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Using Social Media in Your Job Search Updated for 2013
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Using Social Media in Your Job Search Updated for 2013


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I updated my guide to using social media to brand yourself and manage your career/job search. I cut a lot and updated the info in place.

I updated my guide to using social media to brand yourself and manage your career/job search. I cut a lot and updated the info in place.

Published in: Career
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  • 1. Managing YourOnline Identityor... Using Social Media in Your JobSearch (updated for 2013)
  • 2. 2013 Update● Ive chopped a lot of content from previousversions● Leaving the last one up so you can getMOAR● The Internets is always evolving● Most of this - branding - remains relevant.The delivery methods may change but youMUST brand yourself and promote yourself
  • 3. This is Just Part of a GreaterStrategy● You MUST be marketing yourself● You MUST be networking your face off● You MUST be ever vigilant in keeping yourskills current● Were just talking about marketing yourselfvia social networks
  • 4. Agenda● Review of the numbers● Steps to a strong online reputation● Key places to manage your reputation● How to monitor your reputation
  • 5. Jobvite 2012 Social RecruitingSurvey● Over 1,000 HR and Recruiters responded● 92% of HR and Recruiting professionals willuse social networks for recruiting● Up from 82% since 2010○ Linkedin - 93% (up from 78%)○ Facebook - 66% (up from 55%)○ Twitter - 54% (up from 45%)
  • 6. Jobvite 2012 Social RecruitingSurvey● still need more proof?○ 73% of recruiters have successfully hired acandidate who was identified or introduced through asocial network■ 89% through Linkedin■ 26% through Facebook■ 15% through Twitter● More?○ 86% of recruiters WILL look at social profiles○ up from 80% SOMETIMES review
  • 7. Tom Peters - Management Guru"Lifetimeemployment isdead."
  • 8. Sarah Welstead"Theres no suchthing as NOT beingin the job market."
  • 9. Your Retirement is Farther Off ThanYou Think● You must be proactively managing yourcareer● Your resume is not enough● You have to develop social capital toincrease your chances of being found● "effective presentation of who you are,regardless of medium, is the first step inopening the doors of opportunity."- Garr Reynolds, Presentation Zen
  • 10. Developing Your Social Capital● Goal #1 - Make it EASY for People to FindYou● Goal #2 - CONTROL what they find● It is all about KEYWORDS● Not being found by search engines meansyou do not exist● Make Google work for you○ control your page rankings● Easiest ways to do this:○ own your domain○ Linkedin○ Twitter
  • 11. How They Will Find You● Google○ Your name○ Common shortened versions of your name● From there they will find EVERYTHING○ Linkedin profile○ Facebook page○ Twitter feed○ Who you are connected to - your social circle
  • 12. Make it EASY to be Found!● Pick a consistent name○ "mike lally" NEVER "Michael"● Lock in that name on all social media sites○● Get a decent headshot○ In Rochester, NY - go to Clix○ Other places - find a cheap place to get one done○ My current shot was taken by a friend at a Dennys
  • 13. Pick Your Outposts● Your own domain (● Google profile● Linkedin● Facebook● Twitter● YouTube
  • 14. Grab Vanity URLs for Your Name●●●●●● They key is to make yourself visible on theInternet
  • 15. Make One Outpost "Home Base"● You need a place to send people○ personal domain○ google profile (or Google +)○ Linkedin○ Facebook○ Twitter○ Submit to Google -
  • 16. Get Your Bio Together● I am known for (insert your value propositionhere)○ with expertise in (2-3 skill sets)● My background includes (industries,company cultures, community experience)● One of the things I am most proud of is (sitean example of something way cool that youwere proud to accomplish)
  • 17. Mikes Social Media Rules● No profanity!● Spelling and grammar count!● No complaining about your company - EVER● Remove anything negative about old jobs● Remove people from social networking sitesthat will embarrass you● Fill out every "About" page with your bio● Sync your social media (cross-post/link)● All social media should point back to your"home base"
  • 18. Monitoring Yourself●● Create alerts for:○ yourname○ Full name○ aliases○ preferred employers○ people you admire in your field○ people you are stalking :)
  • 19. Your Own Domain●○ buy your domain○ point a tumblr account to it○ point a or account to it○ redirect your linkedin profile to it●○ put up a one page profile or your whole resume○ go to and offer $50 for someone tocreate a nice graphic design for you
  • 20. Linkedin● Google <3 Linkedin● You MUST change your public link to yourconsistent name!○ this helps google find you and helps your page rank● Change your public profile to full view○ complete profile = visibility!○ you will appear in more searches● Keyword load but dont be ridiculous about it● Join groups● Link to articles● Post comments
  • 21. Linkedin Rules● PUBLIC profile● 100% COMPLETE profile● Yes, this INCLUDES a picture● VISIBLE email address● Update OFTEN○ Headline○ Link to articles you read that are RELEVANT to yourmarketing
  • 22. NEVER put"UNEMPLOYED" or"LOOKING FORWORK" on your profile.ANYWHERE.
  • 23. Or I will come to your house
  • 24. Personalize All Request● Avoid sending the generic invite● If I find out you are sending these out...
  • 25. Or I will come to your house
  • 26. Instead...● Hi Brian!● Remind him how you know each other● End with your contact info in case they wantto connect outside of linkedin● Reference your HOME BASE
  • 27. I Deleted the Facebook Section● I dont trust it● If you use it:○ lock down the security (as much as you can)○ dont put anything up you dont want yourgrandmother seeing○ Watch those tagged photos where your friend tagsyou in a picture your other friend took of you doing afunnel while wakeboarding○
  • 28. Twitter● has BLOWN UP since the last time Iupdated this deck● link to articles you read● re-tweet!● Favorite!● follow relevant people● #disover
  • 29. #goodreads/#mustreads● Trust Agents - Chris Brogan● Crush It! - Gary Vaynerchuk● The Brand You 50 - Tom Peters● !new! - Standout - Marcus Buckingham● Whos Got Your Back - Keith Ferrazzi● Linchpin/The Dip - Seth Godin● The War of Art - Steven Pressfield