Silver Necklaces and Rings a Hot Hollywood Favorite


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The recent financial upheaval has been reflected in rising gold prices which lead to the increased popularity of silverwork, especially sterling silver jewelry, in the past year.

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Silver Necklaces and Rings a Hot Hollywood Favorite

  1. 1. BY: Mike JensenThe recent financial upheaval has been reflected in rising gold prices which leadto the increased popularity of silverwork, especially sterling silver jewelry, in thepast year.2011 has definitely been a year for silver as Hollywood celebs and red carpetfavorites like Taylor Swift, Penelope Cruz, Helena Bonham Carter, delish footballerand metrosexual par excellence David Beckham have been spotted sportingsterling silver accessories. Many other male celebs also sported silver, thoughmost confined themselves to silver rocker rings(In Danish forlovelsesringebillige) and other more discreet avatars of this fashion trend. Guldvedhæng Vedhæng-guld-hjerteSo what do you need to sport a silver celeb look? Well, here are some popularsilver accessory trends to help you channel your inner Hollywood Diva: • Thin sølv halskæder with bold pendants- this has been a favorite look with many paparazzi favorites these past few months; especially among the younger crowd of celebrities. The fantasy motif is especially hot this season and many of the heavy, intricately crafted pendants looked straight out of the Lord of the Rings. Celtic knots and dragons, stylized phoenixes and majestic gryphons…choose your favorite fantasy beast and let your
  2. 2. imagination soar. Look for pendants(In Danish hjerte vedhæng) set with semi-precious stones for added oomph. • Sølv smykker with decorative accents in gold- an interesting recent trend in silver jewelry has been the use of gold accents in silver work. Many jewelry designers have experimented with adding gold highlights to their designs and it has to be said that the contrast between the two metals certainly add pizzazz to the designs. • Marguritter bead work – delicate sterling silver chains set with beads or pearls is another must have accessory this year. Young, fresh and oh so chic, this style is perfect for flirty, floral and feminine looks. You can also pair a multi-layered, bead-worked silver chain with the classic blue jeans and white (or black) tee look to instantly elevate it from girl next door to classic diva. • Hjerte ørestikker Chandelier earrings – this is one jewelry trend that never seems to go out of fashion. Silver chandelier earrings continue to be a popular piece with designers experimenting with adding earth motifs in soothing greens, browns and blues to the piece using stone work, thread work and more.To conclude, the best part of silver jewelry is that it has something for everyone.Whatever your style aesthetic, you are sure to find a piece that fits.Whenever you ponder about giving a gift to your spouse, girl friend or boy friendthen nothing can be better option except a cute ring. It is a symbol of love anddevotions from many years and it is also well said that it touches the heart of theperson. I have seen so many rings around like: silver, diamond, black metal andso on but the most attractive, pure and sacred looking ring is sterling silver ring.Sølv smykker- Getting popular day by daySterling silver is being popular day by day, which enhances the beauty of womenor men. Different kinds of jewelry which includes pendants, earrings and rings aremade by sterling silver. Jewelry(In Danish smykker) has a lot of variety. Here Iwould only discuss about the silver rings. If we would have to define these cute
  3. 3. ornaments then it would be like this, it is a kind circular band, which is wornaround your finger. It is an ornament which enhances the beauty of your fingers.So let’s move towards a nice discussion about the kinds of rings. You must haveseen so many rings around and must be tempted to wear them. I am very muchfond of these circular bands. Vedhæng-Sølv Vedhæng-hjerteHjerte ørestikker- Love on FingerA nice strip which is bent in a round shape according to the finger it is worn and itis closed from both ends. It is rather flat. These are also called the flat weddingfinger bands(In Danish fingerringe). These are basically made of metallicstructures like gold and silver. Knowing about half round rings would be reallyvery interesting for you. Here loop is not joined as in the flat wedding metalliccircles. They look like English alphabet D, and are not completely circled. Nowcoming to another types of rings, which are basically called sleeve rings. Theirinner layer is stiff. They are combinations of so many circled structures puttogether to cover the sleeve round. Solitaire rings are (as clear by name) aremade of diamond. Trinity round bands are worn only one time can’t be re- worn.Cluster means a group, so this formula is used to make a cluster circled band. Ithas so many huge stones in it. In tension round shaped bands pressure is givento put a gem into the kind of ring.All these above described rings are available in market easily. Sterling makes the
  4. 4. ornaments so much attractive and eye catchy. So you any type of ring you choosebut go for sterling silver ring. For more information visit