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Strategy Before Tactics
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Strategy Before Tactics


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A preliminary case study describing the strategic approach Public Safety Canada undertook before actively engaging on social media channels.

A preliminary case study describing the strategic approach Public Safety Canada undertook before actively engaging on social media channels.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • Hey Scott, I have to disagree with you on that one. Have a look at some of my other presentations on here. Upon looking at the amount of views, downloads and comments it seems like they are adding sufficient value as is in PDF form. I believe that I am FULLY SHARING my content. The fact that I don't provide it in PPT form has more to do with me not wanting others to manipulate slides or take things out of context. If you want to borrow content or use a slide concept as your own, by all means go right ahead and re-create it! This is all under the creative commons license...

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  • 1. what is marketing?
  • 2. a process and set of tools wrapped in a philosophy for helping an organization do what it wants to do.
  • 3. “Social marketing (not social media marketing) is the systematic application of marketing along with other concepts and techniques to achieve specific behavioral goals for a social good” –Philip Kotler (1973)
  • 4. social media is…
  • 5. people
  • 6. relationships
  • 7. technology
  • 8. there is too much focus on the…
  • 9. “A revolution doesn’t happen when society adopts new tools, it happens when society adopts new behaviours” – Clay Shirky
  • 10. today’s talk…
  • 11. Strategy before tactics…
  • 12. overall objectives
  • 13. target audience
  • 14. Parents of school aged children, living in urban areas, $60K household income
  • 15. key issues
  • 16. Reach traditional channels alone are not fully penetrating the target audience Sustainability traditional channels are only good for the length of the campaign
  • 17. desired outcome
  • 18. Improved target market penetration (based on objectives) Increased online visibility of the “Get Prepared” campaign Ongoing “conversation” surrounding emergency preparedness in Canada
  • 19. what we did…
  • 20. training
  • 21. 7 hands-on social media sessions taught over 2 months social media 101 social media monitoring collaborative tools strategic thinking tactical decision making finding the influencers performance measurement
  • 22. listening
  • 23. Gauged existing levels of conversation on various channels blogosphere microblogs podcasts photo sharing sites video sharing sites social networks
  • 24. had to set benchmarks
  • 25. Created a topic profile… “72 hrs” AND “emergency” “emergency preparedness” “emergency kit” “disaster preparedness” “Public Safety Canada” AND “emergency” “get prepared” AND “emergency”
  • 26. Google Insights
  • 27. Google Insights
  • 28. Technorati Blog Search Graph
  • 29. Twitter Search
  • 30. YouTube Search
  • 31. Flickr Search
  • 32. Podcast Search
  • 33. Facebook Search
  • 34. Facebook Lexicon
  • 35. strategy
  • 36. swot development Strengths Internal social media knowledge Management support Co-op student access Existing interesting content Strong partnerships Existing social marketing strategy Weaknesses Lack of clear guidelines & policies Limited human resources Lack of IT support Opportunities High social media usage in Canada Gov 2.0 momentum Popularity of online video Popularity of online news Growing mobile popularity Partner distribution channels Threats Lack of partner capacity to help Criticism Security/privacy Issues
  • 37. niche targeting
  • 38. targeted influential Canadian mommy bloggers identified through various top 10 lists technorati “authority” scores  traffic rankings average comments inbound links “There are over 36 million “mommy bloggers” of which nearly 50% have contributed to a cause or political campaign. They are one of the most politically active groups online. Moms have been calculated to spend over 2 trillion dollars on products and services in a given year.”
  • 39. measurement
  • 40. measurable social media objectives increase online discussion and search in Canada surrounding “emergency preparedness” and “emergency kit” by 200% over benchmark within 3 months
  • 41. tactics
  • 42. chose select few
  • 43. Common Craft Video
  • 44. Social Media Press Release
  • 45. Identified influencers Became part of their community Sent personalized emails Sent out free emergency kits Sent them the SMPR Mommy Blogger Relations
  • 46. Leveraging Existing Partners
  • 47. preliminary results
  • 48. Other metrics just coming in…. SMPR listed in 3640 locations 8572 video views on 1000+ on youtube (english + french) average website session length has increased (2min  6 min)
  • 49. next steps…
  • 50. market development
  • 51. more engagement
  • 52. some advice…
  • 53. begin by listening
  • 54. start connecting
  • 55. develop a plan Step 1: Clearly Define the Key Issue(s) and Desired Outcome(s) Step 2: Gauge Your Existing Web Presence Step 3: Conduct a SWOT Analysis Step 4: Determine Your Online Competition Step 5: Align Your Objectives with the Department’s Objectives Step 6: Understand Your Target Audience Step 7: Choose Relevant Social Media Tools Step 8: Engage The Influencers Separately Step 9: Measure Performance Step 10: Ongoing Social Media Monitoring and Engagement
  • 56. work as a team
  • 57. don’t re-invent
  • 58. share!
  • 59. create guidelines
  • 60. start with the LHF
  • 61. don’t be a robot “Welcome to our website. It is our mission to serve you.”
  • 62. be respectful
  • 63. take the plunge
  • 64. the rest will follow…
  • 65. questions?
  • 66. thanks for your time!
  • 67. where to find us… Mike Kujawski Phone: 613.731.9851 ext. 12 E-mail: Blog: Twitter: mikekujawski Theresa Woolridge Phone: 613.946.7055 E-mail: Twitter: twoolridge