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Because Face Time is as Important as Facebook


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Slides from my keynote at the 2nd Annual Social Media Business Life Conference in Doylestown, Pa.

Slides from my keynote at the 2nd Annual Social Media Business Life Conference in Doylestown, Pa.

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  • 1. ☺SoMeBizLife 2012 Because time is more important than Social Networking on a Local, National & International Level
  • 2. Inigo Montoya You killed my father. Prepare to die.hash this talk #somebizlife other good stuff at
  • 3. Mike Maney @the_spinmdhash this talk #somebizlife other good stuff at
  • 4. I’m the head of influencermanagement at
  • 5. It’s called “head”because of these guys
  • 7. Influencer Management“Dude, that’s the coolest title ever.”
  • 8. How it happened
  • 9. Changing what it means to do PR & marketing.
  • 10. Of course,this iswhat myfriendsthink I do.
  • 11. What I hope toaccomplish today... & Think beyond social media tools Think beyond social media marketing
  • 12. ...and avoid this.
  • 13. But first...
  • 14. What superhero are you? The color of your shirt✚ The first object to your right= Your superhero name * You can blame Pinterest for this one.
  • 15. Think we’ve got enough tools?
  • 16. It’s not about the tools. It’s about the humans behind the tools. THIS BEFORE THIS Reporter Blogger Competitor CONTENT Politician Employee Analyst
  • 17. Social Media
  • 18. Did anyone else seethe word marketing inthose definitions? (Just checking to make sure it wasn’t just my aging vision.)
  • 19. Selling is notcommunicating.Repeat after me.Selling is notcommunicating.
  • 20. In many cases, the best marketing is no marketing. (A few of the things I’ve learned along the way)
  • 21. Think local, act local • Active in local* social media communities, not just their own. • Embraced community. • Visible around town. • Makes me want to do business with them even though they’ve never directly marketed to me. Doylestown Bike Works @DTownBikeWorks *Local is not just location
  • 22. Participate, don’t sponsor To their credit, the primary concern of Laura, Mike and the gang over at Alcatel- Lucent from Day 1 of our discussions has been about maintaining the credibility and neutrality of Glue.
  • 23. Be there.Being social means beingsocial. Was I the smartestguy in these rooms? Notby a long shot. I was amarketer at a deep techconference. But now sortapart of the family* --Because I Was There.* Drunk uncle
  • 24. Be bold.
  • 25. Stop with the meaningless numbers
  • 26. Don’t take yourself (or your business) so seriously
  • 27. Stop selling When everyone else is selling something, be the one who’s different...the one who sees another human, not just another customer.
  • 28. Be a human
  • 29. YOU’VE GOTquestions? I’VE GOT answers. rambling responses that sound like @the_spinmd or
  • 30. Image Credits• I Want You: AAAAAAAAAjI/2E_RqUhUF3A/s1600/Kick+Ass.jpg• Superman: art-poster and 92/09/90/42/18/20/53/88/138853201842900992.jpg• Superhero store: 2010/04/586_brooklyn-superhero-supply-co.jpg? w=600&h=400&crop=1• Tomato fight: 4115/4927150698_5e56eab4c7_z.jpg• Inigo Montoya: SbsJtDyuI4I/AAAAAAAAA7U/c4o5L_bHO5o/s400/inigo +montoya.jpg• Inigo 2: 2012/05/inigo.jpg• Push: PUSH-Kromax-Delivery-1-of-2.jpg?1204928295• Facebook t-shirt: 2010/10/FB-tee.jpg• I’ll have a beer vintage: