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OpenStreetMap and Transport
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OpenStreetMap and Transport


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Gave this presentation on OpenStreetMap and Transport applications at the World Bank Transport Forum.

Gave this presentation on OpenStreetMap and Transport applications at the World Bank Transport Forum.

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. OpenStreetMap and Transport Data is a Community Mikel Maron World Bank Transport Forum March 30, 2011
  • 2. Mikel Maron OpenStreetMap Foundation Board Member Humanitarian OSM Team Board Member GroundTruth Initiative Co-Director
  • 3. OpenStreetMap Global Collaborative Mapping “ like Wikipedia for Maps”
  • 4. Well-known initiatives of OSM Haiti Earthquake Response, Map Kibera, Japan
  • 5. Why OSM? Free and Open Global Reusable Changeable Flexible Transport Specific
  • 6. But Most Importantly It's a data project with a community many people working on transport issues: data collection, representation, applications
  • 7. Working with OSM Join the community. We're individual mappers, consulting companies, academics, governments, non-profits I am happy to act as ambassador with interested transport projects
  • 8. OSM Use for Transport Visualizing/Rendering Transport Networks
  • 9. OpenCycleMap Visualizes cycle routes, parking, gradients
  • 10. OSMTransport Visualizes (& Routes) Transport Networks
  • 11. OSM Use for Transport Routing
  • 12. Ride The City Bicycle Features and User Contributed Routes
  • 13. Routing Indian Cities Complicated Bus Systems
  • 14. University of Maryland Hyperlocal, university campus, walking and transport routing
  • 15. City of Lund, Sweden Municipality provided service
  • 16. OSM Use for Transport Schematic Maps
  • 17. India Railways The complex India railway in a simplified manner
  • 18. Chennai Bus Routes Signage for stages in Chennai city
  • 19. OSM Use for Transport Applications
  • 20. Great Western Railway Seat back journey tracker
  • 21. Time Travel Maps MySociety car vs transit times
  • 22. Isokron Time travel distance to meet your friend
  • 23. OSM Use for Transport Planning/Simulations
  • 24. London “Boris-bike” flow animation Uses OSM for routing simulation
  • 25. Matsim toolbox for large-scale agent-based transport simulations
  • 26. OSM Use for Transport Other Engagements
  • 27. Portland Trimet Community engaged improvement of OSM Portland
  • 28. Abandoned Railways -> Rail-trails Russ Nelson mapping potential new rail trails
  • 29. Surrey Heath All local council GIS data managed in OSM
  • 30. ItoWorld Transport Service Consultants and OSM Tool Contributors
  • 31. Garmeme Hypothetical Nairobi Transit System
  • 32. Challenge #2 Providing Information to the Public The more than 50 numbered routes plied by the microbuses have never been made publically available on a route map, and riders depend on word-of-mouth for route choice. This is in part because microbuses fall slightly out of the jurisdiction of the relevant city departments, but largely because the departments responsible for transport management lack the technical capacity / funding to utilize GIS to produce and continuously update such route maps. Further, the City does not have any means to convey urgent transport (or other public service) information to residents in a timely manner (e.g., through SMS text messages). The City has expressed interest in this type of service but is concerned about logistics and cost of establishing such a system.
  • 33. Matatu Online Matatu mapping in Nairobi. OSM can be used for data collection, application
  • 34. Thanks Mikel Maron [email_address] @mikel