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H.O.T at UNGIWG 10
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H.O.T at UNGIWG 10


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Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team at UNGIWG 10 …

Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team at UNGIWG 10

Presentation compiled by Nicolas Chavent
Presentation presented by Sandra Sudhoff

(many thanks Nicolas and Sandra!)

Published in: Technology
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  • 1. OpenStreetMap (OSM) Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) Facts (2008-2009)
  • 2. what is openstreetmap? the openstreetmap “one-liner” A web project to create a free and open map of the entire world, built entirely from volunteers surveying with GPS, digitizing aerial imagery, and collecting and liberating existing public sources of geographic data. = +
  • 3. free and open voluntary map of the voluntary, open contributions open use open contribution. open use. world.
  • 4. amenity = hospital Tags! POIs name = Saint James emergency = yes Ways highway = primary name = Otley Road ref = A660 Areas highway = residential name = Chestnut Lane oneway = true surface = flags leisure=nature_reserve
  • 5. OpenStreetMap data generation. Field capture/ imagery tracing and imports of PD and share-alike geodata sets. Canada GeoBase Falkland Islands New Zealand Austria Palestine
  • 6. Data semantic interoperability. Convergence of bottom-up (OSM) and “directed” (reference data models) ontologies.
  • 7. Data semantic interoperability example. Cross walk of OSM tagging system and UNSDIT United Nations Spatial Data Infrastructure for Transport (UNSDIT used as transportation data model in the WFP SDI).
  • 8. OSM: the key elements of a comprehensive solution for geodata management. 1. Free and interoperable data. 2. the OSM Architecture: web platform and client application, web services and toolkit. 3. the OSM ecosystem: tools and applications sprung up around OSM free geodata (routing engines, map cartographic libraries, mobile API's, countless mashups, several editors, quality checkers etc...) resulting into a positive feedback loop to the project by ensuring data improvement... 4. The power of a critical mass of 180,000 members fast-growing, active and skilled community in: - data generation and maintenance - system development (volunteers/ start-up-companies). - documentation - community-powered learning, training and capacity building.
  • 9. H.O.T Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team
  • 10. a new initiative rooted in OSM building on two years of informal cooperation to apply the principles and activities of open source and open data sharing towards humanitarian response and economic development.
  • 11. Core Mission - connecting point between humanitarian and open mapping communities - remote data creation during crisis - collection and organization of existing data sources - deployments to the field possible - distribution point for free data Advocacy, Training and Outreach - mapping parties - speaking, writing, meetings in humanitarian and United Nations technical communities Thinking and Design - promotion of crowd-sourcing and simple web standards for data sharing - technical improvements to OSM and OSGeo in response to field requirements (offline support, verification, format adaptors, multi-master sync..)
  • 12. 1. Data sharing.
  • 13. Data sharing 1 UNJLC Haiti data import Leverage WFP SDI Community CartONG, UNJLC, Bonn U. & OSM Tool Ecosystem OpenRouteService, GPS maps data import licensing re-use constraints: “public domain” data from UNJLC operation imported in OSM
  • 14. Data sharing 2 FAO Africa Cover data import.
  • 15. 2. Crisis support / Development.
  • 16. Crisis support / Development 1. Free and Open Palestine Mikel Maron
  • 17. Complete Roads and POI in West Bank and Gaza
  • 18. JumpStart Mapping Palestine sustainable economic development
  • 19. JumpStart is Public Domain (we ran our own server, tiles, etc)
  • 20. ESRI tracing, integration, familiarity, jobs wfs-t interface open up to GIS pros
  • 21. Bethlehem August 2008 Engineers without Borders Engineering Association
  • 22. The State of the Maps Paper Maps, Geodata Sharing, Piracy
  • 23. Partners Atlas, NC4D, ARIJ, PCBS, Relief Intl
  • 24. Mappers!
  • 25. From Hebron to Ramallah to Jenin
  • 26. Gaza January 2009 no decent maps anywhere
  • 27. Call out for help
  • 28. Collect existing data sources and free data UN, Commercial, NGO, EU, Wikipedia, USA, News
  • 29. Yahoo! imagery
  • 30. Tidal wave
  • 31. Southern Gaza Remote Mappers, 7 days
  • 32. Northern Gaza Fundraiser for Imagery 5k GBP in days
  • 33. 2m, mid-January from Digital Globe
  • 34. JumpStart enters Gaza in March
  • 35. local knowledge
  • 36. Gaza City – Jul 2009
  • 37. And now...
  • 38. Import Process from JumpStart to OSM merge, quality correction talk-ps, talk-il reboot community!
  • 39. Conflicts? name, name:ar, name:he settlements
  • 40. Import to Navteq/TeleAltas, G-Y-M, UN, etc ?
  • 41. Applications and Use Map Cake!
  • 42. Nationalized Routing
  • 43. Crisis support and Development work 2. OSM data in Philippines Typhoon Response
  • 44. MAPACTION – PHILLIPINES – Crisis support and Development work 2. DATA SHARING Response OSM data in Philippines Typhoon photo:
  • 45. 3. Outreach and simulation exercise.
  • 46. Outreach work. Camp Robert
  • 47. Camp Robert: the HOT “common operating picture” put in motion
  • 48. Hail Tiles! EPSG:900913 photo:
  • 49. OpenStreetMap
  • 50. GeoRSS, KML, GeoWeb Standards
  • 51. photo:
  • 52. → Google Tiles -> OSM Overlay -> Walking Papers -> SMSGeoChat -> OSM API -> OSM Tiles -> Sahana ->
  • 53. Deployed to Afghanistan “DEPLOY” TO AGHANISTAN photo:
  • 54. 4. Development project - ongoing.
  • 55. Eastern Africa Tour. 1. Map Kibera (Nairobi, Kenya) - Slum-mapping 2. Where camp @ Africa GIS (Kampala, Uganda) 3. Mapping/ workshop/ community building (Kenya, Uganda, Mozambique). photo:
  • 56. OSM/ HOT Ready to partner! * Framework and methodologies to explore sharing and serving data * Compatible with UNSDI data models * Large skilled community, tools .. join us! * Interesting issues to solve within a working “SDI” * Apply outcomes to operations, training, outreach