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How to Succeed as an Entrepreneur
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How to Succeed as an Entrepreneur


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What is an entrepreneur, and what does it take be a successful one?

What is an entrepreneur, and what does it take be a successful one?

Published in: Business, News & Politics
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  • Have students get into small groups and give their opininon
  • Here is the passion part – mentality required in order to be an entrepreneur
  • Characteristics, positioning in the market, competitive advantage, focus on customer needs
  • Transcript

    • 1.
    • 2. Foro Europeo PostgradoPassion for Entrepreneurship
    • 3. Foro Europeo Postgrado- Founded inSeptember, 2009- Specialized inLanguage Servicesfor Companies
    • 4. Foro Europeo PostgradoWHAT IS ANENTREPRENEUR?What are we talking about here?
    • 5. Foro Europeo Postgrado
    • 6. Foro Europeo Postgrado
    • 7. Foro Europeo Postgrado
    • 8. Foro Europeo Postgrado
    • 9. Foro Europeo Postgrado
    • 10. Foro Europeo Postgrado
    • 11. Foro Europeo Postgrado“Entrepreneur - A person who organizesand manages any enterprise, especiallya business, usually withconsiderable initiativeand risk.”
    • 12. Foro Europeo PostgradoJoseph Schumpeter (1934)“Entrepreneurs are innovators who use aprocess of shattering the status quo ofthe existing products and services, to setup new products, new services.”
    • 13. Foro Europeo PostgradoPeter Drucker (1964)“An entrepreneur searches for change,responds to it and exploits opportunities.Innovation is a specific tool of anentrepreneur…”
    • 14. Foro Europeo PostgradoWHAT DOES IT TAKE TO BEAN ENTREPRENEUR?
    • 15. Foro Europeo PostgradoPERSONAL TRAITS /COMPETENCIESPassion for Entrepreneurship
    • 16. Foro Europeo PostgradoSelf-Motivation
    • 17. Foro Europeo PostgradoPersonal Accountability
    • 18. Foro Europeo PostgradoDiscipline
    • 19. Foro Europeo PostgradoTimeManagement
    • 20. Foro Europeo PostgradoLearn toPrioritize
    • 21. Foro Europeo PostgradoBe critical andobjectivewhen youevaluateyourself
    • 22. Foro Europeo PostgradoKnow yourStrengths andWeaknessesWhat you cando and whatyou cant
    • 23. INNOVATIVE PRODUCT ORSERVICEForo Europeo Postgrado
    • 24. Foro Europeo PostgradoBelieve in what you sell – how?
    • 25. Foro Europeo Postgrado
    • 26. A GOOD PRODUCT IDEA ISNOT ENOUGHMany great ideas fails for other reasonsForo Europeo Postgrado
    • 27. Foro Europeo PostgradoYou must be wellrounded
    • 28. Foro Europeo PostgradoResearch and know yourmarket
    • 29. Networking – Get involvedForo Europeo Postgrado
    • 30. HERE IS SOME ADVICE FROMTHE BESTAnd if you don’t believe me…Foro Europeo Postgrado
    • 31. Foro Europeo PostgradoRichard BransonsFive Secrets toBusiness Success
    • 32. Foro Europeo Postgrado
    • 33. Foro Europeo Postgrado
    • 34. Foro Europeo Postgrado
    • 35. Foro Europeo Postgrado
    • 36. A SWOT ANALYSIS FOR THEPOTENTIAL ENTREPRENEURNow it’s your turn…Foro Europeo Postgrado
    • 37. Group SWOTAnalysisForo Europeo Postgrado
    • 38. Take intoaccount…Foro Europeo Postgrado