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recap on assessment and assignments

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Assessment and assignments

  1. 1. Assignments and assessments4002 Sound & Vision21st Jan 2013
  2. 2. Summative Assessments✤ 1. Individual Portfolio (65%) Final upload Due: 4pm 1st May 2013 (Personal project noon 16th April)✤ 2. Evaluation of Production process and final products (15%) Due: 4pm 1st May 2013✤ 3. Participation and engagement (20%) This is assessed over the course. Creative media practice undertaken outside the exercises required of the course will be taken as evidence of engagement and may result in additional marks.
  3. 3. 1. Online Portfolio (65%) 3 required posts Due: noon 14/12/12Final upload and postings Due: Noon 01/05/13 The weighting for the personal project within the Portfolio is 50%. Thereflections on practice will account for the remaining 50%.Assessment points:1. Creative practice evaluation and reflection (50%) - 3 blog posts beforeChristmas. Deadline 14th December 20122. Personal project (50%) - The Proposal, research, timeline and preparation25/02/13 and Final cut 16/04/13
  4. 4. Personal ProjectThis will be a short video based on a treatment. The video should be noshorter than 3 mins and no longer than 6 minutes. The subject matter canbe a news piece, an instructional video, a short documentary, or a “behindthe scenes” (featurette) etc.I have not included fiction based short films in the list. There areopportunities to make these outside the Portfolio assessment in the firstyear, as well as in both the second and third years of CMP.You must provide release, permission and copyright details in the form ofa ‘Project-as-Completed’ (PasC) form.
  5. 5. 2. Evaluation (Visual Essay) (15%)✤ Due: 4pm 01/05/13 Complete reflection and evaluation of skills development✤ Students will need to submit a ‘visual essay’ to the class blog. It should describe and comment on their media skills development and process during the module, as well as the final products. They illustrate their reflections with photographs and video (showing the correct consideration for permissions and copyright).✤ The voice over should be a critical reflection of your skills development relating the process you have gone through and the tasks you have completed. The assessment of the visual essay will be based on reflection and analysis your learning during the module taken rather than just a description of what you did.✤ The duration is 2 minutes.
  6. 6. 3. Participation & engagement(20%)✤ in class participation✤ attendance✤ contributions to class blog✤ completion of training exercises✤ media production activities outside assessments
  7. 7. More details in the module handbook