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Ibm smarter government series 2011 10 - web2.0
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Ibm smarter government series 2011 10 - web2.0



IBM Smarter Government - how Web 2.0...

IBM Smarter Government - how Web 2.0
platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are enhancing the way the public
communicates and collaborates. Using real-life case studies, this presentation demonstrates how these technologies can help governments around the world to:
• Break down barriers between departments and agencies
• Prevent the duplication of effort
• Innovate through effective knowledge sharing



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    Ibm smarter government series 2011 10 - web2.0 Ibm smarter government series 2011 10 - web2.0 Presentation Transcript

    • Get Social ConnectedMike Handes @mikehandesSocial Business Innovation Lead, IBM27/10/2011
    • Building a smarter planet Agenda © 2009 IBM Corporation 2
    • Building a smarter planet IBMs Government 2020 Report Governments must simultaneously deal with the effects of six drivers that are reshaping our world, while building a foundation to promote the future prosperity of citizens ACCELERATING GLOBALISATION CHANGING DEMOGRAPHICS Countries and societies are becoming Median ages are rising in the more economically interdependent developed countries. across social, political and cultural boundaries. EVOLVING SOCIETAL RELATIONSHIPS RISING ENVIRONMENTAL Today, governments are expected to CONCERNS deliver results and value through Societies and governments are secure, private services that are becoming more attuned to what the available anywhere at any time. earth can provide and what it can tolerate. GROWING THREATS TO SOCIAL EXPANDING IMPACT OF STABILITY AND ORDER TECHNOLOGY From terrorism to armed conflict to The adoption of the Internet is pandemics to natural disasters, the remaking the landscapes of business, character of threats is changing. healthcare and government.Today’s imperative: Managing within the current global financial and economic crisis in away that begins to solve the above challenges and lay a foundation to build a better future. © 2009 IBM Corporation 3
    • Building a smarter planet The Fifth IT Era: The era of Social Government Social Internet PCs Departmental Mainframe What’s your Social Government Agenda? © 2009 IBM Corporation 4
    • Building a smarter planet More than 700 million active users 700 Billion minutes usage a month 30 billion items of content shared a month2 Billion videos watched daily24 hours of video uploaded every minute 190 Million tweets per day 500,000 new accounts per day © 2009 IBM Corporation 5
    • Building a smarter planet Australia Internet & Facebook Usage 116% mobile device penetration 109% in Australia increase in 55+ access social media via mobile © 2009 IBM Corporation 6
    • Building a smarter planet Government Collaboration By thinking and acting in new ways, government leaders have the opportunity to make policy decisions and develop plans that will make a lasting contribution to the economic health and welfare of their communities. © 2009 IBM Corporation 7
    • Building a smarter planet Healthier Stronger Eco-system Relationships G2B G2C (your domain) Social Gov Consumer G2E Domain Social Workforce Analytics Optimisation & New Channels Ideation 8 Listen, Learn, Measure, Take Action © 2009 IBM Corporation
    • Building a smarter planet Stronger Relationships G2B G2C (your domain) Social Gov Consumer G2E Domain Social Analytics New Channels © 2009 IBM Corporation 9
    • Building a smarter planet "We estimated that around 70% of our work during the crises was proactive...previously up to 90% of © 2009 IBM Corporation 10 the units work in crises was reactive.”
    • Building a smarter planet © 2009 IBM Corporation 11
    • Building a smarter planet Socialise from your site and Social Media sitesEnable customers to getproblems resolved quickly Drive innovation by supporting idea contribution Allow customers to provide feedback © 2009 IBM Corporation 12
    • Building a smarter planet © 2009 IBM Corporation 13
    • Building a smarter planet …developing and going mobile… © 2009 IBM Corporation 14
    • Building a smarter planet © 2009 IBM Corporation 15
    • Building a smarter planet …and the Canberra govhack version © 2009 IBM Corporation 16
    • Building a smarter planet Open data finds people who care and can do something “Apps for Democracy produced more savings for the D.C. government than any other initiative”. Vivek Kundra, former CTO of DC. © 2009 IBM Corporation 17
    • Building a smarter planet Democratization of Data - Citizen Mashup Regional Performance  Helps citizens answer “How is my region doing in increasing recycling rates?”  Explore recycling data by region Challenge:  View up to minute news on recycling  Empower the community by making government data  Built in 30 minutes accessible via a single platform in a format which can be personalised and shared City Performance Solution:  Helps citizens answer “How  570+ feeds of government data can I improve my city’s available for creating household recycling?” customized mashups to put  Find local recycling centres citizens in control and what they recycle  Local news on city recycling performance  Built in 15 minutes © 2009 IBM Corporation 18
    • Building a smarter planet G2B G2C (your domain) Social Gov Consumer G2E Domain Social Analytics 19 Listen, Learn, Measure, Take Action © 2009 IBM Corporation
    • Building a smarter planet What are people saying about your agency, policies, issues? Boston Police Monitoring 18 June 2011 Stanley Cup Parade Intelligent Policing – One Million Fans www.geocop.com 20 www.tactweet.com © 2009 IBM Corporation
    • Building a smarter planet Analytics Command Centre © 2009 IBM Corporation 21
    • Building a smarter planet Applying analytics: Social Insight Inside the Organization • Consumer / Employee Insight • Assess sentiment, affinity & evolving topics • Weigh employee interest & engagement © 2009 IBM Corporation 22
    • Building a smarter planet Healthier Eco-system G2B G2C (your domain) Social Gov Consumer G2E Domain Social Workforce Analytics Optimisation & Ideation © 2009 IBM Corporation 23
    • Building a smarter planet Drivers for Government Adoption of Social Initiatives Growth of Net Knowledge Generation Virtual / Workers Remote Work Changing Demographic Social Complexity necessitates Government collective intelligence Need to Need to Drive Trend Improve Innovation Towards Performance On the Job Learning © 2009 IBM Corporation 24
    • Building a smarter planet Why is it important to use social software in the enterprise? Every week, 42% of people use the wrong information to make decisions Employees spend 25% of their time just looking for information Every week businesses 91% of CEOs say they need waste 5.3 hours due to to restructure the way their inefficient processes organizations work 18% of the average working day is spent on work that wasted time and effort - Australian Productivity Pulse survey © 2009 IBM Corporation 25
    • Building a smarter planet To drive growth and operational efficiency within this environment, leaders need to focus to three key initiatives Importance of workforce challenges in the next 3 years vs. effectiveness 9 Relative effectiveness Sourcing and 8 recruiting from “We are not as good Managing outside the Retaining valued talent at innovation as labor costs organization within the organization efficiency. The HR 7 function should help Evaluating Enhancing workforce to build an 6 workforce innovative culture, productivity performance create forums, 5 develop leaders and Rapidly find ways to 4 developing measure and reward Efficiently allocating workforce skills the workforce innovation.” and capabilities 3 2 Developing Veronica Rörsgård, Fostering collaboration future leaders SVP HR, Skanska and knowledge 1 sharing 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Relative future importance *IBM CHRO Study, 2010 © 2009 IBM Corporation 26
    • Building a smarter planet Where do good ideas come from? © 2009 IBM Corporation 27
    • Building a smarter planet Do we create opportunities for serendipity? © 2009 IBM Corporation 28
    • Building a smarter planet So what is social software? (cont) © 2009 IBM Corporation 29 29
    • Building a smarter planet A lot of the issues are symptoms of an overwhelmed content- centric model © 2009 IBM Corporation 30
    • Building a smarter planet We believe content revolves around people © 2009 IBM Corporation 31
    • Building a smarter planetWho’s Who in the Zoo © 2009 IBM Corporation 32
    • Building a smarter planetProfile Page | Know & be Known © 2009 IBM Corporation 33
    • Building a smarter planetHow can I find the expertise? © 2009 IBM Corporation 34
    • Building a smarter planet © 2009 IBM Corporation 35
    • Building a smarter planetEmail Hoarding of Business Information © 2009 IBM Corporation 36
    • Building a smarter planet © 2009 IBM Corporation 37
    • Building a smarter planetFiles | sharing, not hoarding 38 © 2009 IBM Corporation 38
    • Building a smarter planetRetain knowledge...even after the person has left © 2009 IBM Corporation 39
    • Building a smarter planetMaze to information & Organisational Boundaries © 2009 IBM Corporation 40
    • Building a smarter planetCommunities | Stimulating innovation & creativity © 2009 IBM Corporation 41
    • Building a smarter planetIBM Connections - Activities  Mini Projects – 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months  Repeatable Patterns – Templates  Integration – Social Everyplace E-mail Activities “ Team Places” © 2009 IBM Corporation 42
    • Building a smarter planet 43 © 2009 IBM Corporation 43
    • Building a smarter planetSocial Analytics: End UsersPeople-centric v Document-centric 44 © 2009 IBM Corporation 44
    • Building a smarter planet © 2009 IBM Corporation 45
    • Building a smarter planet Driving User Adoption – Put It In front of their eyeballs! Put It In Front Of Their Eyes: In context Integration © 2009 IBM Corporation 46 46
    • Building a smarter planet 47 © 2009 IBM Corporation 47
    • Building a smarter planet © 2009 IBM Corporation 48
    • Building a smarter planet Connections enhances Outlook, Office, Explorer, & Sharepoint © 2009 IBM Corporation 49
    • 50
    • 51
    • Building a smarter planet From wherever your people are...from whatever device Android iOS Blackberry © 2009 IBM Corporation 52
    • Building a smarter planet ● 3200 staff and 700 field data collectors – economic, business, environmental, population/demographic statistical outputs ● 9 offices located in all capital cities across Australia “With IBM Connections ABS can use business-Challenges grade social software, straight out of the box.”● Recruiting quality staff Dale Chatwin, Director, Knowledge Management Initiative, ABS.● Virtual teams are a reality● Resource Constraints Benefits  Knowledge fragmented● Increasing demands ● Online communities formed around  Information hard to find interests, technologies● Security and  External collaboration confidentiality requirements ● Best practices now emerging ● Speeding the induction processSolution – IBM ● New staff familiar with social tools ● Context, “why” rather than “how”● Enterprise-grade solution ● Senior managers communicating● Leverage new ways of working with dispersed teams● Complement existing systems and via Blogs not replace © 2009 IBM Corporation 53
    • Social Business in Action The value of Social Business for HR and Workforce Primary Goals Client ROI References* Transformation is real Realized benefit - median improvement % Increase speed of access to internal knowledge Key Opportunities for ROI (realized by 77% of respondents) • Faster on-boarding & M&A = 10% lower cost Increase speed of access to • Reduced new employee training internal experts costs 15% (realized by 52% of respondents) • Compressed employee communications time = $2M Reduce internal • Virtual teamwork reduces travel communications expense frees $8M (realized by 60%) *as projected by IBM BVA client (*) “The rise of the networked enterprise. Web 2.0 finds its payday” – McKinsey Global Survey Results, 2010 54 ©2011 IBM Corporation
    • Building a smarter planet IBM Social Software is the market share leader IDC identified IBM as the marketshare leader in Social Software Platform providers for a second year in a row July 2011 IBM.com press release ● IBM Connections install base grew 34% in 2010. ● IBM is positioned in the leadership quadrant in the 2009 and 2010 Garter Magic Quadrant reports ● 35% of Fortune 100 have purchased IBM Social Software © 2009 IBM Corporation 55
    • Building a smarter planet The Social Government Agenda A Align Government Agency Goals & Culture G Gain “Social Friends” Through “Social Trust” E Engage through Experiences Network Your Agency’s Processes N D Design for Security, Reputation & Risk A Analyze Your DataSource: “Get Bold: Creating a Bold Social Media AGENDA for Your Business” by Sandy Carter,ISBN: 0132618311, Copyright © 2011, IBM Press © 2009 IBM Corporation 56 56
    • Building a smarter planet The IBM Social Government Agenda Methodology Vision Roadmap SolutioningExploring the art Discussing the art Pragmatically detailing business of the possible of the probable and technical requirements Workshop 1 Workshop 2 Workshop 3 Business Capability Outcomes © 2009 IBM Corporation 57
    • Building a smarter planet Lead your organizations Social transformation Complimentary Social Government Agenda Workshop (2-3 Hours) Additional Special Offers Intra-Agency Social Collaboration ● 50% off the Entitled Price for IBM Connections Citizen/Customer Engagement ● 55% Off Entitled Price for IBM Customer Experience Suite 58 *Order must be placed before December 15 2011 IBM Corporation © 2009
    • Building a smarter planet Mike Handes Sydney, Australia Social Business +61 2 9463 5220 IBM Software Group mhandes@au1.ibm.com © 2009 IBM Corporation 59