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Windows 7 at Lodge Park Technology College
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Windows 7 at Lodge Park Technology College


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Published in: Education

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  • 1. Windows 7
    Stephen Peverett
    Network Manager
  • 2. Staffing
    Network Manager
    Assistant Network Manager
    ICT Technician
    AV Technician (P/T)
    Admin Support / First Line (am only, P/T)
  • 3. Workstations and Laptops
    600 Windows XP Desktops
    40 Mac Desktops (iMac / Mac Mini)
    120 Staff Laptops
    All running Windows XP
    In addition to four MacBooks!
    All need access to SIMS (not supported yet)
    Big Problem...
    No upgrade path from XP to Windows 7!
  • 4. Server Infrastructure
    Windows 2008 Server AD infrastructure
    Shortly to be upgraded to 2008R2
    Also running 2003, 2003R2, and Mac OS X
    Virtualisation solution
    Two Windows 2008R2 Hyper-V host servers
    MS Virtual Machine Manager 2008R2
    Dell MD3000i iSCSI SAN storing VM images
    12 servers now running virtualised
  • 5. Terminal Servers
    Security by Sun Secure Global Desktop
    Terminal Servers running Windows 2003
    4 x Student Terminal Servers
    Supporting 90 Sun Ray clients
    Connections through web – mainly out of hours
    3 x Staff Terminal Servers
    Supporting 1 Sun Ray client!
    Potentially 120 ‘internal’ connections through web
    Solution to Windows 7 and SIMS updates issues?
  • 6. Why not Vista?
    Slow on older hardware
    Cost to upgrade RAM
    Limited initial driver availability
    Several programs not compatible
    Lack of time to become familiar with:
    The core O/S
    Distribution methods
    Security and integration with Windows 2003
  • 7. Why Windows 7?
    Much better performance on our hardware
    Seems faster than XP Home on Atom laptop
    Most of our hardware now has 1GB or more
    Most Vista based drivers work
    Better handling of esoteric applications
    Distribution of images easier
    Virtual image as distribution source
    Drivers added to WDS and installed when image applied
  • 8. Why Windows 7?
    Built in BitLocker encryption
    Encryption now a major issue
    Use BitLocker To Go to encrypt USB
    Can block use of USB devices that are not encrypted (requires 2008 AD)
    No additional cost option
    Hardware must have TPM module, unless you want to use a USB startup key every time you boot
  • 9. Why Windows 7?
    Apply group policy and manage machines whenever connected to the internet
    VPN not required to attach to network
    A couple of issues...
    Windows 2008R2 server required
    Uses IPv6-over-IPsec
  • 10. Why Windows 7?
    Block specified applications from running whilst allowing others to run (including installations and scripts)
    More flexible rules based system than previous offerings
    Can allow, say, all Microsoft applications, or all Microsoft Office applications for example
  • 11. Before anything else...
    Know your hardware (Hardware Audit)
    List all the different laptops and desktops
    Check at least processor, RAM and HD capacity
    Ensure peripherals have Vista drivers if not Windows 7
    Know your software (Software Audit)
    Make a list of common applications
    Ask departments to tell you the additional applications they are using
  • 12. Test Machine
    Get a copy of Windows 7
    RC no longer available for download
    Need Professional, Ultimate or Enterprise to work with AD domain
    Enterprise only through SA volume licensing
    Install on a test machine
    1GHz Processor, 1GB RAM, 16GB HD, DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM 1.0 or higher driver
  • 13. Test Machine
    Test Applications
    Install and test the applications you need first
    You need to drive the Windows 7 rollout
    Install and test ‘Software Audit’ applications
    Can use a Virtual Machine to test software
    Test Devices
    Many device drivers built in to Windows 7
    Check Optional Updates through MS Update first
    Download Windows 7 or Vista drivers
  • 14. Trial Deployment
    Identify a machine type and department
    Install Windows 7 and get updates
    Get device drivers up-to-date
    Don’t forget printers
    Install and test core software
    Don’t forget Flash, Adobe Reader, Java etc.
    Apply any updates
    Install and test department software
    Apply any updates
  • 15. Trial Deployment
    Take image of completed machine
    Don’t forget to Sysprep first!
    Use WDS (free!) or other imaging software
    Apply image to new target machine
    Don’t use the original source machine!
    Test drivers and applications
    Some drivers are stripped off when machine is ‘Sysprepped’. Can be ‘pulled in’ from WDS when target machine is first imaged
  • 16. Our Windows 7 Implementation
    Windows 7 RC running in two ICT rooms
    Same hardware (50 Dell Optiplex 760 USFF)
    Same software (from Software Audit)
    Next steps
    Two ICT rooms with same software, different hardware (Dell Optiplex 755 USFF)
    One room with different software, same 755 hardware etc..
    Staff laptops an issue – some ideas...
  • 17. Gotchas
    Cannot upgrade from
    Windows XP, Windows 7 RC or Beta
    SIMS not supported in Windows 7 (yet!)
    Unofficially seems OK on my laptop
    Some drivers (e.g. Graphics) may need building in to WDS distribution
    Printers drivers cannot be installed by user
    Cannot connect to printer through login script
    Alternative method using Printer Deployment with Windows 2008 server
  • 18. Release Candidate Warning
    March 1, 2010, your PC will start shutting down every two hours
    The RC will expire on June 1, 2010
    To avoid interruption, rebuild your test PC and replace OS with a valid version of Windows, and reinstall all your programs and data before the software expires