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mike michelini talks to over 100 chinese startup entrepreneurs at 3W cafe pre-launch party in shenzhen, china - July 26, 2012

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  • Thank you for attending today’s Intermediate SNS class, my name is Michael Michelini. Being intermediate level means that we assume you currently have and use twitter on a semi-regular basis, use 3rd party tools, and are here today to learn how to better manage, grow, and build your following.
  • klout first,explain topics, what you say about yourself is what creates topics, as well as what people say about youlooked at deal extreme social medialooked at mike's personal twitterexplained it ENGAGEMENT and quality, not quantity of followersexplained how I don't like spammy / bot looking accounts
  • As social media has developed, they have created standards to measure people’s influence. What is influence? How well is your voice heard, how engaged is your audience (followers) , how many people pass along your idea (retweet). Its all about how well you spread information and get people to interact with you – RELEVANT TO YOUR TARGET INDUSTRY.There are 3 standards I know of now, klout (screenshot here), twitlyzer, and peer index
  • So what seems to be somewhat basic idea of tweeting and replying to people can get really deep with content and data…..its best to stick with your core idea of LISTENING, ENGAGING, and ACTING on it.
  • So how do we listen? We can have scans on various “twitter clients” such as tweetdeck or hootsuite, which allow you to get alerts when certain keywords are discussed online.
  • OK, so you are now doing the above…but its not JUST LISTENING, Its (as twitter’s slogan goes), joining the conversation. That is what makes it so amazing…..open conversations with anyone on the internet who has an internet connection…the barriers to entry are no longer having to learn HTML to build a website, or even to host a blog to have your voice hear, its simply having an account on a social media website and jumping into trends and discussions about topics you enjoy and are passionate about.So start @ replying and let people know your opinion!
  • RT, or Retweeting, sure, is simple – just re-sending a message.But it does a few other things: - shows what information you think is important (for your followers, klout)  keywords - gives a “happy feeling” the original post owner, as well as the twitter-universe that you are sharing and caring and giving - Do not ask to be RT’d…it seems spammy
  • This may not be for casual or personal users, but for businesses, this is the way to actually benefit from having your company in social media. UPSET CUSTOMERS? Sure, no one likes that, but listen, engage, and then ACT on it. Keep a log of all positive and negative feedback on your company. Present that at management meetings, make a target to get more people talking about your brand positively, and reduce the negative. Later we will address examples in a case study.
  • SocialOomph – They allow scheduled, spun, and recurring messages to go out on major social media platforms. Used in conjunction with Ping.FM, you can use them to totally automate your social media status updates on all major sites.Ping.FM – Acquired by Seesmic, Ping.FM allows you to send one post that will update over 30 different social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
  • The Right Location: DeskElf engaged with me on Twitter, an arena where small business owners and experts create, consume and curate content. For other businesses, other social networks may be more appropriate.Engage by Giving: DeskElf caught my attention by giving to me first- they spread my message and let me know that they thought my content was valuable.No Overnight Expectation: DeskElf was consistent. They stayed engaged for quite some period of time before the results were achieved.Walk the Talk: DeskElf delivered.
  • Thanks and if you have any questions, also please feel free to connect with me on any blogs or weibos 
  • 3w cafe mike michelini english sns for china startup v2

    1. 1. Tips on English SNS for aChinese Startup Quick Tactics to Succeed in Today’s Social Internet Jungle! Michael Michelini 迈理倪
    2. 2. Personal & Business BackgroundMichael Michelini 迈理倪• Grew up in NorthEast USA (CT, NJ, NYC)• 3rd generation American born – Grandparents from Italy, Russia, France, Canada• First website in 1999• Selling online since 2003• Moved to China end of 2007Shadstone Limited is an B2B consultingNew startup Weibo Agent, helping foreigners on Chinese SNSStartupWeekend Shenzhen Facilitator Startup Tuesday in Shenzhen
    3. 3. I Make Chinese Babies Cry!
    4. 4. Do Foreigners Trust You?
    5. 5. SEO is Dying!http://www.forbes.com/sites/kenkrogue/2012/07/20/the-death-of-seo-the-rise-of-social-pr-and-real-content/
    6. 6. SNS similarities to SEOSEO SNS @Backlinks repliesAnchor Lists Text
    7. 7. Weibo Vs Twitter / Facebook Twitter Facebook Sina WeiboNew People Can Read Y N YEasy to Use N Y YComments In-Line N Y YOpen API Y N 50%Ecommerce (E/C) friendly N Y YSEO Benefit Y N YB2B Relations Y N Y
    8. 8. Getting on English SNS from inside ChinaWhile Inside China• Tweetymail• Foursquare• Nutshell Mail• VPN• Mac
    9. 9. Understanding Success• Understanding Success in Social Media – Is it a twitter account with 10,000 followers better than one with 1,000? Its more complex than that.• What’s your Purpose? – PR – Sales? – Build community – Your customer sell for you!
    10. 10. Klout ScoreThe Klout Score is themeasurement of youroverall onlineinfluence.The scores range from1 to 100 with higherscores representing awider and strongersphere of influence.Klout uses over 35variables on Facebookand Twitter to measure:• True Reach• Amplification• Probability• Network Score
    11. 11. 3 Ways To Represent Your Startup• Founder / CEO / Spokesman (1 person tweets)• Department shares the account (recommend cotweet.com)• Each worker has their own twitter / facebook account (@Startup_Mary @Startup_John)
    12. 12. The Social Media Cycle Listen (search) Engage! Meet! Act Have Fun!
    13. 13. Listen• Monitor keywords – See what people are talking about • Your brand • Your products • Your industry – First you’ll listen to everything • Probably not possible • Tweak, refine, focus.
    14. 14. Tools For Listening
    15. 15. Engage• Businesses seem to be scared of this• Sharing valuable information relevant to your type of followers – News in the industry – Fun facts – Interactions in the office Be Approachable!• Beta Test – Survey – ASK WHAT YOUR TARGET MARKET WANTS!• Retweet, @ reply, add value, jokes
    16. 16. Easy Engage - ReTweeting
    17. 17. ActThe whole company has to be “on board” – Plan on how to react to certain situations. – Which departments are responsible for which situations. – Does the CEO need to get involved?
    18. 18. Automation Tools
    19. 19. Creating Content
    20. 20. RSS / Blog / News to SNS
    21. 21. People Like REAL
    22. 22. Case Study, DeskElfhttp://www.carolroth.com/blog/social-media-case-study-deskelf-com-from-twitter-engagement-to-television-plug/
    23. 23. How Did DeskElf Do That?• Had an interesting PHOTO, name, (i.e. didn’t look like spam bot!!)• Searched for their target customer / audience – Followed them• Highlighted an reporter / blogger in that industry – Listed them• Conversed with them – Sent a Direct Message – RT (retweet) their messages / helped them / shared
    24. 24. Recommended Reading - Trust Agents 1- Make your own game 2- One of us, feeling of belonging 3- The Archimedes effect – leverage (web) 4- Agent Zero – center of networks 5- Human Artist – soft skills, work well with other people 6- Build an Army
    25. 25. Crist (Jesus Christ) Formula (C x R x I) S =T • C = Credibility • R = Reliability • I = Intimacy • S = Self Orientation • T = Trust
    26. 26. Question & AnswerMichael Michelini迈理倪 Twitter @michelinimike@shadstone.com Weibo @michelini Facebook.com/micheliniMaiLiNi.com/blogblog.michaelmichelini.com
    27. 27. StartupWeekend Community Growing
    28. 28. Startup Tuesdays in Shenzhen