The Dissolution of State
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The Dissolution of State



How advances in technology are breaking down the barriers of time, location and, ultimately, geopolitical lines.

How advances in technology are breaking down the barriers of time, location and, ultimately, geopolitical lines.



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    The Dissolution of State The Dissolution of State Presentation Transcript

    • Civilizations do fail. We have never yet seen one thathasn’t. The difference is that the torch of progress has in the pastalways passed to another region of the world. But we’ve now, for thefirst time, got a single global civilization. If it fails, we all fail together.Tim O’Reilly, “The Rise of Anti-Intellectualism and the End of Progress”@the_spinmd
    • @the_spinmdToday’s political boundaries make no sense: they are the outgrowth of royaltreaties, conquest, and the misuse of resources. We should start with thenatural ecological unit — the watershed — and replace the notion of provinces(US states) with those. I for example, live in the Hudson River Watershed.Locale is still relevant, so people still would be tied to San Francisco, or BeaconNY. And regionalism is still meaningful, but not necessarily the way today’sborders fall. And finally, we need to consider the world and its resources as ashared commons, and not spoils to be owned by the fortunate or wealthy.-- Stowe Boyd, “How the Postnormal Era Will Change Everything”
    • @the_spinmdWill future generations live in a world thatlooks more like today’s Internet than aworld defined by lines on a map?
    • @the_spinmdMandatory motto for corporate rebels:“What’s the worst they can do, fire me?”#innotribe #sibos11 hours ago via Twitter for Mac ☆Favorite ⟲Reply Delete
    • @the_spinmd“Part of my generations identity is that we arethe most interconnected in world history.Growing up with the internet has taught us thatwe are a community, not a group of individuals”@yeahbuhwha?
    • @the_spinmd
    • @the_spinmd
    • @the_spinmd
    • @the_spinmd
    • @the_spinmd“One of the first lessons the military taught me was the concept of the 24 hour workday. Its nothing newfor first responders and other shift working people. Sometimes I had day watches, sometimes I got up at11pm for the 12-4 watch, sometimes (a few too many) I was up all night handling an emergency. Themodern reckoning of time is a result of the railroads and telegraph. Prior to that, people observed Noon attheir own specific locations because it is something very easy to determine (watch the sun rise and when itstops and starts falling - voila -thats noon). So, although it may seem like time is now becoming irrelevant,for many industries, it hasnt been relevant for years (other than to account for how long one worked).”Chris Lund, retired USCG
    • @the_spinmd“Is the ‘value’ (a hugely amorphous term in thiscontext) of constant communication greater thanthe value of how we get to appropriate our time?”Reed Mangino
    • @the_spinmd“On the topic of time compression, I find it interesting that speed is the catalyst for thestate change of mass into energy, and that as speed increases time slows down.Somehow in my peanut brain I conclude that increasing velocity eventually turnseverything to energy and time stops...Big Bang. In light of recent findings that theexpansion of the universe is speeding up, not slowing down, this makes some sense.”Joel Skyzer
    • @the_spinmd“In quantum physics we talk aboutstates of atoms...the fact that youcan be in many places in one time.”Mehdi Medjaoui
    • @the_spinmd$€¥£₨
    • @the_spinmd1. Mistrust of institutions.2. Easy access to technology.3. Fluid movement between borders.4. Truly global communications.5. A common global language.Trends of Dissolution
    • @the_spinmd“Communities self form aroundideas, interests and values.”John Locke
    • @the_spinmd
    • @the_spinmd1. What does it mean to be a citizen ofthe Globe, not a state or country?2. How does a world of dissolving nationstates operate?3. How do governments and businessesadapt in a world they no longercontrol?Think
    • @the_spinmdNationalism…Certainly one of history’s great tools for driving human behavior,outperformed only by religion in global history morbidity stats. In the land ofegoic insanity, one must cling to such concepts to maintain identity. Withoutthem, the center does not hold. With them, man is pitted against man in afight to the death not over scarce resources needed to support life - but overman made scarcity that supports artificial wealth and unnecessary deprivation.Joel Skyzer
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