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Measuring the Success of Your Social Media Initiatives
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Measuring the Success of Your Social Media Initiatives


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A high level presentation demonstrating the importance of setting clear objectives, goals and KPI's for your social media marketing initiatives.

A high level presentation demonstrating the importance of setting clear objectives, goals and KPI's for your social media marketing initiatives.

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • I like this presentation as although you say it is ’high level’ it contains a whole lot of practical advice, and the case study is very good - a good example. Walter @g2m
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  • 1. Measuring the Success of Your Social Media Initiatives
  • 2.
  • 3. mike kuja-what?
  • 4. kujawski pronounced cooh-jaw-ski in english or cooh-yav-ski in polish
  • 5. born in Paris
  • 6. childhood in Algeria
  • 7. nature freak
  • 8. commerce grad
  • 9. partier
  • 10. die-hard skier
  • 11. part extrovert
  • 12. part introvert
  • 13. optimist
  • 14. just married
  • 15. what about work?
  • 16. about us public sector marketing think tank founded in 2005; head office in Ottawa highly-skilled network of associates focus on strategy before tactics innovative solutions entire team driven by passion performance measurement freaks
  • 17. marketing is not advertising
  • 18. it’s a process and set of tools wrapped in a philosophy for helping an organization do what it wants to do.
  • 19. what`s my niche?
  • 20. in other words…
  • 21. people
  • 22. relationships
  • 23. technology
  • 24. there is too much focus on the…
  • 25. “People will never be replaced by machines. In the end, life and business are about human connections, computers are about trying to murder you in a lake” - Michael Scott
  • 26. today’s talk…
  • 27. Measuring the Success of Your Social Media Initiatives
  • 28. Who has time for this stuff?
  • 29. not just the teens
  • 30. not just the geeks
  • 31. not just the net gen
  • 32. the global internet population is 1.7 BILLION
  • 33. 900 million people will visit one of these 5 sites today…
  • 34. the race is on
  • 35. make sure that you can answer the following questions…
  • 36. Question 1 What is the key issue that you wish to address by engaging in social media? TIP: Pick an issue that if fixed, would directly contribute to your organization’s strategic objectives
  • 37. Question 2 What would constitute a successful outcome? TIP: Make sure that this is an outcome, not an output
  • 38. Question 3 Are your goals: •Specific? •Measurable? •Attainable? •Realistic? •Timely? TIP: Pick only one goal to start and make sure it meets all 5 criteria
  • 39. Question 4 Are your measurement tools going to give you actionable insights? TIP: If your metrics are not tied your strategy then the answer is likely no
  • 40. Question 5 Are you ready to be part of a permanent conversation? TIP: Understand the fact that social media is not a campaign
  • 41. My Favourite Tools
  • 42. Gauging Effect on Search Traffic
  • 43. Gauging Blog Influence
  • 44. Gauging Twitter Influence
  • 45. Gauging Facebook Conversation
  • 46. Gauging Inbound Links
  • 47. Gauging RSS Subscribers
  • 48. Gauging Social Bookmarking
  • 49. Gauging Link Performance
  • 50. Competitive Intelligence
  • 51. Segmenting & Analyzing Traffic
  • 52. Case Study performance measurment…
  • 53. overall initiative Parents of school aged children, living in urban areas, $60K household income
  • 54. key issues Reach traditional channels alone are not fully penetrating the target audience Sustainability traditional channels are only good for the length of the campaign
  • 55. desired outcomes Improved target market penetration (based on objectives) Increased online visibility of the “Get Prepared” campaign Ongoing “conversation” surrounding emergency preparedness in Canada
  • 56. strategic approach “SMART” goals increase online discussion and search in Canada surrounding “emergency preparedness” and “emergency kit” by 200% over benchmark within 3 months target influential Canadian mommy bloggers identified through various top 10 lists technorati “authority” scores  traffic rankings average comments inbound links
  • 57. tactical decisions Commoncraft Video Mommy Blogger Relations SM Press Release
  • 58. measurement social media monitoring & web metrics “72 hrs” AND “emergency” “emergency preparedness” “emergency kit” “disaster preparedness” “Public Safety Canada” AND “emergency” “get prepared” AND “emergency”
  • 59. results of pilot search volume for “emergency kit” went up by 200% within 3 months hundreds of positive comments on mommy blogger websites hundreds of re-tweets on Twitter hundreds of inbound links to website and/or video SMPR listed in 3640 locations (incoming traffic 2x as likely to convert) Over 50K video views on 2000+ on YouTube (with zero promotion) average “prepare a kit” session length has increased (2min  6 min) 300% increase in kit preparation instruction downloads considerable cost savings/ROI
  • 60. thanks for your time!
  • 61. questions?
  • 62. where to find me
  • 63. mike kujawski
  • 64. BLOG WIKI
  • 66. Mike Kujawski Phone: 613.731.9851 ext. 12 E-mail: LinkedIn: Blog: Twitter: mikekujawski Wiki: