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Rooibos Tea
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Published in Lifestyle
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  • 1. RooibosTea
  • 2. 南非红茶(Rooibos Red Tea)是一种生长在南非开普顿北部Cedarberg高山上的一种有机野生植物茶,它集充份的太阳能量和丰富矿物质在无污染环境下自然生长,而其之所以珍贵,因为全世界只有南非这个国家,整个南非也只有开普顿这个城市的Cedarberg山脉才能生产这种草本植物,与钻石黄金并列三宝
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  • 4. Though the process of making the tea leaves ready for brewing has become more automated in recent years, the steps remain the same: the leaves (and sometimes twigs) are picked, bruised, oxidised ("fermented"), then sun-dried. It is the bruising step, in which the leaves are hammered or crushed, that allows the material to develop its distinctive red color during the oxidation process (similar to the normal tea oxidation). The tea, cherished for its deep aroma and full-bodied taste is the most popular drink in South Africa. It is enjoyed hot or iced, plain or sweetened, with milk or without.
  • 5. Benefits of Rooibos Tea
    Anti-mutagenic, Anti-carcenogic Benefits
    Delays the Aging Process
    Improved Bone and Tooth Strength
    Sedative Effects
    Weight-Loss Benefits
  • 6. Rooibos红茶汤色明亮鲜活、与传统红茶相似,茶色呈現琥珀色,有淡淡的甜味。喝起来有一种果树的香气,微甜。有些加了玫瑰,杏仁,紫罗兰等干花,就有了花的芳香。根据口味、颜色、香气的不同,rooibos茶也有不同的等级。在rooibos茶还有未经发酵的rooibos绿茶品种。市场上也有茉莉花、水果等口味的rooibos茶,为了满足国际市场的需要,rooibos茶还推出了冰茶饮料。
  • 7. 南非红茶与一般茶类不同,低单宁酸且不含咖啡因,是最温和的饮料,含有丰富SOD、矿物质及微量元素,最适合全家大小取代传统茶类作为日常饮用,冷热皆宜,可依個人喜好调配口味﹝如牛奶、蜂蜜、果糖或各种果汁都可搭配﹞。
  • 8. Use Rooibos Tea for Naturally Healthy Skin
  • 9. Use rooibos as a facial toner. Simply boil a pot of water, and add a rooibos tea bag. Then cool the tea in your refrigerator (you can leave the tea bag in there). Once cool, use cotton wool, and apply the rooibos tea as you would your regular toner. It is particularly good for coping with acne.
  • 10. Make a rooibos compress. You may wish to add a few drops of a suitable essential oil, like lavender. This can be applied directly to the skin over trouble areas, such as patches of eczema. You may also put rooibos tea into a spray bottle, and use it as a cooling spritz during hot months.
  • 11. Use Rooibos Tea to
    Have a steam facial.
  • 12. Use rooibos in your moisturizer.
    You can make your own natural moisturizer for dry skin.
  • 13. Enjoy rooibos in your bath. Aside from brightening your skin, this is great for dealing with itchy skin and sunburns.
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