SSIA Summit 2011


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Semiconductor Industry Leaders Gather to Address Growth, Challenges and Economic Swings

Singapore Semiconductor Industry Association Holds Annual Summit; Key Note Speaker Pasquale Pistorio Forecasts Future Industry Growth

Singapore Semiconductor Industry Association (SSIA), the voice of Singapore’s semiconductor industry, recently held its flagship event – the annual SSIA Summit - a gathering of 200 of the semiconductor industry leaders held on Oct. 31 in Singapore. Leading semiconductor companies, start-ups, investors, and industry analysts were on hand to discuss Singapore’s vital role in the overall semiconductor industry and share business insights, industry happenings, market projections, and trends.

The theme for this year’s SSIA Summit was “Made for the World: The Singapore Silicon Imprint.” With some of the industry’s biggest names giving presentations, including Pasquale Pistorio, Ulf Schneider, Joon Woon Chong, Mike Holt, and Andrew Chong, the event focused on how the emerging semiconductor ecosystem in Singapore is impacting the global semiconductor industry.

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SSIA Summit 2011

  1. 1. Contact:
  2. 2. Semiconductor Industry Leaders Gather to AddressGrowth, Challenges and Economic SwingsSingapore Semiconductor Industry Association Holds Annual Summit 200 Singapore Semi Leaders  Speakers  Ulf SCHNEIDER, President of SSIA  Pasquale PISTORIO, Honorary Chairman, ST Microelectronics  Joon Woon CHONG, Deputy Director (Electronics), Singapore Economic Development Board  Andrew CHONG, Regional President and Managing Director, Infineon Technologies Asia Pacific  Mike HOLT, Managing Partner, Get2Volume Pte Ltd  Carmelo PISTORIO, Founder and MD of Upstream Ventures2
  3. 3. Corporate Companies & SMEs Waiz Pte Ltd3
  4. 4. SSIA Semicon Summit: ResultsSME Growth, Talent Development, leverage of Singapore Ecosystem Key Take Aways  Industry Outlook: Q3 will be flat , (+/- 1%), Q4 a slight decline, 2012 as including a low first half, followed growth of +8% and 2013 growth of 22%.  The industry will reach the elusive $400 billion mark in 2013  SME growth is cricitcal to enabling next phase semiconductor growth in Singapore  Talent magement is critical for Singapore semiconductor companies.  SSIA will announce emerging semiconductor company and talent growth needs and plans4
  5. 5. SSIA President Ulf Schneider on Industry TransitionSingapore ecosystem coordination is critical Impact  COORDINATION: Singapore semiconductor ecosystem has all the pieces for success. Coordination in the down  EDUCATION AND CAPABILITY DEVELOPMENT: Industry and SSIA must encourage entry into semicon industryUlf SCHNEIDERPresident of SSIAManaging Director, Lantiq Singapore5
  6. 6. SSIA Summit: Pasquale Pistorio on Industry Direction Impact  INDUSTRY STATUS: Just another cycle. 2012 growth. $400B market by 2013.  RESPONSE TO A DOWNTURN  Don’t panic. No across the board cuts, don’t stop strategic investment.  Push R/D  Go shopping. Strong companies should buy distressed assets  Communicate: Step upPasquale PISTORIO, communications to employeesHonorary Chairman, ST Microelectronics and customers.6
  7. 7. SSIA Summit: Gathering of Semiconductor LeadersSSIA: The Voice of The Singapore Semiconductor Industry Impact  OPPORTUNITY: Singapore’s SME’s have a unique advantage.  This advantage is untapped. Opportunity for Singapore in growing Semiconductor SME’s.  NEEDS: Leverage Singapore ecosystem to the needs of SME’s  APPROACH:  Semiconductor Focused CompanyMike HOLT IncubatorManaging Partner, Get2Volume Pte Ltd  SSIA Emerging SemiconductorVice President, SSIA Company Role  Align Support to Emerging Semiconductor Company Needs7
  8. 8. EDB: Transforming Singapore’s semiconductor industry Impact  SINGAPORE FOCUS: Capabilities Control Tower More than Moore BioGPS  GROWTH DRIVER: BioGPS: BioelectronicsJoon Woon CHONG Green electronicsDeputy Director (Electronics), Singapore Printed ElectronicsEconomic Development Board Secure Electronics  SINGAPORE ECOSYSTEM: Whole supply base in Singapore. Vibrant ecosystem8
  9. 9. Carmelo Pistorio: From funding to exitHow Singapore technology companies can impact the world Impact  START UPS MUST DO:  Be flexible  Focus on core business  START UPS MUST NOT DO:  Don’t Finance Lifestyle  Don’t Fall in Love with Carmelo PISTORIO Technology Founder and MD of Upstream Ventures,  Don’t be a Perfectionist Founder and Exec Chairman of XiD  Don’t Cannibalize your Technologies Pte Ltd Company9
  10. 10. SSIA Summit: Gathering of Semiconductor LeadersSSIA: The Voice of The Singapore Semiconductor Industry Impact  SEGMENT OPPORTUNITY: Energy management is key focus for Infineon Singapore  “MORE THAN MOORE”: Infineon focus in SingaporeAndrew CHONGRegional President and Managing Director,Infineon Technologies Asia Pacific 10
  11. 11. SSIA Panel Discussion (2)SME Growth, Talent Development, Ecosystem 11
  12. 12. SSIA Panel DiscussionSME Growth, Talent Development, Ecosystem 12
  13. 13. Overview
  14. 14. SSIA: The Voice of Singapore’s Semiconductor Industry Manufacturers Fabless Semicon Suppliers/Support  Foundries  MNC Fabless  EDA  Test/Assembly  SME Fabless  Government  Capital Equipment  IP Providers  Training, consulting  Services  University Our Vision: “Be the national and international voice for one of Singapore’s fastest growing industry sectors: the Semiconductor Industry” Our Mission: Focus and Business Impact for Singapore’s Semiconductor Industry, leading to further Growth of the Semiconductor Business and its entire Value Chain within Asia Pacific as the region with the highest growth potential 14
  15. 15. Role of Semiconductor IndustryAs a Driver for other Industries Communications & Data Games & Entertainment Microelectronics Security & Payment “The Semiconductor Industry serves as a driver, enabler and indicator of Automotive technological progress. Developments in the & Mobility industry determine the way we work, transport ourselves, communicate, entertain ourselves and respond to our environment.” Health & Biomedics Semiconductor Outlook and Review - April 2010 Infrastructure & Energy Efficiency 15
  16. 16. Made in Singapore - Semiconductor Impact on the WorldThe world’s semiconductor companies are tied to Singapore Significant Singapore Economic Driver  Semiconductor sector makes up 58% of the Electronics manufacturing output and  18% of total manufacturing output in Singapore,  Employing approximately 38,000 people  Increasing Singapore’s share in worldwide semiconductor revenue to 11.2%, compared to 6.3% in 2001.  Singapore is the second biggest city in the world in terms of wafer capacity Source: Singapore Economic Development Board 16
  17. 17. SSIA: Key groups of the Semiconductor IndustrySSIA is the Common Multiplier Across All Sectors of Singapore’sSemiconductor Industry System Integration, Packaging Marketing EMS/ODM and Test and Distribution Wafer Manufacturing Capital and Foundries Equipment Manufacturer Singapore Semiconductor Industry Fabless & IP Association Companies/I Ultrapure DMs Chemicals Research and Academia Infrastructure EDA and Professional Services Training 17
  18. 18. SSIA MomentumAssociation Profile Started in 2005 under the name “MIDAS” and is operating with an extended charter under the new name “SSIA” since 2010 46 member companies SSIA International Representing Singapore’s entire semiconductor ecosystem Focus: SSIA member Company Singapore MIDAS Funding Pavilions Association Becomes SSIA Expands growth: • Membership Member Value across entire CEO Talks ecosystem Founded as Silicon Summit MIDAS 2005 2006-2009 2010 Q3 2010 Q4 2010 18
  19. 19. Corporate Companies & SMEs Waiz Pte Ltd 19
  20. 20. Institutions Institute of Sustainable and Applied Info-Dynamics (ISAID) Become a Member: 20
  21. 21. Contact:SSIA Secretariat1003 Bukit Merah Central #02-10Singapore 159836Tel: (65) 62782538Fax: (65)