Social Media - creative content.


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A round up of the slides in my Social Media presentation given as part of Bath Digital Festival.. Location: Revolution, George St. Bath. Friday 15th March 2013.

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Social Media - creative content.

  1. 1. CREATIVE MEDIAcreating visual contentDIGITAL NATIVES 01
  2. 2. FLICKRPhotosharing Flickr is owned by Yahoo and had been languishing for a number of years. Their recent iApp is a rather late in the day attempt to make up the ground lost to Instagram. But I like it!DIGITAL NATIVES 01
  3. 3. U S E R S O F I N S TAG R A MCelebritiesJournalists How they are using IGDIGITAL NATIVES 01
  4. 4. N E W F B - I N S TAG R A MIG now on the webDIGITAL NATIVES 01
  5. 5. TUMBLRfor Photos/Photoblogs NATIVES 01
  6. 6. MOST POPULAR C AMERA?Data from FlickrYep it’s the iPhoneDIGITAL NATIVES 01
  7. 7. I M AG E E D I T I N GSnapseed/ PhotoShop ExpressOverviewSelective adjustUsing Snapseed (6min)DIGITAL NATIVES 01
  8. 8. F I LT E R S - H OW ‘ R E A L’ A R E T H E P I X ?HipstamaticIs it a serious journalist’s tool?A ‘Grunts Life’ - an award winning exampleOn the other hand...‘Faux Vintage’DIGITAL NATIVES 01
  9. 9. BEST PRACTICE• Simplify• Balance the composition• Focus on the subject/meaning - what are you trying to say? Where do you stand? When do you take the picture? ‘On being a Photographer’ Bill Jay DIGITAL NATIVES 01
  10. 10. OT H E R O P T I O N SStills + audio (Both optimised for iPad)Blurb Mobile (£0)SonicPics - (£2)DIGITAL NATIVES 01
  11. 11. OT H E R O P T I O N SAnimated gifsLoopCamGifBoomGifninjaCinemagraphsCinemagramDIGITAL NATIVES 01
  12. 12. S H O OT I N G V I D E OThe iPhone AppsCamera native app (£0)Gorillacam (£0)Vimeo (£0)SocialCam (£0)FilmicPro (£2)Almost DSLR (£0)DIGITAL NATIVES 01
  13. 13. RECORDING - NO EDITThe interview/video ‘bites’How will Inter viewee be introduced?‘Sound Bite’ or ‘interview’?Will you edit out your questions later?Don’t ask ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questionsDon’t interrupt or “uh ha” - nod and smile!Collect Interviewees contact detailsDIGITAL NATIVES 01
  14. 14. RECORDING - EDITEDShoot in sequencesThe 5 basic questions - Who, What, Where, Why and How‘Coverage’B roll or cutaway material- using pro apps onlyDIGITAL NATIVES 01
  15. 15. RECORDING VIDEOKey tipsGet close - for better framingGet close - for better audioKeep camera steady, avoid panning and re framingYou will need to override some of the auto settingsMaybe use an external mic?DIGITAL NATIVES 01
  16. 16. RECORDING - FILMIC PROVideoOverride some of the auto settings:Focus - lock the focus or camera might ‘hunt’ during filmingExposure - set the exposure for the subjectFrame rate - set it at 24, 25 or 30 frames per secSadly you are stuck with auto level for audio on the iPhone 4sand iPads. Tr y a better mic.DIGITAL NATIVES 01
  17. 17. EDITING APPSApps - mobilePinnacle Studio (£8)iMovie (£3)Vimeo (£0)
  18. 18. TRANSFERRINGFrom iPhone to computeriTunesImage CaptureEmailiPhoto I’ve found wireless tobe unreliableDIGITAL NATIVES 01
  19. 19. I USE...RecommendationsShoot:FilmicProEdit:PinnacleStudio/Premiere ProDIGITAL NATIVES 01
  20. 20. Mike Johnston about meDIGITAL NATIVES 01