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  1. 1. BY: David NielsenI remember as a youngster, I had many idols. Their style, attitude had so much impacton my own, that my friends would nick name me after every idol of mine. That was atime! Every individual undergoes this phase. Each of us must have had an idol, whomwe looked up to and wanted to be like. Their fashion was followed like a holy book.They were considered as the mouth- pieces of many fashion related magazines ortabloids. To my opinion, reason behind this trend, is the relativity. Common peoplecould relate with the stars and followed their acts, so did many followed their fashion.Even today, any fashion conscious person would certainly follow current fashiontrends, before dressing up. Being at par with the changing times is the only perpetualthing. Celebrities are like a bridging point between common people and fashionindustry, as many people connect with them easily an follow their styles regularly.Flowers have always dominated fashion scene. There have been uses of variousflower motifs in clothing, various accessories and also in jewelry(In Danish smykker).Flower shaped jewelry and accessories have fascinated the young and old alike. It isvery normal to have ornaments with floral designs, but these days flower motifs areused various other accessories as well. To name a few, there are purses, clutches oreven hair pins with real flowers or dried flowers. Celeb parties or award functions area place where people get to see numerous trends. There we have flock of celebsflaunting their own styles. These ceremonies are a place for many fashion magazinesto get a glimpse of current happenings in fashion industry, as the fashion designerschoose the celebs, or celebs choose their favorite designer to showcase the creation.Designers try to attract female attention by using various floral prints or accessorizingthe celeb with flower shaped jewelry ( In Danish Marguritter)which suits theircreation and the personality type of the celeb. Jewelry, as well know has played avery important role in adorning our body. So, blending it with flowers is a wise moveto attract female attention and enhance the interest. Every female has flower- liketender emotions and undying love for ornaments, which instantly get connected withthe flower shaped jewelry. When their favorite celebs showcase such floral jewelry, itis bound to be an instant hit among various classes of society.
  2. 2. Jewelry of different kinds has always been a fascination of mankind. There aredifferent kinds of jewelry available in different materials. You can find earrings,necklaces, rings and many more types of jewelry available in a wide range ofmaterials as silver, gold, diamonds, pearls, precious stones and many more. Peoplehave been using them in different forms to beautify them and be fashionable. Butthese days, in addition to your beautifying needs, it is also a way for a goodinvestment. People use investing in silver jewelry and gold jewelry to diversify theirportfolio and be sure about the assured returns.In the current times of financial turbulence, investing in silver and gold can helpprotect your wealth. Both of these metals are quite strong and their prices are drivenmore by speculation. Also, considering the demand fluctuations at times and also thelower market liquidity of these metals, there prices are quite volatile. As such itbecomes one of best tools for investment and getting maximum returns for yourmoney. Demand and prices are generally seen very high during the festive occasionsas compared to other times of the year. This makes investing in silver jewelry andgold jewelry(In Danish guldhalskæde) one of the most attractive options. Moreover,the supply of these precious metals has been seen to drop constantly making it moreprecious and one tool that can even guarantee you a manifold return on yourinvestment.They have been used in various forms for making investment like the bars, coins,certificates and jewelry. However, jewelry is something that you can use as well andat the same time gives you a good return on your money. If you just see the historyprices, you will find that the prices of these precious metals multiply themselves overthe years. The same is true with the jewelry made out of them also. Moreover, thegold and silver jewelry(In Danish sølv smykker) is most popular among the crowdwhich makes these indispensable precious metals even more precious and the bestinvestment solution for all your needs. Furthermore, if you are a long term investorthen this is one of the best investment tools for you. For more information visit