An introduction to Apache HCatalog


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An introduction to Apache HCatalog, what is it ?
Why is it useful and how can it help Pig, Hive and
MapReduce users on Hadoop share data ?

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An introduction to Apache HCatalog

  1. 1. Apache HCatalog ● What is it ? ● How does it work ? ● Interfaces ● Architecture ● Example
  2. 2. HCatalog – What is it ? ● A Hive metastore interface set ● Shared schema and data types for Hadoop tools ● Rest interface for external data access ● Assists inter operability between – Pig, Hive and Map Reduce ● Table abstraction of data storage ● Will provide data availability notifications
  3. 3. HCatalog – How does it work ? ● Pig – HCatLoader + HCatStorer interface ● Map Reduce – HCatInputFormat + HCatOutputFormat interface ● Hive – No interface necessary – Direct access to meta data ● Notifications when data available
  4. 4. HCatalog – Interfaces ● Interface via – Pig – Map Reduce – Hive – Streaming ● Access data via – Orc file – RC file – Text file – Sequence file – Custom format
  5. 5. HCatalog – Interfaces
  6. 6. HCatalog – Architecture
  7. 7. HCatalog – Example A data flow example from First Joe in data acquisition uses distcp to get data onto the grid. hadoop distcp file:///file.dat hdfs://data/rawevents/20100819/data hcat "alter table rawevents add partition (ds='20100819') location 'hdfs://data/rawevents/20100819/data'" Second Sally in data processing uses Pig to cleanse and prepare the data. Without HCatalog, Sally must be manually informed by Joe when data is available, or poll on HDFS. A = load '/data/rawevents/20100819/data' as (alpha:int, beta:chararray, …); B = filter A by bot_finder(zeta) = 0; … store Z into 'data/processedevents/20100819/data'; With HCatalog, HCatalog will send a JMS message that data is available. The Pig job can then be started. A = load 'rawevents' using HCatLoader(); B = filter A by date = '20100819' and by bot_finder(zeta) = 0; … store Z into 'processedevents' using HcatStorer("date=20100819"); Note that the pig job refers to the data by name rawevents rather than a location Now access the data via Hive QL select advertiser_id, count(clicks) from processedevents where date = ‘20100819’ group by advertiser_id;
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