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  • 1. Dear Nature, I know naught of the wondrous life of these, your smallest creatures. Teach me!
  • 2. Anna Botsford Comstock
    • September 1, 1854: Born to Marvin and Phebe Irish Botsford in Otto, New
    • York
    • 1874: Anna attended Cornell University in Ithaca, New York to study modern
    • languages and literature
    • October 8, 1878: Anna and John married at her parent’s home in Otto
    • 1879: Anna left Cornell University because they were on the move to Washington D.C.
    • 1879 to 1880: Prepared drawings for John’s 1880 Report of the Entomologist on citrus scale insects
    • 1885: Anna reentered Cornell and received her bachelor’s degree in natural history
    • 1888: as she prepared illustrations for her husband’s book Introduction to Entomology
    • 1895: Anna made engravings for Manual for the Study of Insects which was written by John
    • 1895: Anna was asked to assist with the development of a curriculum to promote knowledge and understanding of nature
    • 1897: Coauthored Insect Life
    • 1897: Started teaching nature study at Cornell
  • 3.
    • 1900: Title was changed to Lecturer
    • 1903: Wrote Ways of the Six-Footed,
    • 1904: Coauthored How to Keep the Butterflies to train teachers in nature study
    • 1905: Wrote How to Keep Bees,
    • 1906: Wrote Ways of the Six-Footed and Confessions to a Heathen Idol,
    • 1911: Wrote The Handbook of Nature Study,
    • 1914: Wrote The Pet Book,
    • 1916: Wrote Trees at Leisure
    • 1922: Retired from Cornell as a professor but continued to teach in the summer sessions
    • 1923: Nominated by the National League of Women Voters as being among the twelve greatest women in the country
    • August 24, 1930: Anna died in Ithaca, New York
    • 1988: Anna was inducted into the National Wildlife Federation Conservation Hall of Fame. She was “widely recognized as the mother of nature education” (Conservation Hall of Fame –National Wildlife Federation, n.d.)