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an inexpensive business solution that can stream line any business. a quick return on investment and a user friendly way to grasp control and boost productivity.

an inexpensive business solution that can stream line any business. a quick return on investment and a user friendly way to grasp control and boost productivity.



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Tele Nav Tele Nav Presentation Transcript

  • TeleNav Track Customer Product Presentation
    • "The market for location-based services (LBS) continues to grow and the demand for services on mobile devices is increasing…and TeleNav clearly leads the location-based services market .“
    • Marina Amoroso
    • Yankee Group
    • Wireless/Mobile Analyst
    Who is TeleNav - What the Experts Are Saying
  • Managing A Mobile Workforce Locate employees & resources when you need them Automate timesheets and work orders for field staff View mobile worker’s routes and location in real time Find the person closest to a customer location Improve service response times with accurate Voice GPS directions with automatic re-route What if you could . . .
  • Gain Visibility To Your Mobile Resources GPS Tracking Locate employees & resources: breadcrumb, stops, mileage Timecard/Team Minimize the time spent recording timecard data Integration Stream line business process / faster updates Jobs/Pay roll Send & receive jobs data plus integrate with payroll Wireless Forms Minimize the time spent collecting data: forms, logs Feature Benefit GPS Navigation Audible Turn-by-Turn Route Navigation & Optimization
  • TeleNav Track - Audible GPS Navigation
    • TeleNav Track provides visual and audible turn-by-turn driving directions with automatic re-route:
      • Get to unfamiliar locations more easily
      • Find new and faster ways of getting to existing customers
      • Use Business Finder to find a nearby location and then map it drive to it, call it or save it for later
    “ My mobile workers are often lost or late! I thought about using text driving directions, but its not safe to read while driving or helpful if the driver misses a turn.” Customer: Paper Maps Get Lost Call 411
  • TeleNav Track - GPS Tracking
    • TeleNav Track lets you see what happened in the field every minute of the day:
      • View the employees’ status on a map
      • View the status of a dispatched job instantly
      • View highly detailed reports and summaries
      • View field personnel from your handset
      • … and more!
    I can’t keep track of my workforce. My employees are out all day and I don’t know if they are always working. Customer:
  • TeleNav Track - Dispatching
    • TeleNav Track provides your dispatchers with the ability to:
      • Schedule new jobs and be notified when completed
      • Have job workflow date, time & location-stamped
      • Attach Data Trackers to jobs
      • Create or delete jobs from the handset
      • Be alerted when jobs
        • DO NOT start on time
        • DO NOT finish on time
        • DO NOT meet expected transit window
        • DO NOT reach the handset
        • … and more
    “ The phone is great when you need that instant communication, but I need a tool which will reduce my dispatcher’s chatter time.” Customer:
  • TeleNav Track - Mileage Tracking
    • TeleNav Track will monitor the mileage for your entire fleet and provide summaries:
      • Calculate the miles driven in each state
      • You can view a driver’s route on a map/ text
      • Get an alert when vehicle crosses state boundaries
      • Use this data to support your DOT reports
      • Monitor vehicles for maintenance
    “ I need to know how many miles are being driven per employee/vehicle.” Customer:
  • TeleNav Track - Wireless Timesheets
    • TeleNav Track provides you with true wireless timesheet capabilities:
      • Record and view the clock-in and out times
      • Record and view time for tasks and breaks
      • Download all timesheet data electronically
      • Employers can see the amount of time spent on breaks
      • Specify overtime and double time rules and view a breakdown of a worker’s timesheet:
        • regular time
        • overtime
        • double time
    Every day, I have to process my paper timesheets… isn't there a simpler way to do it? Customer:
  • TeleNav Track - Alerts
    • TeleNav Track will alert you when:
      • When an employee is speeding or is stopped
      • When a mobile worker enters or exits a geo-fence
      • When a field employee forgets to clock-in or out
      • If the application is ever
      • off during business hours
      • … and more
    “ Everybody in my company is very busy. No one has the time to sit in front of a computer all day watching the employees.” Customer: View Geofence Activity
  • TeleNav Track - Wireless Forms
    • TeleNav Track provides you with the ability to create electronic versions of paper forms:
      • Create templates and reuse or modify them
      • Download all Data Tracker information
      • Attach Data Trackers to jobs sent to employees
      • Attach Data Tracker to timesheets
      • Capture data from the field and send it back in real time to the website
    “ It is very time consuming and expensive to manually process all the paper work gathered from the field. Is there a way for me to electronically capture this information?” Customer:
  • TeleNav Data Exchange (TDX)
    • Data exchange
      • Communicate with most Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) and Open Data Base Connectivity (ODBC) compliant databases
      • Permanent storage of GPS data
      • TDX can export data to a Comma Separated Value (CSV) file
      • Forms data
      • GPS data
      • Timecards
    • Integrate with third party software packages
      • Standard Web services interface
        • Dispatch jobs from web
        • Retrieve job related information
      • Payroll systems, dispatch systems etc.
      • Existing dispatch software integration
        • Third-party dispatch systems can send address information and jobs to
        • TeleNav Track via email
  • TeleNav Track Features and Price Plans * ‘GPS Fleet Edition' available for additional $9.99 per month per wireless device . Fleet Edition provides large truck navigation . TeleNav Data Exchange (TDX) provides TeleNav Track integration capability with many back office systems on all plans for additional fees Editions Lite (API) Basic Plus Enhanced Premium Monthly Fee $19.99 $9.99 $12.99 $15.99 $21.99 One Time Setup Fee $19.99 $19.99 $19.99 $19.99 $19.99 Requires Data Plan   X X X X GPS Tracking X X X X X Detailed Reports & Summaries X X X X X Alerts (Speeding, Stop) X X X X X Wireless Timecard and Alerts   X X X X Geofencing X   X X X Job Messaging     X X X GPS Mileage     X X X Static Text Directions       X X Job Dispatch / Status Board       X X Wireless Forms       X X Barcode scanning       X X Dynamic Voice Navigation*         X
  • Our Products Have Been Well Received … plus thousands of small-medium sized companies “… (TeleNav makes cell phones) a motorist's best friend” “… (TeleNav) tells you exactly where you are and offers detailed directions” “ I'd have complete confidence using TeleNav in a strange city”
  • Summary - The TeleNav Difference
    • Product Leadership
      • Only product with true Wireless Forms
      • Integrated with the #1 wireless Voice GPS navigation
      • Easy to use, Hotmail like, web application
    • Industry Leading Customer Support
      • 24x7 support - free
      • Local support in many cities
      • Comprehensive implementation assistance
    • Largest and most innovative wireless GPS services company
      • Pioneer in wireless GPS Navigation and tracking service
      • Largest wireless GPS services provider
      • Proven scalable products to support all size businesses