Social Media at 50,000 Feet


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This presentation was given at the Lethbridge Homebuilders Business Expo on February 2, 2011.

Communication styles are constantly changing as technology changes. Find out why/how social media will change your business.

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  • According to Newspapers Canada, Canada saw a 4.1% decline in circulation between 2008 and 2009. I only imagine that number is the same or worse for 2010.
  • Directed $20 million into social media campaign to support worthy projects Allowed community to vote on favorite projects Earned 2.8 billion earned media impressions More than 50 million votes Facebook ‘likes’ increased more than 500% since start of the project
  • an exclusive-to-Twitter promotion brought in 15% of the day’s business.20% of sales come from Twitter followers
  • BlendTec’s first video Golfball Smoothie was seen 1.7 million times in the first month All of BlendTec’s videos have been seen a total of 133 million times In the first two years following the first video upload, they saw a 700% increase in retails sales.
  • Crowdsourcingtshirt design, designs voted upon, winners receive recognition, royalties, etc.1.5 million followers on Twitter, over 200,000 fans on Facebook.$30 million in revenue, 140,000 submissionsWhy so successful? It’s about community. They empowered the community.Talk about blueprint design.
  • Social Media at 50,000 Feet

    1. Social Media at 50,000 Feet<br />Mike McCready<br /><br />Twitter: @MikeMcCready<br />
    2. Who’s Mike McCready<br />Web Manager at Lethbridge College.<br />In the web industry for 11 years.<br />Started the social media efforts at Lethbridge College.<br />Blogging since 2007.<br />Tweeting since 2008.<br />
    3. Technology changes communication<br />
    4. Newspaper circulation is declining<br />Image via Flickr from Troy Holden<br />
    5. Image via Flickr from frankh<br />
    6. The Definition of Insanity<br />“Insanity: Doing the same thing <br />over and over again and <br />expecting different results.”<br /> -- Albert Einstein<br />
    7. Where do you go to find your consumers?<br />Image via Flickr from will ockenden<br />
    8. YouTube exceeds 2 billion video views a day…<br />Image via Flickr from @NYCphotos-flickr<br />
    9. …with the average person spending 15 minutes a day. <br />Image via Flickr from Still Burning<br />
    10. 14% of Canadians use Twitter each month.<br />
    11. What is social media… really?!?<br />Image via Flickr from PhotoJonny<br />
    12. It’s not about the tools.<br />
    13. It isn’t about <br />shouting your message.<br />Image via Flickr from ehnmark<br />
    14. It’s about listening.<br />Image via Flickr from Steve Rhodes<br />
    15. It’s about sharing.<br />Image via Flickr from The Facey Family<br />
    16. It’s about helping.<br />
    17. That’s nice<br />and all, but<br />what does <br />that mean <br />for business?<br />Image via Flickr from rutty<br />
    18. Social Media ROI: Socialnomics<br />
    19. Social Media ROI: Socialnomics<br />“The ROI of social media is your business will still exist in 5 years.”<br /> - Erik Qualman<br />
    20. 78% of consumers trust peer recommendations.<br />Image via Flickr from Cooking For Geeks<br />
    21. Only 14% trust ads.<br />Image via Flickr from Whitewolf Photography<br />
    22. Social media levels the playing field<br />Image via Flickr from crowbert<br />
    23. Become a Thought Leader<br />
    24. - 27,186 Facebook Fans - 644 Facebook Fans<br />- 72,367 Twitter Followers - 1,044 Twitter Followers<br />- 196,361 YouTube Video Views - No Official Channel<br />- 122,016 Website Visitors - 71,460 Website Visitors<br />
    25. Recommended Books<br />
    26. Effective Social Media Use<br />
    27. More Questions?<br />Blog:<br />Twitter:<br />