a report + advice tool like this?• How much would you pay for an assistant to help you with weibo?• How many hours do you think the assistant should work on your weibo every week?
  20. 20. Name Suggestions?• Ruby North• Weibo agent• Company name vs product name• Doctor • China Marketing MD• Grasshopper
  21. 21. Thank you!• Feedback is key!••• Ascendas IT park• Dalian, China