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Beach party ppt august 10
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Beach party ppt august 10


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. 社 交 淘人 1 Find job, find worker, find customers, find relationships! 找工作、找人才、找客户、找关系 Join the Change, Join Social Agent! 加入变革,社交淘人!
  • 2. 我们的服务 Our Services • 面对Agents, For Agents: 找工作,赚外快,做社交淘人,变人才精英! Find job, make more money, join social agent, Become an Elite Talent! • 面对客户For Clients: 如果你是企业,可以找人才,找客户,社交淘人帮你忙 Find worker, find client and Build Business Relationships (customers) 2
  • 3. Thank you! • For all of you for joining us today • Advisors & Alliances • Team • Early Adopter Clients • Agents • Developing Startup community! • CHRIS LI! At home coding today!!! 3
  • 4. Quick Announcements for Today 4
  • 5. 公司更名Change CN Name • 公司英文名不变English Name :Social Agent • 公司中文名Chinese Name: • 原名Before 社交特工shejiaotegong • 新名字Now 社交淘人shejaotaoren 5
  • 6. 发布安卓APP 6
  • 7. 新版英文网站New English Web 7
  • 8. 发布中文网站Chinese Web 8
  • 9. Global Clients Need Your Help! 全球的客户需要你的帮助! 9 外国企业不知道如何进军庞大的中国市场? Growth in China but no idea on whom to sell to?
  • 10. 最新工作机会展示 Latest Jobs Opportunities 10
  • 11. 成为社交Agents的好处 Benefits of being an Agent • Make More Money 赚外快 • Make International Friends 交国际朋友 • Do International Business 做国际生意 • Learn Global New Things学习全球新的 东西 • Work for Foreign companies 获得为外企 直接工作的机会 • Have fun开心工作 11
  • 12. 工作&快乐It Can Be Fun ! 12
  • 13. 优秀特工的故事分享 Stories of Excellent Agents 13
  • 14. 怎样加入社交淘人? How to join us as Agent? 14
  • 15. 3步成为Agent, 3 steps for Agents • 1.通过社交淘人app或者网站注册帐号,加入QQ群和微信群 ,关注社交淘人微信官号!Sign up by Social Agent app or website to get your account, join our QQ group and wechat group, Follow us by Social Agent wechat QR! • 2.选择你喜欢的工作,服务于你喜欢的客户!直接与客户沟通 ,讨价还价!Choose your favorite job, work for the clients u like! U can also communicate and bargain with clients directly ! • 3.每个月,你服务的客户将按时通过社交淘人支付报酬给你 Every month, your client will pay you on time by Social Agent 15
  • 16. 加入变革,社交淘人! Join the Change, Social Agent! 16 Stage 1阶段一 帮助外企找中国客户 (利用国内社交平台) Stage 2阶段二 帮助国企找国外客户 (利用国外社交平台)
  • 17. 欢迎加入社交淘人! Welcome Join SocialAgent 17 欢迎加入社交淘人, QQ群301226289 微信群 微信官号 SocialAgent.ME Socialagent.CN
  • 18. Now time to party +drink!!!!! 18
  • 19. Extra slides below. • Think this is too much for our party 19
  • 20. 服务和提供可信的客户 Provides Trusted Clients • Social Agent provides trusted clients for you to work with. Our system is built to make sure you get payment on time from client after you deliver your qualified work. • 社交淘人提供可信的工作机会。我们的系统 将确保你的工作成果按时得到客户支付的相 应报酬。 20
  • 21. 其它Others  1.社交淘人平台介绍|Introduction to Social Agent  2.最新工作机会展示|Latest jobs opportunities from clients  3.成为社交淘人的好处|Benefits of being an Agent  4.优秀Agent的故事分享|Stories from excellent Agents  5.怎样加入社交淘人?|How to join us as Agent?
  • 22. 1.社交淘人平台介绍 Introduction to Social Agent 22 社交淘人(Social Agent),找工作、找人才、找客户、找关系, 新媒体时代的国际淘人平台。 如果你是个人,可以找工作,赚外快,变人才精英! 如果你是公司,可以找人才,找客户,找关系、加速成长! 我们不是阿里巴巴,我们不是招聘网站,我们是社交淘人! Social Agent is an international social lead generation platform . Become social agent, find a new job, make more money, become the elite talent! If you are a company, Social Agent can help you to find worker, client and business relationship. 我们的目标/愿景:打造新媒体时代的国际淘人平台! Long term Mission/vision: Build an International social lead generation platform!
  • 23. 今年目标 This Year’s Mission Help companies do business in Chinese market, build an international social lead generation platform服务于中外客户,搭建 中外社交媒体时代的淘人平台 23 China 中国 USA 美国
  • 24. 重要提示Important Notice • 在社交淘人,你可以就客户提出的报价进 行协商,最终达成一致后再开始工作,主动 权掌握在你的手里。In Social Agent, you can negotiate prices with our foreign clients for your services,you are your own boss! • 加入社交淘人,你可以学习如何与客户谈 判和全面看问题So, you can learn how to negotiate and how to see the wood for 24
  • 25. 活动流程Agenda • 社交特工更名为社交淘人shejiaotaoren • 推出社交淘人安卓APP Social Agent APP • 发布新版社交淘人英文网站New • 发布社交淘人中文网 • 如何成为社交淘人达人How to become an Social Agent • 沙滩狂欢节Beach party 25