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Diamonds are the most precious stones and the diamond jewelry has been valued much by people of all ages throughout the world. The History of diamonds and jewelry made from these diamonds dates back to the time of Andrew I who had actually set rough cut diamonds set inside the crown of his queen.

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Guld smykker smykker

  1. 1. Diamonds are the most precious stones and the diamond jewelry has been valued much by people ofall ages throughout the world. The History of diamonds and jewelry made from these diamondsdates back to the time of Andrew I who had actually set rough cut diamonds set inside the crown ofhis queen. Later we can find a diamond cutters guild was founded in Antwerp which is located in thepresent day in the country named Belgium. It was here that the purpose of appraising loose sort ofdiamonds later developed into the modern diamond jewelry(In Danish ringe) mart. It must be notedthat Antwerp is still the center of the International diamond jewelry trade.A Woman would expect her man to gift her with diamonds .However one cannot limit it to begifted only to women and in general let us agree that each and every one of us would like to bothbuy a diamond and gift it to those whom we consider special and dear in our life. It is also termeda "universal gift" .When a diamond is gifted it also reveals the high degree of affection the giver hasgot for the receiver in his/her life. It is very important to know about the popular Cs before buying adiamond. The jewelry (In danish smykker) made with precious diamond is available in moderntrendy designs and it must not be denied that every diamond is valued based upon the "4 C s".The 4 Cs are the cut, clarity, color; carat. The cut unlike the other three qualities of diamond cannotbe either measured or quantified. It is more of a subjective quality and that requires goldsmiths ofaesthetic sense to craft it and they must possess a keen eye for fine cuts while shaping that preciousstone. The clarity is considered as the clear outlook or appearance of the diamond. It varies fromsize of the diamond and in case the diamond is an artificial one then there might be many internalflaws unknown to external appearance. This is the reason why we get artificial diamonds at a verylittle price when compared with those of the original cut sort models of diamonds..The clarity isnoted in points and the higher the point scale raises the more costly is the price of it. The carat onthe other hand is considered as the mass of the diamond and usually buyers would like to purchasethe ones with higher clarity and carat.’Diamonds are forever" and as this saying goes one can startsetting the trend of buying and gifting bracelets, bangles, ear rings, rings, necklaces studded withdiamonds and make the receiver understand his/her special impact in their life.Necklaces are generally defined as the ornamental jewelry worn around the neck the chain whichlies close to the neck is made from metals like silver, gold or platinum and attached to a pendant.The pendant of the name necklaces is the one which would contain the name of the person or the
  2. 2. names of the married couple to whom it would be given as an ideal gift on the celebration day. Suchnecklaces ( In Danish halskæ de) are made popular when used by Hollywood stars like Sara Jessicaand Lindsay Lohan and also by most of Hollywood actors in their movies. It is quite available in localstores, departments in nominal rates apart from the on line and branded showrooms displaying it invarious sizes and designs. It is an ideal gift for any occasion like anniversaries ,weddings,graduations, showers and also for every season right from the Christmas seasons to the Valentineand even Mothers day wherein one would be able to surprise his/her mother by giving her necklacesof this kind. Namenecklaces (In Danish navnehalskæder) are mostly ornaments which are something more personal and special as it has got.The unique feeling of identification and individuality when worn by people in either festive seasons orparties. They are worn by both working people as well as college goers .One can see that namenecklace , when worn by a single group adds a sense of fashion and class to that particular group.The pendants for such jewelry can be either in plain gold, silver or it can be even studded withprecious stones or crystals thereby making it more unique when worn by the wearer. Dependingupon the metal they are made up the price of this ornament also varies. While the silver and goldones are costly there is less expensive fashion jewelry which is not so expensive. While those whoare rich can afford the platinum and gold made models the silver suits the need of even low budgetpeople. It is adored by any kind of person. The craze for possessing such jewelry is ever increasingin size and that is the one main reason why its demand is also increasing in the consumer market.Amongst the various types of ornamental jewelry this kind of name necklaces has created a newsense of fashion wave in many people. This kind of trendy designs has set new excitement and crazein the minds of youth these days. Apart from that even cop orates are nowadays gifting their clientswith the names of their corporate enameled in the silver and bronze plates.Man’s love affair with jewelry has been a part of his existence since time immemorial. Everyculture in history had its own unique styles of body adornment. It has been a long journeyfrom primitive man’s simple necklaces made of shells and seeds to today’s intricate body artdesigns in materials as diverse as metals, synthetic materials, precious stones and evenfabric. Still the more things change, the more they remain the same.The world gold council announced the following possible international trends in (in Danish
  3. 3. guld smykker) at the beginning of this year. Predicted (In Danish smykker) designs include: • Symbolism – pendants, charm bracelets etc that convey a ‘secret’ or hidden message • Nature inspired gold jewelry possibly incorporating organic materials such as shells, flowers, seeds etc. • Structured geometric designs and motifs • Ostentatious, eye catching pieces such as chunky bangles and rings • Statement Jewelry - Stand-alone pieces making a big impact though ones that will keep the focus on the face. • Delicate and dainty designs that are perfect with both casual wear as well as add a touch of femininity to office wear.Rather than copy these trends blindly, try and adapt them to your personal style aesthetic formaximum pleasure. For example, say you want to try out a statement necklace but are usedto more delicate, subdued designs till now. Rather than buy a regular statement piece andhope your discomfort doesn’t show, combine a large pendant with a long thin chain worn inmultiple loops for your own take on the trend.For instance, there are these really cute owl pendants that are just adorable and perfect for wearing with asimple dress or tunic. Not only will you score points with the fashion police, they’ll also make the prefectconversation pieces. Finally, always remember that while gold is an investment, there is no point buying anornament if you feel uncomfortable or unattractive when wearing it.