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Diamond embedded silver and gold earrings embodying the heart design has become the fashion for the teens and many teen aged children and young lovers would want their special guy to present one such …

Diamond embedded silver and gold earrings embodying the heart design has become the fashion for the teens and many teen aged children and young lovers would want their special guy to present one such earring.

Published in Lifestyle , Business
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  • 1. GIFT A SILVER EAR RING OR BETTER STILL A GOLD ONE!!Earrings can be gold earrings or silver earrings and it does not matter if they are studded withgemstones, pearls, diamonds, or just normal plain models but what does matter is that it comesin various trendy designs. One can lose control when he/she starts counting the designs andmodels of the trendy fashionable jewel patterns and designs of ear rings. Just a glance of ringsfor fingers in an online store crowds ones mind with enticing dainty models with floral patterns,mystic .designs and unique metal combinations[ like gold and silver, silver and platinum, platinumand gold] which indeed makes one to spend all his/her savings to buy and own all of thoseexquisite designer collections. If this is the case with rings then one starts to stretch his/her mindand got out of control of his/her emotions when it comes to gift or buy gold ear rings and silverearrings(in danish sølvøreringe).The history of earrings goes back to western Asia 3000BC wherein the earrings were made with asimple loop and an elaborate pendant kind of thing droppings from it. These references can be gotwhen the historians delved deep into the pictures which were drawn by ancestors in the walls ofcaves and barks of trees. However in the 1930s with the evolution of the clip on models the earrings were made exquisite and it was made more snuggly than the original screw -ones and thecompact model of the clip ones became the preferred model of ear rings for many years after the1930s.Diamond embedded silver and gold earrings embodying the heart design has become the fashionfor the teens and many teen aged children and young lovers would want their special guy topresent one such earring. It is true that earrings with diamonds would not be cheap but veryexpensive but considering the positive aspects of buying diamonds one would surely want to owna diamond jewel piece because a saying goes "Diamonds are forever”. A heart shaped diamondwould really be a special gift for a special someone .One might wonder where these diamondstyled ear rings originated but the thing is that in these days every branded jeweler is makingefforts to sell diamond styled earrings both in gold and silver.Valentine’s Day or special occasions come and go and even if buying such jewels are a biginvestment the main catch is that the one who receives such earrings feels honored[special] andeven the one who gives the jewel would feel happy to give it to the special someone of his/herlife.Apart from the diamonds there are special birth stone ear rings in gold and silver and it can bebought in most of the online stores at a nominal price. It is indeed a genuine thing to gift thespecial birth stone embedded ear rings which contains the stone of ones birth month. There are12 different stones available in varied sizes and shapes .These stones can be uniquely embeddedin rings and ear rings and it is a popular belief that such embedded stones have within it certainamount of positive energy which would enable the wearer of such rings and ear rings to prosper in
  • 2. life.There are some people who have got such a craze for stone studded gold ear rings(in danishguldøreringe) that they go to the extent of just changing up to two or three gold ear rings everyday. Whatever is the design and the price of silver as well gold ear rings it is true that people willnever quit buying them. Smykker - The changing trendsJewelry has always been a fascination for everybody. Mostly worn by women, this has been infashion since ages. Since times unknown, people used to wear different kinds of jewelry to adornthem. In addition to being a piece of decoration for the human, it also carried with it a culturaland religious significance in certain communities. With times, it has more of changed itself tobeing a substance of fashion. The jewelry we find today is totally different from what used to bethere in the ancient times. It has changed itself in all the aspects including the designs, materialsand the types of jewelry.Today not only women use the jewelry as a piece of decoration, but it is equally worn by men aswell. There are different kinds of jewelry (In Danish smykker)available today ranging fromnecklaces, anklets, rings, bracelets and many more things. There are new and new types ofjewelry being born regularly. It is mostly changing in the way that it is getting personalized inevery form. If you just talk about rings, there are different types of rings available today. Thereare promise rings, friendship rings and engagement rings or silver rings (In Danish sølvringe).These different versions of course did not exist in the ancient times. Trends in jewelry have beenchanging fast today. The changing trends in jewelry are mainly attributed to the globalizationhappening in every corner of the world. A trend born in one region of the globe travels very fast toanother corner of the world.The changing trends in jewelry are also true with the kinds of materials used to make the differentkinds of jewelry. The materials used have changed over time from silver to gold to diamond toplatinum to titanium. Many materials which are very popular in jewelry making today were notused way long back. Diamonds are a popular choice today. The changing trends have putdiamonds as a preferable jewelry making material preferred by one and all. Different kinds ofdiamond cast jewelry can be found today for all your needs. Jewelry has come a long way todayfrom what it initially used to be in the ancient times. The many uses of the diamondThe saying goes, ‘Diamonds are a girl’s best friend’. This could indeed be true as this beautifulstone has enchanted people since ages past. Its sheer beauty and luster reminds one ofsomething that is pure and ever so regal. Being able to sport a diamond signifies class, status andgood taste and can make someone the envy of everyone around them. Daimonds can be wornwith any kind of metal may it be platinum, white gold, gold or silver jewelry (In Danish sølvsmykker)The diamond industry is a thriving one, evidence of its importance in the world. It is estimatedthat around $13 billion worth of rough diamonds are produced each year in the world, and theindustry employs around 10 million people. In fact, the business is so huge that it has grown
  • 3. three-fold in the past 25 years, exceeding $72 billion every year. Of course, its negative sideincludes profiting from blood diamonds (those mind in conflict zones around the world) which isused to fund militia groups and terrorism. However, this has not dimmed the demand for thisancient stone.Diamond jewelry, in particular, is especially sought after. Ask anyone what type of jewelry theylike and almost all will say diamond jewelry. From necklaces to earrings and bracelets to fingerrings (In Danish diamondring) diamonds can spruce up your appearance in an instant. At themoment, the latest in diamond jewelry trends include vintage and retro looks, eclectic andchandelier earrings. Fashion magazines are the best place to look for design ideas and trends.Aside from the jewelry aspect, diamonds are also used for industrial purposes. Diamond-tippeddrill bits and saws, thermal conductivity, surgical equipment and its use in labs make it anessential mineral. In fact, 80 percent of diamonds found unsuitable for gem-making are used forindustrial purposes.Diamonds are a good investment in terms of monetary returns. As natural diamonds take millionsof years to form, they’re not exactly a renewable mineral. So, as the demand for this preciousstone soars coupled with the limited availability, its value too keeps increasing, the same as withrare metals like gold. As for the economy, they contribute significantly to the countries they’reproduced in. For instance, 33 percent of Botswana’s GDP is owed to the diamond industry, whichis $3.3 billion.